Politico: Tennessee’s Senate primary ‘nastiest’ in nation

Tennessee’s Republican primary for the U.S Senate between Bill Hagerty and Manny Sethi is the “nastiest” in the nation, according to a report by Politico

Here’s an excerpt:

Hagerty largely ignored Sethi most of the race — seemingly confident of his lead which his internal polls had at 17 points — until earlier this month, when he abruptly went on the offensive. His recent campaign speeches and interviews are chock-full of attack lines. His campaign has dubiously accused Sethi of donating money to a group “bankrolling these rioters” in an ad with a wounded veteran telling voters that Sethi can’t be trusted to defend the flag.

And Hagerty has been repeatedly mispronouncing Sethi’s name as “Set-ee” instead of “Seth-ee” a year into the race, even in response to reporter questions with the correct pronunciation. Hagerty told POLITICO it was inadvertent, and he didn’t know which pronunciation Sethi, the son of Indian immigrants, prefers.

“Bill Hagerty is Thurston Howell III without the charm,” said Jordan Gehrke, Sethi’s senior strategist, comparing Hagerty to the out-of-touch millionaire in the ’70s-era sitcom “Gilligan’s Island.” “He’s desperate. He should be.”


On mispronouncing Sethi’s last name on the stump, Hagerty says the slight is unintentional.

“I’m just not sure what his preferred pronunciation is, but there’s nothing underlying it,” Hagerty said.

24 Responses to Politico: Tennessee’s Senate primary ‘nastiest’ in nation

  • If folks on the Hill in DC think this is such a negative race, they could not have been working the system now. This race is tame

  • LeeAnn C says:

    This is the priority for TNJ today? Get a grip and hold watch Jim Jordan’s opening statement at the Democrat circus yesterday. Further, the negative ads for this race are LAME compared to the muck thrown around in the Governor’s race in 2018. Just remember how some bought into voting for Bill Lee. He’s not the leader we need and you shouldn’t be duped into voting for a fake, Dr M. Vote for Bill Hagerty!

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    What should be happening in this race is for Hagerty to be attacking Dr. “CONSERVATIVE-OUTSIDER” from the right as being neither conservative nor an outsider. Of course, the problem with that is how can Hagerty from Republican Establishment Central Casting attack anyone as not being a conservative or not being an outsider? Instead we have Hagerty mispronouncing the name of his opponent and talking about a $50 contribution and Chairman Manny playacting a table pounding conservative zealot and being this “outsider” who just happened to be Chairman of the Statesmen’s Dinner.

    It’s all simply an insult to the voters and I can sympathize with those who vote for Flynn or Nixon in protest but that seems like a waste of time. Luckily Chairman Chris Devaney’s campaign for Chairman Manny is such a towering subterfuge that it will motivate me to cast a vote for Hagerty, the most liberal candidate to receive my vote in memory. It’s all too angrily depressing.

  • James White says:

    “Bill Hagerty is Thurston Howell III without the charm,” Yep.
    I also believe Hagerty is not telling the truth about how to pronounce the name of his opponent. Just another ME ME ME deep state politician.

    • Perry Aubric says:

      You realize that “deep state” is a figment of the truncated imaginations in paranoid intellectually challenged minds of right wing conspiracy theorists, don’t you?

      Oh, wait. Of course you don’t. Look who I am talking to.

  • Donna Locke says:

    Indian friends I have pronounce the “h” in their names, such as Smitha, the first name of a woman I know, is pronounced Smeet-ha. I am no authority on this.

  • Martin S. Harris jr. says:

    Re the Politico comments: consider the source., then judge the merit.

  • Jimmy Wilson says:

    Amateur crooks trying to impress the chief crook in Washington, they are all seriously lacking in truthfulness & honesty and a total lack of Integrity. It is the state of Tennessee that will loose Big Time!
    Just how long can the people of this state vote against their own improvement? The Republican party is morally bankrupt and these canadates are a perfect example. Wake up!

  • Perry Aubric says:

    A statement for the day after the primary:

    “______ has won the Republican primary for U.S. Senate. Our state will be represented by an empty suit, an undistinguished nonentity. It could have been worse. His opponent might have prevailed.”

    It will work however you fill in the blank.

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Jimmy, Perry please don’t think we don’t appreciate how tough it must be for liberals like yourself to live in a well run low tax and low regulation state run by conservatives like Tennessee (outside of our liberal ghettos) while your liberal brethren have to live in the high tax just about bankrupt liberal dominated dystopias that are on our TV every night. Be strong and just remember we are dealing with Republicans here, surely they eventually will do something that will make this state a two party arrangement once again.

  • Perry Aubric says:

    Considering that a huge portion of the state budget comes from the federal government, that Tennessee receives much much more from federal sources than it contributes, that larger states are paying our freight, that Tennessee is on the bottom of just about any scale of achievement you can name, your ridiculous nonsense has no merit. You have stated this before. But of course you like to bloviate incessantly, repeat yourself ad nauseum, bore the crap out of all of us, and otherwise preen yourself on this site pretty much 24/7.

    Tennessee has a balanced budget requirement. It was well run and competently managed under McWherter and Bredesen as well. Probably better.

    Why don’t you turn your attention back to shuffling money from one account to another, producing absolutely nothing tangible, and hiding assets from taxation at your Swiss-owned financial firm. Or better yet, advocate for fiscal responsibility from the current Presidential administration that sets records for deficit spending every successive day in office. You are such an intellectually dishonest hypocrite.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      TN receives money from the federal government on the same basis as other states. As a conservative I wish it received less and the federal government exercised less control over TN but the apparent fact is that TN is much better at managing the money it receives from whatever source than states governed by liberals. As a result, TN is a wonderful place to live and work for productive citizens and retirees who were productive citizens. That’s why TN and most states governed by conservatives are relatively gaining population while most states governed by liberals are losing population or barely holding on to what they have. Apparently our standing on “scales of achievement” doesn’t adversely affect the quality of life most Tennesseans enjoy though that may not be true of the segment of the population to which today’s Democratic Party is aiming its appeal.

      Hopefully those of us who enjoy contributing to this forum have a consistent world view and message stemming from that world view, even Perry Aubric. As a conservative I enjoy reading the views of others no matter how much I disagree with them. You are a liberal Perry, so in this “cancel culture” that has afflicted this country we see that those on the left are impatient with opinions with which they don’t agree and as we move further left want to suppress those opinions. The good news is Perry, you don’t have to read my contributions. Please don’t be bored good grief! When you see my name on a response or reply pass it by, it’s OK, I forgive you and I’m not a bit insulted. You are a liberal, I understand.

      TN was well run under McWherter who was a centrist and Bredesen who was center-left. The TN General Assembly has been a center-right institution since 1992 no matter which party was in control. That’s why TN was “. . .well run and competently managed. . .” under both Democratic governors. Today’s TN Democratic Party is an unapologetically liberal party so a McWherter or Bredesen couldn’t possibly get the nomination to any office to which they could get elected and the only reason Bredesen was nominated this one last time was because he was the only one with any chance to beat Marsha.

      As a matter of fact this has been a very good year for me in the market no hiding assets necessary thanks to the reluctance of either party to make the American people pay for the government that they desire so long as it apparently cost them nothing. As we both know, Perry, pay they will eventually so if you have children, nieces and nephews etc. please thank them for me.

    • Donna Locke says:

      Oh stop, Perry. You are always describing yourself.

  • Jimmy Wilson says:

    As I said earlier, the Republican party is morally and mortally bankrupt. I love the state of Tennessee but it’s greatness has nothing to do with the presence of Republicans, they simply have figured out a way to trick the general public into voting against their best interests mainly through outright lies and voter suppression. I must say, Perry said it quite well in his above message. I have no doubt that TN will most likely remain red for awhile just because of the numbers, but that fact does and should not put you in any sort of bragging position. Look at any Republican run state in the South (most of them) and you will see failure in almost every category you can measure. TN is about to catch up with FL in being a disaster zone. They call it, correctly, a “RED” Zone. Wake up! Accept a little science & truth instead of just wishes.

  • Steve Cates says:

    TN is a low income, low tax, poorly-run state.

    Vote Mackler!!

  • MARLE says:

    I just got a land-line phone call. Caller, coming from sounded in background like a restaurant, identified himself as Hagerty’s son and wanted to ask me 2 questions about the Rep race. I said I just voted and did that make any difference. He said “do you mind telling me who you voted for”. I said …uh, yeah I Do mind.

    The caller hung up.

  • Dan Gilley says:

    Who is the recorded caller who yells in the phone? He seems to be calling on behalf of one of the Senate candidates, but I don’t stay on the line long enough to find out who he supports. Stop calling!! This has been a race both leading candidates should be ashamed to claim. However, that being said, I am voting for Manny because he supports the ideals of our party, and seems not to be joined at the hip with the leader of the party. I do not need some outsider like Mike Pence to endorse a candidate and expect me to follow him blindly. I am a proud Tennessean, but a not-so-proud Republican. I sense major change in the political air. Good luck to whomever wins!

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      I hope I catch you before you vote. Chairman Manny became “Chairman” by being Chairman of the flagship fundraising event of the 2016 year of the Tennessee Republican Party. He lists Bob Davis, Chip Saltsman and Chris Devaney as close friends – all three gentlemen are former Chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party. Chairman Manny is a close associate and co-author of a book with Bill Frist, former Republican U. S. Senator from Tennessee. Dan, I can’t imagine how you can be more “. . .joined at the hip with the leader[s] of the party” than Dr. “CONSERVATIVE-OUTSIDER.” I don’t know what “ideals of our party” you are talking about, but the platform of the Republican Party is a conservative document. The Chairman has done absolutely nothing in his political life before this campaign to show that he has the slightest interest in the conservative movement. NOTHING.

      The reason this campaign is so brutal is that neither candidate is a conservative so they are both trying to find a theme for their campaign to appeal to a conservative electorate. Both men appear to be at best tepid conservatives who are very much “insiders” to the Tennessee Republican Party. It is Chairman Manny who is playacting the “outsider” conservative zealot. Please don’t be fooled and join me in voting for Hagerty as a reaction to Sethi trying to play us for fools.

  • James White says:

    CFR member Fred Smith of Federal Express endorses Hagerty. Establishment for sure

  • Jason Wallflower says:

    What do you expect from hothead Hagerty campaign manager Michael Sullivan? The street says this is what he’s known for in politics – aloof at times and a hothead always.

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