A new masthead for the ‘On the Hill’ blog

When the Knoxville News Sentinel’s former state Capitol correspondent Tom Humphrey wanted to keep his blog alive after leaving the paper, he brought his popular “Humphrey on the Hill” to The Tennessee Journal’s website. He urged us to update the name, but at the time it made more sense to keep it as it was for continuity’s sake (and also because then-Journal editor Ed Cromer wasn’t quite ready to jump into this newfangled blog thing).

As the current print edition of The Tennessee Journal was the last for contributing editors Jackson Baker and Tom Humphrey, the time seemed right to update the masthead for the blog. As you can see, it will now be known as “TNJ: On the Hill.” It will be managed by Journal editor Erik Schelzig, hopefully augmented by occasional musings from Humphrey (and whoever else we can prod to contribute).

As we noted in this week’s Journal, Humphrey’s and Baker’s wit, charm, and institutional memories will be sorely missed.

The blog site is now onthehill.tnjournal.net.  And the email notifications of new posts will be from onthehill@tnjournal.net.  If you have the address whitelisted, you may need to update your settings.

12 Responses to A new masthead for the ‘On the Hill’ blog

  • Susan Wall says:

    I have been a loyal reader for Humphrey on the Hill for years. I for one will surely miss checking the blog many times during the day in order to stay current, especially during elections. Sad day for me.

  • Candy Toler says:

    Best wishes to Tom and Jackson. As a political junkie, I have enjoyed reading those blog posts.

  • Frank Gibson says:

    So Tom has “gone fishing?” I remember a little card Larry Daughtrey had pasted to wall by his desk in the Plaza: “Work is for people who don’t know how to fish.”

  • Donna Locke says:

    We’ll miss you, Tom.

  • Leslie Parsley says:

    “As we noted in this week’s Journal, Humphrey’s and Baker’s wit, charm, and institutional memories will be sorely missed.”

    Well, at least by their readers.

  • Connor Coffey says:

    The continuing disintegration of thoughtful, local political journalism, especially in medium sized media markets like Tennessee, will only serve to reduce civic awareness & engagement and diminish our government’s accountability to its citizens.
    It is tragic – and ultimately dangerous – that this type of journalism, often the one true lifeline from constituents to their respective state capitals, county seats and city halls, is now considered by publishers to be an unaffordable luxury.
    Mr. Humphrey, I will miss your dedication, insight and equilibrium – attributes needed more than ever in times like these – good luck to your successors and may they keep your flame burning.

  • Scott Barker says:

    It was an honor working with Tom. Enjoy the fishing, old friend. You deserve it.

  • Kenneth Jordan says:

    Tom: You are great! What a truly remarkable and noteworthy career you have had. We will all sorely miss you and your political reporting for the plugged-in folks of our great state. Godspeed!

  • Lynn Greer says:

    Tom: You will be missed. I have enjoyed our friendship over the years. The best to you.

  • June and bill landrum says:

    Tom. Will miss you so and your great articles. You could write a book and tell all of us many things we do not know. Good luck in your retirement enjoy it to the fullest.

  • Pam Boyd says:

    I will miss your creative and informative articles, but wish you the best and much joy in your next life adventure. We’ve come a long way since the YMCA night classes!

  • Ann Lamb says:

    Hate to come back from vacation and find a trusted friend missing. Tom Humphrey’s long vista of TN politics gave events dimension for me. I am losing all my viewpoints on the news from Knoxville News Sentinel. Will there be any local views at all?

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