New Nashville mayor’s transition team raises eyebrows

A  Tennessean report about Nashville Mayor-elect John Cooper’s transition team included several items that raised eyebrows. One was the selection as Greg Hinote, an aide to former Mayor Karl Dean, whose pro-development record ran counter to Cooper’s neighborhoods-first platform. The other was Victor Ashe, the former four-term Knoxville mayor and Republican state senator. Though it turns out there’s a pretty big caveat to the latter’s role in the transition.

Ashe, it turns out, retired after 20 years on the faculty of the Institute of Politics at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, where he has been involved in the biannual Seminar on Transition for Newly-Elected Mayors (this year’s version is scheduled for Dec. 3 to Dec. 5).

“I am happy to share with mayor-elect Cooper my experience in transition to the mayor’s office, issues likely to be faced in short term, and how to prepare for it,” Ashe said in an email.

Meanwhile, there has been great rejoicing among legislative Republicans about the defeat of incumbent Nashville Mayor David Briley. But it remains to be seen how long the lovefest between the GOP and the brother of U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper (D-Nashville) will endure.

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  • We – voters – will keep a sharp eye on the happenings at the State Capitol. We continue to desire a conservative, God fering Satate government witrh knowledge of the difference of right and wrong.

  • MARLE says:

    A big concern over one person on transition who served 2 Mayor cycles ago and who has “pro-developer” record…..getting out a bit over our skis here, aren’t we?

  • Donna Locke says:

    No mandated E-Verify by state law equals a sanctuary state for illegal aliens/unauthorized labor. In this major way, Tennessee is a sanctuary state for illegal aliens. It is a violation of federal law to employ illegal aliens, or legal aliens who do not have permission to work in this country.

    Your state lawmakers have had many years now to require all employers to use the federal E-Verify system and to fix the loopholes in the subcontractor and independent contractor game. They have not. They like being led around by the business lobby, which cares about maximizing its profits, not the general welfare. As taxpayers, we subsidize in many ways the presence and employment of illegal labor and the chain migration it brings.

    The federal government requires E-Verify for federally employed labor, and some private businesses in Tennessee use E-Verify as a matter of policy. Aside from that, nothing. You are being had by your elected state leaders who have buried E-Verify bills and have passed and signed trick bills that allow Tennessee employers to skirt accountability and enforcement of federal law.

    Don’t believe anything any Tennessee Republican or Democratic candidate says about his or her stance on illegal immigration. Look at their true records, if they have any. Some of these lawmakers sponsor bills they never intend to fight for. It is all a show.

    Vote for independents. We have gone nowhere fast with the Republicans. Not to mention the utter betrayals by the former party of labor, the Democrats, who have shafted American labor at every turn. I guess I can be somewhat glad my father, a Tennessee ironworker, did not live long enough to see this.

    Mass immigration, which has led to a huge increase in U.S. population, creates the need for most of the jobs it fills. Remember that.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Great response Donna except your suggestion to “Vote for independents” because in races for the General Assembly by doing that you are voting for a candidate who has little chance of winning so it is pointless. Better to concentrate on the Republican primary and getting solid conservatives Republican candidates nominated who will support the use of e-verify as against the Chamber of Commerce candidates that all too often win the nomination. Like it or not, we have a two party system and it’s only through those two parties that anything gets done and the Republican Party is the only party available to us.

      • Donna Locke says:

        I don’t buy that, Stuart. It’s part of the brainwashing. Every journey begins with a single step. Step out and vote for good independents. It is good leverage to wield.

        I want to add something about laws to require E-Verify of all employers. Without stiff penalties on second violation, and a system set up to execute these laws and enforce them, they are useless. An employer should lose her or his business license on second violation. First violation should carry significant penalty, too.

    • MARLE says:

      I like Marsha’s attitude…..deport the illegals who are criminals.

      Just the criminals. And by that she means with records.

      The other 80% with no job skills, on average a 8th grade education, and a 100% language barrier~ those she wants to leave running loose.

      Such a strong conservative! Glad she made it to the Senate. Makes me feel like something meaningful will get done. not

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        Have you noticed our current Hobson’s Choice Senate race? We don’t exactly have an abundance of solid conservative candidates elbowing each other out of the way in their mad quest to be U. S. Senator from Tennessee.

        Think of the uninspiring specimen who recently have been U.S. Senator from this state. The most horrible, of course, is Lamar Alexander (Heritage – 50%), but then there is Bob Corker (63%) or perhaps it’s Bill Frist who you fondly remember for his inspiring conservative leadership. Marsha (85%) is not conservative enough for me, but compared to what is serving with her and what came before her she is a breath of fresh air indeed.

  • Susan E Gingrich says:

    Donna, I like your comments about E-Verify but agree with Stuart about not just supporting independents. Support genuine conservatives, regardless of party, but hold them 100% accountable if they win. Also, able bodied people under 55 need to work for any taxpayer paid benefits, and they should receive them as short a time as possible. Money spent on illegals equals taxpayer dollars not available for legitimate citizen needs.

  • Eddie White says:

    I don’t like every Republican on the ballot especially those married to the Chamber of Commerce. But I will not waste my time voting for candidates who cannot win including most independents. There are no candidates who identify as constitutional conservatives by the extreme standards proposed by James White. Lot of talk by those folks, but no political reality.

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