New Bredesen ad touts track record as governor

A new TV ad from Democratic Senate candidate Phil Bredesen touts his record of tackling tough problems as governor: Arresting spiraling costs at TennCare, managing a budget crisis without a sales tax hike or an income tax, and growing Tennessee’s rainy day fund.

7 Responses to New Bredesen ad touts track record as governor

  • Bob Fischer says:

    Let’s not forget he took over from Sundquist, and frankly had his hands full with the mess he was left. He did a good job as governor and will do a good job as Senator. He will put the needs of Tennesseans and Americans ahead of any partisan agenda and bring some ethical behavior and integrity to Washington from Tennessee.

    No one else running for this office will do that.

  • james white says:

    At least Bredesen did not co-sponsor and vote for Amnesty for Illegal aliens and a National BioMeteric ID like Marsha Marsha Marsha did

    • Eddie White says:

      You can count on your man Bredesen , he will be right there on the issues you care about, especially amnesty.

  • Donna Locke says:

    TNInvestco. Look up Jamie McGee’s reporting on that.

  • Phil Lassiter says:

    Thank him for the Muslim refugees. His doing. It’s just a fact. Inconvenient perhaps, but a fact.

  • Phil Lassiter says:

    Also, did he mention Tennessee received more than enough ‘stimulus’ money to skate through any event? Bredesen just had to manage wire transfers. For real

    • Bob Fischer says:

      Not in Knoxville. Haslam was mayor and the only shovel ready project he had was a walking path in front of the Pilot Oil headquarters. I kid you not. The guy can’t plan ahead, and the next governor will have his hands full.

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