NBC/Marist poll has Bredesen leading Blackburn by 2 points

Former Gov. Phil Bredesen speaks at a forum on business issues in Nashville on Aug. 15, 2018 (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

A new NBC/Marist poll in the Tennessee Senate race has Democrat Phil Bredesen leading Republican Marsha Blackburn by 2 percentage points among likely voters, and 4 points among registered voters. Both are within the poll’s margin of error.

The poll found the governor’s race is far less competitive: Republican Bill Lee was leading Democrat Karl Dean 53%-40% .

Among likely voters, Bredesen was up 48-46, with 5% undecided.  Bredesen’s margin was 48-44 among registered voters.

Bredesen has near unanimous support among Democrats (97%-0%),  compared with Blackburn, who had an 86%-9% advantage among Republicans. Indepedents were leaning toward Bredesen 49%-45%.

President Donald Trump’s job performance rating remained above water in the poll, with 47% approving and 43% disapproving.

Forty-three percent said they think tariffs hurt the economy, while 30% said they help. Forty-eight percent said they are voting for more Democrats to serve as a check and balance on Trump, whole 46% said they want Republicans to help pass Trump’s agenda.

Sixty-one percentage had a favorable view of Bredesen, while 22% had a negative view. Blackburn was viewed favorably by 46% and unfavorably by 36%.

The top issues determining voters’s support were:

  • Economy and jobs: 27%.
  • Health care: 20%.
  • Inmigration: 13%.

The phone poll of 940 adults was conducted Aug. 25 to 28. Of those 730 were registered voters (percentage of error of plus or minus 4 points) and 538 were likely voters  (margin of error of plus or minus 5.1 percentage points).

27 Responses to NBC/Marist poll has Bredesen leading Blackburn by 2 points

  • James White says:

    Deep State Marsha’s voting record for more government, more spending, more power and Less Freedoms is catching up with her.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Riiiiiiight! Phil is virtually tied with Marsha because the electorate is carefully thinking about the consequences of Marsha vs. Phil as our next U.S. Senator and many have come to the conclusion that if they want less government, less spending, less power and More Freedoms they should vote for Bredesen so he can vote to give control of the Senate to Chuck Schumer and his band of leftists instead of voting for Marsha and Republican control. If that’s your analysis the why don’t you do something constructive and tell those voters thinking that way that they are WRONG.

      • MarLE says:

        Right, Stuart. Your strongest recommendations is not what Marsha has accomplished. It is that she is not a Democrat. One sentence: She is not a democrat. Isn’t it sad that that is all you ever CAN say?

        • Stuart I. Anderson says:

          Your memory is far too short MarLE. I have often repeated that Marsha has compiled a lifetime Heritage Action score of 82 and a lifetime Club For Growth Score of 90 which means we can confidently vote for Marsha with the well grounded knowledge that she has compiled a conservative record and as a result she can be relied on to support the Republican agenda as contained in the Republican platform.

          What isn’t sad and what seems to escape you is the fact that there is such a contrast between Marsha’s clear ideology and Bredesen’s determination to obscure his ideology because it’s obviously too liberal for the average Tennessee voter. Of course, Bredesen’s ideology is written in bright pastel when compared to Bredesen’s membership in the Democratic Party which has become a most radical organization that is moving further and further left with the results of virtually every primary.

          On the other hand, the fact that two right-of-center individuals like you and James seem to have nothing else to do regarding this Senate race except criticize Marsha while ignoring the disaster that Democratic control of the Senate would mean considering the Democrats are favored to take control of the House, and how a vote for Bredesen would contribute to that disaster. NOW THAT’S SAD!

          • MarLE says:

            I am not voting for Bredesen. So, not sad, I assume.

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            Not as “sad” as it might be, but still “sad” because this will be a close race and you are an informed articulate individual who shouldn’t be looking for an excuse to criticize Marsha while allowing Phil and his vacuous campaign pass relatively unscathed.

          • MarLE says:

            Stuart…. Do you believe the tax code should create a sizeable advantage for a 2-child, 2 parent household but only IF the parents are unmarried? This is a marriage penalty and it remains in our tax code and Marsha is a proud supporter of this latest Tax Plan.
            Do you believe that someone who earns his income as an engineering or architect independent consultant should pay 20% less in taxes on the same income level as any other independent consultant? Marsha is pleased with this NEW line-item craziness in the Tax Plan.
            Do think that unlimited and threshold-free levels of profit/cap gain earned in the Real Estate industry should be tax deferred if re-invested while profits/cap gain earned in any other industry should be taxed Even If re-invested? That is the essence of the 1031 loophole for RE investment firms which was retained and protected in the Tax Plan which was supposed to trade a 42% lowering of corp tax rates for a closing of loopholes. Marsha is telling everyone how proud she is to have supported the plan.
            So…a marriage penalty continues, special and illogical, preferential treatment for certain types of earners, and loopholes galore that don’t seem like Tax Fairness…. Any yet, I will cast my vote R b/c I believe a D would be even worse.

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            It’s election time MarLE and in all that you said, I believe your last sentence is the only thing that really counts. I don’t believe now is the time to review the inevitable compromises that Marsha has had to make while in office. Marsha has a Heritage score of 82%, the average House Republican’s score is 65% and the average House Democrat’s score is 8%. Imperfections? As a conservative, I hardly know where to begin.

            What I do know is that now is not the time to get into the weeds regarding this or that piece of legislation. For conservatives, election time is the time for us to choose the most ideologically congenial candidate running for office and to evangelize our fellow citizens as to why we have chosen that candidate and they should too. Once we have our candidate safely in office, it is at that time we can lobby about this or that piece of legislation with the knowledge that at least we will have a sympathetic ear.

          • MarLE says:

            I understand compromise. I understand voting for a tax bill (which is not weeds) you do not support. What I don’t understand is the unapologetic, enthusiastic Support for this. Trump won on 2 issues which manifested in every single rally. 1) building a wall that Mexico would pay for. 2) Investigating Hillary (lock her up) 3) a tax plan that would close loopholes and not benefit people like him, Not One Penny. All of those promises were false promises. But not a peep from our congressmen in terms of any disappointment. Instead, we are be berated for not having US taxpayers foot the bill on the wall Mexico was to pay for. And Trump himself called off the dogs on Hillary saying “she has suffered enough”. What I want is for Marsha to say she voted for this tax bill, holding her nose and that she is disappointed with all the lies told to win the 2016 election.

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            For that we would need a Jim Jordan (R-Ohio; Heritage 95%) or Mark Meadows (R-NC; Heritage; Heritage 91%) leaders of the House Freedom Caucus. Indeed, that would be nice!

    • Eddie White says:

      I have already predicted a Bredesen victory in a close election and it has nothing to do with the reasons you listed James. Bredesen will not be elected because he is more conservative than Blackburn, that is absurd. He will be elected because some moderate Republicans and independents in Tennessee don’t like her support of Trump. They like and will vote for a person they believe will be more of a John McCain . Bredesen will help move the senate to the left, and a lot of Tennessean seem ok with that.

      • John Jordan says:

        Eddie – I guess the 55% that Marsha gained shows that your premise was not correct. Tennessee doesn’t want the Senate to move left.

  • John Niven says:

    Of COURSE an NBC poll will favor the Democrat. Big surprise, there.

  • William Upton says:

    Bredesen talks like he’s going to shake things up if he gets to Washington, but that’s all it is, talk. He’ll just be another lap dog for Shumer. He’ll do and say what he is told to do and say by Shumer. That’s the last thing this country needs. Whatever Marsha’s faults may be I’ll take them over Bredesen any day. This election is too important to let Shumer have another lap dog.

    • Bob Fischer says:

      Actually, Bredeson talks like he will act in the best interests of Tennesseans while Marsha just gushes about the opportunity to ride the Trump crazy train wherever it goes. Even those in Trumps own cabinet are looking for a way to end this presidency. Marsha’s doubling down.

  • Eddie White says:

    Can you tell us which cabinet member is trying to end the Trump presidency, and then provide your evidence?

  • Bob says:

    Interesting that this page only publishes the polls showin Bredesen up but won’t publish the recent poll showing Blackburn up 4%.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Since Tom Humphrey’s departure I’m afraid this blog has moved left I’m afraid. It hasn’t gotten gross as yet so I tend to leave grievance mongering to our “progressive” friends but since you mentioned it I thought that I would confirm that your observations are no doubt correct and at the same time inform Mr. Schelzig “yes we do notice so you’re not quite as subtle as you may think.”

      • MarLE says:

        This is a blog. Much more outrageous are the online, so -called “news outlets” that function as the propaganda arms of the candidates the owners choose to back. One such outlet supporting Marsha has a Screaming Headline “Bredesen Benefitted From Program that Forced Others to Pay More”. Good Grief…….and they shill daily for the woman who supported a Tax Plan loaded to the hilt with ways for some to pay less, so others would have to pay more! They are called loopholes and uneven treatment of income based on marital status, type of employment etc. Yet no article addressing how “their candidate” is a purveyor of exactly the same kind (times 1000) of what they criticized Bredesen for. Whatever the flaws of TNJ , it pales in comparison when it comes to biased coverage.

      • Donna Locke says:

        I miss Tom.

  • June landrum says:

    I miss tom also. Hope his retirement is going well and he is enjoying. I’m sure he is missing Nashville as I am also

  • Cannoneer2 says:

    I hope we get new stories soon, Phil strikes me as arrogant in that picture, its hard to look at. Hurry…

  • Cannoneer2 says:

    I hope Tom is enjoying retirement as well. Hope it is great!

  • Donna Locke says:

    In the previous post below about Bredesen saying an ad is full of lies, I just now added a comment in response to another commenter. I didn’t see his question to me till now. I would like for everyone to read my comments under that post and rethink any delusions you may have about Bredesen’s judgment.

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