Nashville talk show host Ralph Bristol terminated

Conservative Nashville radio talk show host Ralph Bristol says he has been fired by Cumulus Media “due to irreconcilable editorial differences.” He has been talking on WWTN – often with Republican elected officials and candidates as guests – for 11 years.

Excerpt from a Bristol Facebook post:

We cannot agree on what information and communications should be kept private and which should be hashed out publicly. Since I won’t abide by their rules, they will not abide by my continued employment.

Please know first, I am not sad or angry. And I have nothing to fear, financially or otherwise. I’m free, happy and as blessed as ever.

Bristol wrote that he may do daily podcasts instead and put up the first on Friday, during which he says the station officials accused him of “insubordination” and the dispute had to do with what he considers misleading information on President Trump’s medical diagnosis.

104 Responses to Nashville talk show host Ralph Bristol terminated

  • Brenda Miller says:

    We need Radio Free Tennessee all over this state. There is no freedom, Especially in the Knoxville area of talking politics. I noticed freedom to express ones self on the radio went dead right before the primaries in 2016. No opportunity to tell the truth about H Clinton. SAD!

    • Tony Eugene Carter says:

      I thought Ralph Bristol didn’t have the balls to tell new stories he was always saying not necessarily the comments feelings of the people after he would make a broadcast he must have slipped up I thought he was the most mild-mannered of the talk radio host

  • Darryl says:

    I was angry with 100.3 when they moved from Knoxville to Oak Ridge. The tri-Cities talk shows were iffy… Yes we now have 92.9 FM – which is why IMHO, why we lost coverage of 100.3.. Glad for 6am to 9am Scotty Campbell on 92.9. Don’t get 910am in early morning or evenings to night…

  • Reva Dollar says:

    What happened to freedom to speak?
    I love listening to all the guys from the station, but I will no longer listen.

    • Tony Eugene Carter says:

      Who’s next who they finger next to terminate Ralph Bristol mild-mannered radio talk host and just takes one comment that someone at the top don’t like and you’re out so sad.

  • Paul says:

    I knew something was going on. Ralph was talking too much about not allowing Gupta on his show. I agree with Ralph but we all know who runs all the entertainment. Lucky they still have Phil Valentine or I would go to Patriot Radio or AM full time.

    • Patty S says:


    • Kevin Egan says:

      Phil Valentine announced on his show that perfectly legal bump Stocks were “Just too much, and that we (the American people) don’t need those kinds of things” Implying that the American gun owners in this country are not capable of handling nor should have access to fully automatic firearms or any attachments that simulates the action of fully automatic firearms. He went on to say that “we just needed to let this go, that we were just asking too much and we should be satisfied with our semi-automatic firearms. I have had two bump stocks, one on an AK47 and the other on an AR15. To my knowledge neither have taken off in the night and shot up a crowd of people at a concert. After hearing his comments to say the VERY least I was nauseated by his comments. He was saying word for word what the liberal democrat gun ban fanatics have been saying to American gun owners for 50 years or more. That THEY know what is best for us and we don’t NEED such things. We all know that the 2nd amendment was not established strictly so that Americans could target shoot and hunt. Though certainly part of it the reason for the 2nd amendment is to make sure the people are armed sufficiently to remove any government administration by force that stopped abiding by the US Constitution and stopped respecting American’s Civil Rights, etc. In other words a government administration that had gone rogue. The spirit of the 2nd Amendment is that the people can be armed to the extent of the military’s power in which a rogue government may use in the attempt to stop Americans from exercising their right and duty to remove any government administration, branch, etc, etc that is no longer upholding their pledge to the country and the people. In the event (and it has come close) We The People do have to take a stand and physically take back control of our country from a bunch of crazies who think they know how we should lead our lives much better than we, you can bet we won’t be going up against a guys with semi-auto deer rifles. Phil Valentine is not the “Conservative” you think he is. His comments he made about bump stocks was inexcusable for anyone that claims that they are a Conservative. His words echoed exactly what the liberal democrats have been telling us for years, they know what is good for us and we do not, they know what we need and we do not, they can take better care of us than we can take core of ourselves. Any man who say’s something like that is not a Conservative. Personally I do not tune into Phil Valentine’s show any longer. Aside from adopting the Steve Gill style of broadcasting (repeat everything a half dozen times but use different words each time because the people are too stupid to understand it the first time and to eat up airtime) I have heard Phil Valentine numerous times speaking more like a liberal than a champion of Conservative’s and American’s rights. Like I said I don’t listen to him anymore and I advise others to start listening more carefully to just exactly what he is saying.

      • Denise Harvey says:

        Michael is the one that should be terminated. Everyday I try to listen but I find him so arrogant and full of himself that I turn the channel. Truly a man that is impressed with the sound of his own voice. Bring Ralph back and get rid of Michael and your rating would soar

      • Ron W says:

        Well said, Kevin.

        Additionally, the Federal Government has NO delegated power re: what firearms the People may acquire, keep or carry. It only has delegated power “for governing such Part of them (the militia) as may be EMPLOYED in its service” (Article I, Section 8.16) And without, delegated power, the Federal Government may do NOTHING according to the clear wording of the 10th Amendment.

      • Jim Ship says:

        Phil Valentine and the Race Mixer, Michael Delgiorno and a lot more, are NOT conservative! They are all fake. They are Left wing liberals hiding behind a front and playing the part of a CONservative ( emphasis on the CON!). The radio and TV and all newspapers and book publishers are owned and controlled by the same group of people! The only exceptions are small little outfits that don’t have any real influence!

  • Kim Underwood says:

    why do you guys keep letting these great radio folks leave? I finally got over you getting rid of G.Gordon Liddy’s show , then you lose Dave Ramsey, now Ralph Bristol? WHY? I”m sure Michael is a fine, qualified person but he’s not Ralph. You better hang on to Phil Valentine or your entire station with will be without national talent.

    • Kevin Egan says:

      99.7 has gone down the crapper. Delgiorno show is horrible unless you are big sports fanatic. The Dan Mandis Show (also the program director) is cringe moment after cringe moment with his side kick Pamela Furr constantly interrupting to say things that are totally ridiculous and then, get this, gets triggered about 4 times a show if anyone dares to make the mistake of speaking a word before she stopped jabbering. Right in the middle of someone else speaking she just blurts out “And you interrupted me” with that God awful triggered feminist rising in pitch tone in her voice. Valentine is becoming more liberal everyday and I guess he believes his audience to be stupid country hicks that cannot understand the first time because he will say the same thing over and over and over and over again, and again and again each time worded somewhat differently but the same message. When I was listening I would get sick of him repeating something so I would switch the station, listen to a few tunes and then switch back, and damned if he isn’t still saying the same thing he was saying 5, 10 minutes ago. I just can’t stomach 99.7 anymore. It sounds small town amateurish, of far lesser quality than a city like Nashville should have. Mr. Mandis, a word of advice. Do not say “Well I just don’t know” over and over again when discussing a subject. If you do not know then why should anyone listen to you? At least act you know a little, but never say “Uhhh, well I just don’t know.”

  • Becky Fragasse, Nashville, TN says:

    It would have been professional, common courtesy to listeners, and nice to all who listen to WWTN to have some type of explanation on air during Ralph’s day away. Instead we were told nothing, which leaves a very BAD PR situation for WWTN. The “Fab Four” is no more. . .of Phil, Michael, Dan, and Ralph. So sad.

  • Michael says:

    Kim Underwood: WTN decision to get rid of Liddy’s program was Liddy’s choice. He decided to just do a few stations in his area he lived in due to his advanced age, and eventually retired all together. But I agree with you on the others. The station has lost some good talent over the years. And it’s sad.

    • Kevin Egan says:

      Yeah the years were catching up to Liddy and his show was getting sketchy. I knew it was over when he brought in some side kick character (Franklin, program director or something) and more and more of his show started being the “humorous” banter between he and Franklin rather than current events. Every show that has ever done that is on it’s last legs. I saw it happen to the Andy Griffith Show when Ken Berry started becoming more and more of the show, just about the time it went to color. Archie Bunker show, another example when the little girl (Stephy) was brought in to add a young face and some excitement to the show. It ruined it. Whenever the writers say “we need to bring in some fresh characters” that show is toast.

      • KT says:

        This station has not only jumped the shark (to use an old phrase that originated after the producers of the show “Happy Days” tried to “freshen up” things by having the Fonz character water-ski over a shark), but has dissolved into a toxic audio sludge. I can barely hear what the current personalities there are saying, over the arrogance in their voices. The way Ralph Bristol was treated is the saddest part of it all.

  • Charles Thomas says:

    I never understood why anti – gun, liberal Gupta was allowed on this or any other conservative station. I didn’t agree with Ralph 100% of the time but thought he did a great job and spoke the truth. It’s a shame that the powers that run the station are cowards.

    • Kevin Egan says:

      You might direct you remarks to Dan Mandis. I believe he is the program director. I quit 99.7 about 2 months ago. I tried to listen (old habits hard to break) but it only took minutes before I became annoyed rather than informed or entertained.

      • Robb Elders says:

        I would rather listen to reruns of a robot calling the snail races then listen to Dan Mandis. I always wondered how he got a show on the radio. I didn’t know he was the PD. I understand now. If Ralph is gone, so am I! Thanks for the truth Ralph.

  • Janie says:

    Dr. Gupta’s medical opinions are exactly that. But when he was putting his spin on the medical condition of the President of the United States, I think he went too far. When Ralph Bristol called him out on it I totally agreed! Gupta just told people with the flu not to take fever medication. Tylenol and Ibuprofen helps with the aches and pains of the body when you have the flu, too. If anyone has had the flu, you know how you body feels like it was ran over by a truck. So people now will be coming to the ED with generalized body pain wanting something for pain, and we will be charging their insurance to tell them to take Tylenol or Ibuprofen. Gupta had good study information from a lot of medical conditions and the general public could learn from this. WTN should reconsider Gupta’s use in their shows.

  • Chuck Allen says:

    Huge loss with the loss of Ralph B.
    Don’t like direction of 99.7 they just don’t understand
    their audience, time for management to be fired!

  • William hamblin says:

    I just realized today that Ralph had been let go. He was the best of the 4 followed climate sexy by Phil. Michael SUCKS, and dan is marginally, no more mornings on 99.7 for me. They get me for Phil and that’s it.

  • Jesse James says:

    Ralph was my reason for getting up in the morning. I guess I’ll just stay in bed, turn the dial and wait for Rush. It’s a sad sad state- of -affairs. Although I’m sure Megan Berry isn’t complaining.

  • Jim Knight says:

    Both sides should reconsider their positions. I’m sure if they worked together a way through this could be found. I drive 160 miles every morning, listening to Uncle Ralph and the Traffic Report was the best part of the drive through the quagmire of left lane drivers and others. Ralph, I hope you either return or find another morning show. Thank you.


      I agree. They should bring Ralph back. He was intelligent & informed, & most of the time I agreed with him. The guy they have on now is ok, but we need Ralph back. I bet it is killing him that he missed all this talk about the fiza memo & the Megan Barry scandal.

  • John Sando says:

    Uncle Ralph just never learned to not have a battle of wits with those that are half armed.

  • Barry says:

    The utter stupidity of the management of this station is truly limitless.

  • Tim says:

    I began listening to 99.7 because of Ralph B. I can deal with Mike D. And then it ends until Mark comes on at 7. I guess I have no radio left to listen to until 7. I understand that perhaps Gupta paid a few bills at the station, however some level of integrity should be observed. am I mistaken or is 99.7 supposed to be a conservative station. If so then defend your hosts who speak their conservative views. It seems that in this new country only conservative ideas and conservative views are silenced.

  • Amanda Yates says:

    I loved listening to Ralph in the mornings and I HATED Gupta’s medical minutes or whatever they’re called. They were so LEFT leaning and I heard uncle Ralph tell listeners don’t complain to me about Gupta – not my call. I now listen to Clay Travis on 1510 am and Phil in the afternoons. Godspeed Uncle Ralph!

    • Mry Jones says:

      This is a bigf loss and big mistake,.I am shocked such a well-informed host woul be let go.. ahis wife,s calls were also a pleasusre to hear, ai used to enjoy Michael but am tire of hearing of his bodily actions(gas0)Too bad management can.t realize a winner(ralph)

  • Jack says:

    Is 99.7 owned by the same company that ownes Channel 4? Seems they are both taking the same approach to make unnecessary changes to “improve” something that wasn’t broken for the sake of “change”!
    I will certainly tune in to Ralph if he goes to another station!!! Hopefully much sooner than later!

    Miss ya Brother Ralph!

  • Barry B says:

    I just found out today because I took a few days off last week. Ralph did so much for this community and provided a deeper insight to the conservative movement than most of his peers. Way to go “Super False” WTN. You lost another listener. Let’s see how those ratings help the management keep their undeserved jobs.

  • Lawrence Harris says:

    Ralph Bristol was my reason for listening to 99.7. Valentine sometimes. Now, I find the station has fired Ralph? Well, no more 99.7 for me. There is no one on worth my time.

  • Catherine Flaherty says:

    Well 99.7, you just lost another listener. How stupid to try & control peoples opinions. I guess it will soon be fake news everywhere. If Ralph shows up somewhere, I will surely be happy to hear him again. I thought he was great. I just lost all faith in 99.7, Good Bye!

  • Joe Denney says:

    How odd that a medical commentator (Sanjay Gupta) can be a political hack, but a political commentator (Ralph Bristol) can’t make comments about the medical commentator being a political hack. Why would Gupta care one whit about Trump’s health unless he’s trying to make a political point? I don’t recall Gupta saying anything about HRC’s falling down stairs, speech slurring, etc. while she was running for president. Did Gupta mention Obama’s smoking habits or Milia Obama’s drug habits? Gupta is obviously one-sided and should just stick to medical opinions and facts.

    Done with these guys and plan to purposely avoid using any of their sponsored products…even if the sponsors are conservative. If the sponsors were truly conservative, they would demand Ralph be brought back or quit subsidizing the radio station.

  • James says:

    1510 would be smart to pick up Ralph for morning drive. The regular turnover of their morning drive shows tells me Ralph was cleaning their clocks.

  • TJ skeen says:

    Switched this AM to 1510…can’t support win any longer…bring back Uncle Ralph …

  • Wade Putnam says:

    How stupid of management to let Ralph go!
    I will not listen to 99.7 again, just as I stopped watching the NFL.
    Unless you conform to the liberal stance, you are silenced.
    Good Luck Ralph, best too you!

  • Jane McElyea says:

    I always listened to Ralph Bristol because he was fair in his comments. Delgiorno (I agree with his faith) but can’t stand to listen to a non informational program but silly comments. Dan Mandis is much the same. Now I have to find another source of someone holding our local leaders accountable.

  • Brian M Tucker says:

    I’m going to miss Ralph. Looks like I’ll be looking for another station to listen to in the mornings. It’s 99.7’s loss. Very Disappointed!!

  • Ray Norman says:

    Is the former Beach Boy, Brian Wilson, a permanent for Uncle Ralph? He is better than Mandis (but who isn’t?) Ralph would be crucifying Barry.

  • Jacqueline says:

    So very sorry that Ralph Bristol is no longer with the station. He was the reason I listened and I am in Florida. I no longer will be listening.

  • KL says:

    It would have been appropriate to indicate to listeners why Bristol is gone. he is the only one of the folks on this station I can stand. The traffic is still the best in my opinion – that’s why I stay on in the mornings rather than moving to other stations or my podcasts.

    There seems to be a continuing climate in our world of not being able to express an opinion without the opposing being unreasonable about it. I had a feeling the Gupta thing was bigger than I thought. We used to have discourse where we did not have to agree to be able to learn from one other. I found myself disagreeing alot with Ralph – but I was also willing to listen and learn the other side of things.

    Please keep the decent traffic at least. And I enjoy the Sunday shows (LTC360 and Beacon, etc.) when I am getting ready in the morning.

  • Earlene says:

    So very sorry that Ralph Bristol is no longer with the station. He was the reason I listened in the morning. Didn’t always agree with him, but I could still respect him. I no longer will be listening til Valentine comes on. The rest of that jabber jawing isn’t worth listening to.

  • Steve Pentecost says:

    I am old, but I will figure oit how to follow his pod cast. He has a wonderful mind

  • Bo says:

    I cannot believe WTN fired Ralph Bristol. Our radio was tuned to 99.7 every morning during breakfast. Looks like we’ll have to find another station. Maybe Uncle Ralph will be picked up by another local radio station. Or maybe the morning show advertisers will wise up and pull their ads forcing WTN management to bring Ralph back.

  • Ronald Lynn says:

    Dan MAndis should step down as program director. ..
    Listeners are tuning out…

  • Kenny says:

    Hats off to Ralph for standing by his convictions and being man enough to speak up when he deemed it necessary. So many bite their tongues when they have to deal with something that goes against their core beliefs. Even though he knew it was probably going to put him in a bad situation with management, it was something he could not let slide. He said that morning that it would probably get him in trouble, but he could no longer tolerate Gupta and would excuse himself when Gupta came on. The management of WWTN should be proud to have someone that actually means what they say and aren’t afraid to say what needs to be said.

  • Lisa says:

    I hate that Ralph is gone from the Radio not a wise decision from WTN. Everything happens for a reason so we shall see. In the meantime I’m Listening to his Pod cast. May your future be bright Ralph.

  • Phyl says:

    I did not like Ralph. He interrupts too much and won’t let the other person finish and he was rude. I don’t invite a guest to my house and treat them that way. I quit listening for months and to my surprise, yeah he was gone…….back listening again.

  • Sid says:

    Ralph Bristol is top notch. I like Phil. I never agreed with every thing they said be for the most part we were on the same page. Micheal DelGiorno is a self-proclaimed Christian who proves how much of a hypocrite he is every time he opens his mouth. He should have been fired years ago. Dan Mandis is nothing more than a slap-stick dunce show. And he’s the program director????

  • Nashville Native says:

    I am extremely disappointed in Ralph being terminated because of the likes of Gupta, equally as bad are the national news feeds the station uses. I also find it offensive and disrespectful the way WTN has treated the listeners by not offering some explanation to Ralph’s termination. My morning routine for years has been to listen to Ralph as the wake up station on my radio. I listened all through my normal routine, in my car for my 35 min commute and some at my office. This radio station has committed a major blunder. I have made many purchases and done business with many of the shows sponsors due to their being on Ralph’s list of recommendations. Sponsors out there, I hope you take note of this. Unless this station does the right thing, works with Ralph to accomplish a working compromise and bring him back on air, you have lost a long time listener, and all the sponsors have lost my business in the future as well, if they do not speak up.

  • Don Searcy says:

    I’ve switched to 1510 in the mornings and then to wherever Ralph ends up.

  • Brenda Bullis says:

    Morning Listener – TN transplant in OH
    Loved the morning show with Ralph & the guys!!
    Informed and thought provoking.
    Agreed with Ralph on Gupta. Gupta’s comments about the President’s physical / physician was reckless.
    He had neither the knowledge or test results to even comment!!
    Done with WTN
    Brian Wilson is a total snooze
    You blew it WTN

  • Doug says:

    Please find a new station Ralph! There is a major void in my morning drive now.
    If Phil leaves…I am done with WTN.

  • Wes Kahnert says:

    We cut the cord and removed the last TV from our home 5 years ago. Thus, the radio stays on here almost all day and night, where our office and home are in the same residence. I am in my office at 6 AM, and Ralph Bristol’s show acted like coffee X 10. This new guy is a sleeping pill. I tried listening to this new show, but it sounds pre-fabricated and offers nothing different from canned blabber with continual repetition.

    I have decided to switch to and pick a variety of morning shows until I find something I like. Today, it is Truth Frequency Radio.

  • K. Smith says:

    I have listened to Ralph for years as I drive to work. He was the best in our opinion. Michael’s comments are so very silly and offensive and gives being a Christian a bad name. Dan is very surface and gropes for something to discuss. Pamela Furr tries to sound like a know it all…she doesn’t know what she doesn’t know…more silly words. Ralph was sincere and had good character ideas …which is the main asset that the others don’t display on their shows. That silly, offensive, meaningless chit chat by Dan, Pamela, and Michael is a total waste of time. Please get Ralph back! He was worth listening to.! I still can’t believe he is gone even though he was the best of all the shows on 99.7. I am not making these comments to be hurtful but this is my opinion and also the opinion of other friends and family members who listen to talk radio.

  • Laurie Boesch says:

    While WTN exercises the right move in a different direction by firing Ralph Bristol for informing listeners of the truth, I trust that they will respect my decision to also move in a different direction – away from WTN.

  • Ken Burks says:

    I never comment on these sorts of things but I have to say this was a colossal bad move. The program director is toast. He has cut his own throat. Gupta? Really? Stupendously stupid. Terrestrial radio is dying platform and for anyone who didnt know why you do now.

  • mGail says:

    missing Ralph. Michael is obnoxious. the guy who replaced Ralph is boring. i listen for the BEST traffic reports and then turn the radio iff.

  • Kerry Drake says:

    Wow!! How confusing that you would let a news or political commentator that was so great, second only to the late Paul Harvey, but your hack Mike D. continues being a sports commentator when he’s not talking about his religious beliefs. Not sure what religion that is. Something about worshiping ones anus and the gas it expels ?? Can’t remember how many years, but seems like 20 or so I’ve listened to your conservative views. Have been so informed from people like Phil,Ralph, and on down the line.I remember first time I heard your station It was Michael Savage that I was listening to. I have one more thing to say to you guys while your management team apparently sits around and smoke crack with Mike D and Gupta. See ya. I’m done with ya… IDIOTS !!!

  • peter capotosto says:

    Yep, Cumulus Media screws up again.
    Ralph was intelligent radio.
    Phil is intelligent Radio.
    But between 9am-3pm this station totally sucks….boring dribble.

    • Lisa Marie says:

      Amen!!! I miss the good stuff when I lived in Nashville in 2010. Ralph, then crap, then Huckaby and Ramsey then Phil. Once they brought on Getaldo, the afternoons went to hell

  • Mary Smith says:

    I enjoyed listing to Ralph. I will miss him. I wish him the very best Please bring him back

  • Mary Sturm says:

    Ralph really is second only to the great Paul Harvey. The whiny, juvenile gentlemen broadcasting until three are impossible to listen to. Like many who’ve posted here, how in the WORLD is Dan Mandis a program director, and doing shows for other markets? I will continue searching for a replacement for Nashville’s Morning News. My morning coffee just doesn’t taste the same without you, Uncle Ralph! Via con Dios!

  • Judith Johnson says:

    I tolerated Ralph most of the time, but could not handle his love affair with Little Bob Corker. Just when I start thinking highly of Michael he starts talking about puke, farts, vomit and poop. He can’t stop his potty humor once he starts! Phil is my favorite. I’m willing to give the new guy a chance.. Btw, who is Dan Mandis?

  • Patrick says:

    Late learning of Ralph Bristol termination over the Dr. Gupta “diagnosis “ of the POTUS. Hippocrates’ Oath compels a MD to “first do no harm.” To make a clinical diagnosis having never examined the patient is against medical ethics. Gupta could have an opinion but so can I. Gupta insulted the elected President and the electorate who put POTUS in office. Ralph has always been straight forward in his interviews challenging and respectful. He abbreviated scurrilous callers and was helpful to the less articulate. Ralph gave freely of his time to help veterans. Ralph is a patriot. To give the cause of Ralph’s termination as “insubordination “ is to say the broadcast station has its own agenda and talk show hosts must be sycophants when the listening Audience is of diverse notions of thought and the expression thereof. Bring Ralph back!! I will listen for that day only. Very sad for retired men and women veterans and patriots. Bring back Ralph. ASAP

    • Jim Ship says:

      To give the cause of Ralph’s termination as “insubordination “ is to say the broadcast station has its own agenda and talk show hosts must be sycophants when the listening Audience is of diverse notions of thought and the expression thereof.

      BINGO!!! Tow the line or you are toast!!


    Wow I really always look forward to listening to Shell Ralph you will be missed as a truck driver I now know your new host is great but you don’t fire somebody for speaking their mind the first of month and does a fly it’s a reason that we exist I fought a war to have this honor you have disgraced the American flag Ralph I am with you I support you keep on doing what you’re doing God bless you

  • Chris M. Harris says:

    I live in North Alabama, I listened to Ralph every morning. Whomever gets him for a host will be fortunate. He explored both sides of the issues and dissected into meaningful subject matter for everyone. That is and was Ralph’s real gift to us his audience. Nothing is forever anymore. Amen and RTR

  • Chris Waller says:

    Still a great station. Will miss Ralph but things change. Let’s give Brian Wilson a chance he has had some good interviews so far. Love the rest of the gang. Mike, Dan and Phil keep up the good work.

    • Brenda says:

      I don’t know what station your listening to now , other than Phil the rest suck.

      • Jim Ship says:

        Phil is just like Mike, Dan etc….a fake CONservative! If you are a true conservative, you wouldn’t be given a spot on the air like they have.

  • Ed says:

    I know I’m only one listener but I will not be tuning into 99.7 in the morning any more. You will be missed. God Bless!

  • Mrs. Mom says:

    Sure miss the departure of Raph Bristol. The station has been declining over the years, but the morning show with Ralph Bristol was still quite good. Of course, all the ED ads especially in the evening were quite inappropriate and for that reason I didn’t listen as much. I hate having to turn off the radio in the car so my kids don’t get an earful of yuck. It would have been nice if the management had had the decency to mention what happened to Raph. I thought maybe he was on vacation or had the flu. RIP WTN.

  • Sam burns says:

    I guess pure and simply I will stop listening to 99.7. It was a good channel but without Ralph on 5 to 9 it truly will not be the station it was. What’s being transmitted now is garbage.

  • Johnny Morgan says:

    I’ve been a fan of the radio station since 9/11/2001.
    After this stunt with Ralf.
    Though I love Michaels show.
    I want be listening in no longer can’t support this station no longer.

  • Putinas B says:

    Just can’t understand all the complaints. We can still enjoy all the (erectile disfunction) commercials! I can understand the need for such advertising, after listening to a few minutes of Mandis. Oh how I cherish those few weeks, year ago, when Dennis Miller graced our airways. Then again, his target audience had no use for these advertisers. I now switch back to the station for 1 hour – Guns & Leather gun show Sunday nights. To hell with the rest of the programming!

    Note: This comment was slightly edited.

  • h.boyce says:

    I liked Ralph Bristol, he should not have been fired . I DO NOT like the man they have in is place. I use to listen to “uncle ralph” every morning now I no longer want to listen bring Ralph Bristol back

  • Marilyn Kemper says:

    I have listened to your radio shows for years and like all of the shows on except the early morning show. You need to bring Ralph back. I woke up to him every morning. Swallow your pride and hire him back. So many of my friends listen to WTN too but all miss Ralph! We even tune in on our Alexa. You have a good thing going so please bring Ralph back. Too many of your audience listeners miss him. Don’t be a fool!

  • Dondi says:

    I have been a long time listener and I’m very disappointed that the radio station did not find it necessary to let everyone know what happened. Although I have been a loyal listener for years, I will tune in for Phil. Other than that… I’m done.

  • MORRIS A says:


  • Norma L Jenkins says:

    I like Brian Wilson in the mornings. I love Phil on my drive home. I do agree he repeats himself too much, but, mo st of the time enjoy listening.

  • Keith Jones says:

    I don’t know, I guess I’m one of the few who just wasn’t too crazy about Ralph. I felt he was always rushing callers through what they wanted to say and would cut them off aburptly. Later his wife Yoko would call in from “the home office” and she had all the time she needed to blather on and on.
    Ralph had a boss at the station and he didn’t do as he was told. Like anyone else, he was (rightly) summarily terminated.
    I like the new guy, Brian Wilson. He did a great job with the Megan Berry coverage!

  • Marcus Bergh says:

    Ralph was the most informed and articulate of any the media commentators. I will really miss him.

  • David Patterson says:

    I hated talk radio growing up. I moved to this area four years ago in 2013 and found a job driving a truck. Other drivers were leaving the radio on the 99.7 WTN station. I would turn the station as soon as I got into the truck early in the morning during Ralph Bristol’s broadcast. I would hear just a few comments from Mr. Bristol before I switched the radio dial. This went on for about a year. Then, I began to listen a little more to His broadcast. I realized that Ralph Bristol was most realistic host I had ever heard on a radio station. He used (COMMON SENSE) in discussing every issue that I had heard mentioned in the news or by fellow coworkers. Ralph Bristol’s Nashville Morning News broadcast is the only talk radio segment that I could ever stomach to listened to. I was educated in the world of Politics by Mr. Bristol for over three years! I cannot listen to the other hosts on 99.7 WTN. I cannot believe they fired Mr. Bristol! I have not been able to make it a through a single segment since…… I told my family and friends about how thankful I was that We had this radio station in Tennessee. I was so glad to hear Ralph Bristol take on Politicians like Bob Corker and Diane Black. I wish Mr. Bristol knew these things.

  • P.F. says:

    I hate the Michael Delgorno crapfest. Why didn’t he get fired. He is constantly throwing jesus around as if he needs to dig himself out of some personal hell. He somehow thinks he is funny and he’s not, perhaps his Ed Mcmahon wannabe sidekick is screwing with him. The rest of the days programming is ok but Bristol leaving now keeps me off the channel until noon. Did I say I hate Mike Delgoofball?! What an asshat, please kick him to the curb…. in front of a mosque.

  • Justaperson says:

    Michael DelGiorno is a FAKE!!! He uses the name of God half the time and claims to be a child of God. A few minutes later he is talking like the devil. It’s truly disgusting. There are many people that are like that. He’s just another one, but it’s not good that he gets to spew trash and disrespect towards God, all over the radio. I don’t listen to him anymore and I just wish he would leave 99.7 or get fired, if he refuses to get right soon.

  • John Coe says:

    Delgorno, and Bristol both had NO faith in trump getting into ofice..they both gave listeners hell when we called in confronting them. Michael now acts as if he was behind trump all the way. This may sound silly, but Bristol swore, many times, he would literally eat crow, and he was very serious, if trump got in. He lied. Wtn did the right thing. Michael is just as bad. Hes talented, but got it wrong with Trump. He was dead wrong. He still is. Phil is awesome, and so is JohnnyB, and I really like Pamela.

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