Matlock radio ad cites Burchett vote for Democrat as state Senate speaker, asks if he’d vote for Nancy Pelosi as U.S. House speaker

A radio ad unveiled today by state Rep. Jimmy Matlock’s campaign notes his leading opponent in the Republican 2nd Congressional District primary, Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett, voted as a state senator for the election of a Democrat as speaker of the Tennessee Senate and questions whether he would vote for Democrat Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the U.S. House. Here’s the Matlock campaign press release plus a  note on the referenced vote.

Press release from Jimmy Matlock campaign

(Lenoir City, TN) – The Matlock for Congress Campaign released its second radio ad Tuesday, titled “Trust”. The 60-second ad will run on stations across Tennessee’s Second Congressional District.

“This is a serious race about serious issues, and there is just too much at stake to send more career politicians to Washington who we cannot trust to have President Trump’s back,” said small businessman Jimmy Matlock. “The great people of East Tennessee know my values and my conservative credentials, and they know I am the only candidate in this race who can be trusted to help President Trump and Republicans in Congress drain the swamp.”

(Text of) “Trust”

Voice-over (VO):  Can conservatives really trust career politician Tim Burchett?

VO:  When he was a state Senator, he voted to make a Democrat speaker of the Senate.

VO:  Burchett even supported a sales tax increase.

VO:  Voting for Democrats and tax hikes? That doesn’t sound conservative…

VO: If Tim Burchett is elected to Congress, will he vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker?

VO: East Tennessee needs a conservative we can trust in Congress, like Jimmy Matlock.

VO: He’s the Trump guy. Matlock’s family has operated a small business in our community for over 60 years.

VO: He lives our East Tennessee values: Faith, firearms, and the sanctity of life.

VO: Matlock supports President Trump’s plan to build the wall, and he’ll vote to defund Planned Parenthood.

VO: Matlock is the conservative we can trust.

Jimmy Matlock: I’m Jimmy Matlock. I’ve Spent the last 47 years changing your family’s tires. Now, I need your help changing Washington. I’m Jimmy Matlock and I approve this message.

VO: Paid for by Jimmy Matlock for Congress.

Historical Note: The referenced Burchett vote came in the state Senate’s election of a speaker/lieutenant governor in 2005 when he and another Republican senator, Michael Williams of Maynardville, joined all Senate Democrats to reelect John Wilder to the position that the West Tennessee Democrat had held since 1971.  Wilder had typically enjoyed unanimous support from Republican state senators for speaker at a time when Democrats controlled the state legislature – most notably in 1987 when majority Democrats decided to give Wilder the boot and he was nominated by Republicans for another term. Wilder won that one when a couple of dissident Democrats split from the majority of the party’s members and joined the Republicans. Wilder finally lost in 2007 – to Republican Ron Ramsey – when then-Sen. Rosalind Kurita stunned fellow Democrats by backing Ramsey. (Votes were cast in alphabetical order of the senators’ last names and Burchett voted for Ramsey before the surprise Kurita vote; Williams, who had been widely expected to back Wilder over Ramsey and thus cast the decisive ballot in a closely-divided Senate, voted for Ramsey after the Kurita defection from Democrats assured Ramsey would win.)

Williams, who declared himself an independent after the 2007 vote, narrowly lost a bid for reelection to the Senate the following year to a Republican. He subsequently was elected Union County mayor and, again affiliated with the GOP,  now is giving up that position to challenge in the GOP primary state Rep. Jerry Sexton’s nomination to a new term in House District 35.

As an aged political junkie/reporter who watched all those past proceedings, the ad seems a clever exploitation of old historical fact into the present political environment for campaign gain – without regard, of course, to the way things were way back then. Which is to say that voting for Wilder at the time was not really comparable to voting for Pelosi today.

15 Responses to Matlock radio ad cites Burchett vote for Democrat as state Senate speaker, asks if he’d vote for Nancy Pelosi as U.S. House speaker

  • Silence Dogwood says:

    Every time Matlock opens his “campaign mouth”, I feel better about choosing Tim Burchett for Congress.

  • James says:

    Ad shows how low Matlock will go to win. If the district wants a honest conservative Burchett will win hands down

  • Bruce T Williams says:

    Dogwood it seems you don’t like the truth.Burchett voted for John Wilder over Ron Ramsey and prevented Ron from being LT Gov .But rest assured that John repaid little Timmy well with a chairman’s seat
    And if you look at timmy’s Voting record you will find he carried the water for the payday loan people time and time again even with our users laws they are continuing to charge over 20 per cent .this family owns multiple stores over many states and each store sent Timmy a check . Look at his record for voting and his contribution sheet. Timmy s got you fooled or do you irk for at Knox County, or if you r stepson he will hire you over vetrans

    • Deb McKay says:

      You and Brad you two are like 2 peas in a pod. Check your facts. Burchett has no hiring authority unless its his immediate staff. He had NOTHING to do with hiring his step-son, get over it. You’re stating to sound like one of those whiney Democrats!!

    • Silence Dogwood says:

      And Matlock and his family are donating campaign funds to LaRazza Randy Boyd. (Go to the Knoxville Tea Party FB site and scroll down) That is unsettling to me. Tom H. handled the Ron Ramsey details above and I am settled that Tim was doing the right thing. Tim Burchett has done a great job managing Knox County these past few years. When do we get away from tearing the other candidate down as a method of getting elected? I want to know what Matlock will do to make my District a better place to live and work. The politics of personal destruction in Matlock’s race are normal nowadays but unseemly to me. Not a compelling case to vote for him. But each to their own.

      • Deb McKay says:

        I agree with you wholeheartedly. Just like the Democrats, they will find that one tiny thread in a complete sweater and start pulling at it until it all falls apart. The Veteran (spelled properly) that Bruce speaks of (he has really been hanging with Brad Mayes way too long) that he speaks of had a RED FLAG when they did a background check, and was unable to be hired, or else, he would have. I’m with you on Randy Boyd, I wouldn’t vote for him if he was the only one on the ticket. Matlock speaks of “career politicians” why hasn’t he been a State Representative for several years now? I’d call THAT a career politician.

  • Bob Miles says:

    Why doesn’t Matlock explain why he accepted a big donation from a past President of the TN Democratic Party? Could it be payback since that president hates Burchett because he is a conservative?

  • Bob Fischer says:

    When are these guys going to talk about issues? Or personal integrity?

  • Deb McKay says:

    The one thing I can guarantee you is, Tim would not and will not stoop to the level of making libelous attacks on his “competition” – this tells me that Matlock is running scared, grasping at straws. Digging up some stuff and adding to it to suit his needs, you know, like CNN does? I’ve known Tim for over a decade now, almost two, and I think I know him a lot better than some of you do. Bob Fischer, if you will look up Tim’s ad for television, it speaks volumes about his personal integrity, and the issues he thinks need to be taken care of. And if you want to believe his Ex-Wife (I even choke on mentioning her that way), who wouldn’t know the truth if it stared her in the face, I have a few things on her as well, but I will not go into them here. Anyone who calls me and verbally infers a threat to me, well, let’s just say that was her first and LAST mistake.

    • Bob Fischer says:

      Tim’s pledge to support Trump’s policies surprised me. I always thought his integrity level was higher than that. In the past, he has shown the ethical strength to do his own thinking. I’m extremely disappointed in him, as I cannot, in good conscience, vote for someone who has pledged support to an admitted criminal and liar.

      • Silence Dogood says:

        And Tim believed he had your vote, too. Rats…. Oddly, many, many, MANY, Conservatives, including Matlock, have pledged to support Trumps policies. Can you name a Republican running for office in this state that is not supporting Trumps’s policies?

        • Bob Fischer says:

          That’s irrelevant. Tim is better than that and he, I and everyone that knows him knows that. He doesn’t need to roll around in that hog wallow to get elected.

  • Susan E Gingrich says:

    I was told about this old vote and a lot of other negative things about Tim Burchett by Matlock. He also told me that Mrs. Duncan was helping his campaign, way before the Congressman endorsed him. I spoke with Tim Burchett and he honestly answered all my questions based on what Matlock told me. I’m still waiting for Matlock to answer questions sent to him in January. I have never heard Burchett say a bad word about Matlock, in fact, he told me that Jimmy was a good man. I researched both candidates’ records and factual information before I decided who to support. I do not like TN politics any more than the Swamp’s. Although difficult to find in most politicians, honesty and integrity still matter to many of us. Tim Burchett has both, plus many other conservative leadership qualities he will take to DC.

  • Bruce T Williams says:

    Deb McKay , did you tell Burchett that he lied to you , that Tim Hutchison only had 2 daughters
    What else has he lied to you about. Promised the folks who attend the Powell Senior
    Center if they could get their parking spaces graveled he would have it paved .
    Gravel has been down over a year and they are still parking in mud when it rains.
    He says he stopped a huge tax increase , we’ll guess what only the mayor can ask commission
    For a tax increase , not his chief of staff nor the law director nor any commissioner.
    So maybe he has a split personality. And he convinced the other Tim not to ask
    He thinks that you all are to dumb to understand his BS and he will put on that cathartt
    And say “did I tell you my daddy was a veteran” and all is well with his minions.Think about it

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