Matlock leads Burchett in 2nd Congressional District fundraising

State Rep. Jimmy Matlock of Lenoir City raised and spent more money in his campaign for the Republican nomination in the 2nd Congressional District in the first quarter of 2018 than any other candidate, including Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett, according to disclosure statements filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Aided by another $50,000 personal loan, the Matlock campaign has also built up a higher cash balance than Burchett’s campaign in the race to succeed retiring Republican U.S. Rep. John J. “Jimmy” Duncan Jr.

Here are the basic figures from reports filed by the financial frontrunners in both parties:

Jimmy Matlock, Republican

Contributions: $130,225 180,255 (total for campaign, $342,780)

Loans: $50,000 (total for campaign, $125,000)

Spending: $87,041 (total $157,151)

Closing balance: $312,228

Tim Burchett, Republican

Contributions: $85,587 (total for campaign, $378,647)

Loans: $0

Spending: $54,120 (campaign total $139,937)

Closing balance: $238,821

Jason Emert, Republican

Contributions: $42,129 (campaign total $58,754)

Loans: $50,000 (campaign total $150,000)

Spending: $91,863 (campaign total $92,512)

Closing balance: $116,251

Joshua Williams, Democrat

Contributions: $45,754 (campaign total $103,793)

Loans: $0

Spending: $26,678 (campaign total $78,238)

Closing balance: $25,555

Renee Hoyos, Democrat

Contributions: $34,546 (campaign total $59,523)

Loans: $0

Spending: $34,407 (campaign total $32,407)

Closing balance: $16,833

5 Responses to Matlock leads Burchett in 2nd Congressional District fundraising

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    And Jimmy Matlock has proven himself to be a great conservative in the General Assembly too.

    • Matt James says:

      Yeah…once he started running for Congress. Jimmy-come-lately.

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        Matt, you’ve got the wrong Jimmy Matlock!

        The American Conservative Union has been issuing scores for members of the Tennessee General Assembly since 2013 based on their conservative voting records. The Jimmy Matlock I’m referring to who is running for Congress to replace Jimmy Duncan from Tennessee’s Second District currently has an ACU an average rating of 93% since 2013. Surely, that’s conservative enough to satisfy even the most conservative voter in the Second District.

  • BigRedTrk says:

    Am I correct in seeing that Matlock has BORROWED $125,000 for his campaign, and Burchett has not borrowed one thin dime? Geeeez louise….I’d say the more CONSERVATIVE one here is Burchett!

    • Usual says:

      No, you’re not correct. Matlock has contributed $125,000 of his own money to his campaign. The FEC classifies self-funding as a loan from the candidate to the campaign committee.

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