Legislators file revised medical marijuana bill

Rep. Jeremy Faison (R-Cosby) speaks on the House floor on Jan. 18., 2018 (Photo credit: Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

Rep. Jeremy Faison (R-Cosby) speaks on the House floor on Jan. 18., 2018 (Photo credit: Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

Press release from Senate Republican Caucus

NASHVILLE – State Sen. Steve Dickerson (R-Nashville) and Rep. Jeremy Faison (R-Cosby) today introduced Medical Cannabis Only Act of 2018, legislation that would allow Tennessee patients with specific health conditions access to safe, regulated medical cannabis oil-based manufactured products only.
Dickerson and Faison led the Medical Cannabis Task Force for the Tennessee General Assembly this fall, and the legislation comes as public, bipartisan support for cannabis-based medical treatments is commonplace in Tennessee.

The most recent Vanderbilt University poll shows nearly 80 percent of registered voters in Tennessee at least support doctors having the option to prescribe medical cannabis to patients. Public Chapter 963 became law in 2014 and allows the administration of cannabis oil in clinical studies into intractable seizures.

“Now is the time for the General Assembly to embrace thoughtful, medically responsible legislation to help Tennessee’s sickest residents,” Dickerson said.

Tennessee patients with the certain health conditions would qualify, such as cancer; HIV/AIDS; Hepatitis C; ALS; PTSD; Alzheimer’s Disease; severe arthritis; Inflammatory Bowel Disease, including Chron’s Disease and ulcerative colitis; multiple sclerosis; Parkinson’s Disease; schizophrenia, and those suffering from seizures characteristic of epilepsy, among others.

“Some of our sickest Tennesseans desperately want the freedom to choose what is best for their own health, and they want to be able to make that decision with their doctor,” Faison said. “Now is the time for a safe and healthy alternative to opiates, psychotropics and anti-inflammatories.”

Thirty other states, including Arkansas, Florida and West Virginia, have authorized this type of access, and it is estimated that at least 65,000 Tennesseans would benefit from safe, regulated access to medical cannabis oil-based manufactured products. Currently, there are more than 800 medical cannabis products on the market available to patients in other states but illegal to Tennesseans.

Providing oversight and accountability, the legislation would also create an independent commission composed of doctors, pharmacists, law enforcement officials, educators and patient advocates to regulate and license the industry, including issuing registration cards to qualifying patients.

Funded by license and application fees, the nine-member commission would be appointed by the governor, lieutenant governor and Speaker of the House.

8 Responses to Legislators file revised medical marijuana bill

  • Junelandrum says:

    Hope it is passed this year by ten gen assembly. I know many people that need medical cannabis oil

  • Paul Kuhn says:

    When my late wife was battling cancer, marijuana was the only substance that worked. I hear this story often. I won’t vote for candidates who want to deny patients the help they need.

  • Trey Thomas says:

    Very glad to see this, it will be dramatically helpful to Vets like me who suffer from PTSD and other chronic medical conditions.

  • I suffer with 75% crohns in small and large intestine and 15% ulcerative Colitis, I need this help cause the side affects with pharmacuetical companies scares me and have not been effective as Marijuana. Oils I have not had the opportunity to try. But anything is a good step in the right direction.

  • Barbara N. says:

    After suffering for years with Spinal myelopathy , muscle spasms, chronic neuropathic pain ,diffuse arthritis and a genetic connective tissue disease which results in multiple tendon tears, heart issues and multiple issues and symptoms too numerous to list I have run out of medication options due to severe allergies to many medications and side effects that I can no longer tolerate. Medical cannabis is the only safe medication that effectively controls my pain, doesn’t cause me allergic reactions and debilitating side effects that land me in the emergency room with life threatening issues. The good people of Tennessee deserve safe and legal access to this amazing god given medicine. I am a conservative who believes in the freedom to choose what I know is best for my body. I will no longer vote for a candidate who is against medical cannabis. It is time for the state of Tennessee to do what is right and compassionate for the sick and hurting folks in your state!

  • Toni Corbin says:

    A very restrictive bill ,but the qualifying patient list is fairly inclusive ,it s a small step in the right direction.

  • Please watch this entertaining video of my recent testimony before the Tennessee general assembly medical cannabis task force. In my opinion, a well regulated program will improve our public health for many reasons.


  • Gary Chapman says:

    This needs to happen although I read this morning that Governor Haslam says he won’t change his position. It is absolutely disgusting and, I believe, immoral to deny help to someone when you are in a position to do otherwise. He says it needs more testing. No. He needs to learn how to read the volumes of study which already show conclusive evidence that this treatment can help so many. If they think that we, the voters, are so stupid that we can’t see through their paper-thin arguments, they’ve got a lot to learn. This will pass. Maybe not this year but it’ll happen. We live in a democracy. When 80% of the citizens agree that you are wrong on an issue, guess what?…You’re wrong.

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