Lee up with new TV ad claiming GOP opponents are ‘scared’

Republican Bill Lee’s latest ad says in his latest TV ads that his opponents are are attacking him because they’re scared. Because he’s winning, he says.

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  • Jason Wallflower says:

    He’s in 2nd at the moment. Diane solidly in third, but may finish 4th if Harwell keeps creeping up.

  • Susan Wall says:

    Harwell is going to continue to “creep up”.

  • Silence Dogood says:

    Bill Lee needs to address the transgender bathroom issue in unequivocal terms. East Tennessee conservatives are not voting for a Paul Ryan type conservative. So step up Bill.

  • Jason Wallflower says:

    At the end of the day, Boyd is probably going to win. Lee will finish second and I think Diane and Harwell with battle for third. That’s what all the polling is indicating last few days. TN Journatoday said the last 3 polls done show 1.) Boyd 2.) Lee 3.)Diane and 4.) Harwell. I think Harwell may finish third though because Diane’s negatives have gone through the roof. No coming back from that. I’ve never seen such an amazing collapse in numbers like Diane’s the last couple of months. It’s spectacular.

  • Phil Lassiter says:

    Boyd will win but Lee will tie Black and all the Boyd haters will run to Boyd for his money and influence. Just way it works. Everyone knows I’m right.

  • Lucas Clements says:

    Bill Lee is in first and is going to win.

    • Jason Wallflower says:

      Nope. He’s not. Is he surging? Yes, but it’s hurting Diane Black, not Randy Boyd. All of the polling indicates that. But hey, have a great weekend.

  • Mike S. says:

    Lee and Boyd are tied for first. Black in 3rd and falling. Harwell in 4th but closing on Black fast. Black’s lack of executive experience and her negative campaign have her in panic mode. Lee wins.

    • Jason Wallflower says:

      Nope. In fact, the barrage of hits on Lee from Black primarily, and Boyd to an extent, have in fact severely wounded him. Republicans can tolerate a lot, but financially supporting the Dem nominees for Senate and Governor is another thing entirely.

      In fact, the TN Journal just today reminded everyone that the latest batch of polling shows Commissioner Boyd out front.

      • Mike S. says:

        The logic that Republicans don’t tolerate a businessman who is an outsider giving to Democrats din’t work against Trump. It didn’t bother Black or Boyd when they donated to Democrats. The most reliable polls show the voters don’t care. All polls show Lee still surging which makes perfect sense since the other three are doubling down on their attack ads against Lee. Carry on.

  • James White says:

    At least Lee did NOT vote to give $3.29 BILLION to the World Bank’s International Development Association like Diane Black (and ofcourse Marsha Blackburn) did.

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Boyd out in front? Gambling in Rick’s Café? I’m shocked, shocked. The centrist and cooler tepid conservative Republicans together with Democrats voting in the Republican primary thanks to Harwell following orders from the Republican establishment all ready to vote for Boyd while conservatives argue among themselves over the latest stupid campaign adds as they divide their votes among three candidates as usual.

    Far be it for me to interfere with the fun. Obviously a majority of my fellow conservatives don’t give a damn about winning the primary so they don’t have to face eight more years of the hostile Haslam regime albeit morphed into the Boyd regime. What they want to do is win the intramural argument between themselves as to which particular mediocrity in the trifecta of mediocrity that are the Boyd alternatives is best and will come in second.

    That’s OK. One of these days it will dawn on conservatives that it’s winning the primary election, not the intramural argument that is important, and in order to do that we either need to unify behind one candidate or unify to demand runoffs. Until then we all will continue to be losers. Alexander-Haslam-Corker-now Boyd?

  • benton temple says:

    What’s wrong with Haslam, Stuart? I guess you’re not a fan of the smallest government ever in TN, the lowest unemployment rate ever, the fastest clip of new jobs/recruitment ever, and skyrocketing education improvement scores.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Haslam has an attitude that is hostile to conservative policy preferences regarding “social issues” and he is relatively amenable to the expansion of the state government and the taxes that follow. All too often he and his attorney general have to be pushed, pulled, petitioned, called to follow conservative policy preferences. I happen to think that conservatives, who make up the majority of the Republican Party, don’t have to simply accept that this is the way things have to be.

      It’s the same ole, same ole. In 2010 the conservative vote was split between Ramsey and Wamp who collectively received 51% of the vote while Haslam received 47%. Everyone understood that Haslam was the centrist candidate while Ramsey and Wamp divided the conservative vote. Eight years later we have three candidates two of whom have tepid conservative records (Black & Harwell) and one (Lee) has absolutely no record and little apparent interest in politics but seems like a nice clean cut guy and apparently has hired a very able team of campaign professionals. Boyd is the centrist. Now conservatives seem determined to split their vote three ways, again ignoring the realities of Tennessee’s election system. A few of us are trying to patiently point out to conservatives that we best unify behind the candidate most likely to defeat Boyd before it’s too late. Frankly, reading the responses to articles about the election, I wouldn’t bet on our success.

  • Lucy says:

    Lee will be carried on a wave of rural and faith based voters.

  • Ernest Jones says:

    Did Bill Lee kill his first wife?? I keep hearing this and just want to be sure

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