Lee to host Education Secretary DeVos at Nashville roundtable

Gov. Bill Lee delivers his first State of the State address in Nashville on March 4, 2019. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is coming to Nashville today to join an education forum with Gov. Bill Lee

The Tennessean reports DeVos will attend a roundtable with educators, families, and local officials at Lead Cameron, a charter school. The governor’s office says the visit will highlight school choice benefits as Lee promotes charter schools and school vouchers through so-called education savings accounts.

Lee’s school voucher proposal cleared the House Education Committee last week.

11 Responses to Lee to host Education Secretary DeVos at Nashville roundtable

  • Not Stuart Anderson says:

    An education forum hosted by two officials who know nothing about education. Ah, the poor suffering TN taxpayer takes another inglorious hit to the belly.
    I imagine there will be a thorough discussion of all the evidence that vouchers work. Should take a few minutes at most.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Your devotion to the government public education monopoly is understandable NSA. Why any system that produces ideologues well schooled in liberal virtue signaling is worth clutching for dear life isn’t it? Whether its education or immigration it’s sort of a play on John F. Kennedy’s admonition “Ask not what it does to the country, ask what it does for liberalism.”

      For the rest of us, however, a school system into which turns the $billions the U. S. spends on education into a 14th place finish in reading, 17th place in science and 25TH IN MATH out of the 34 OECD industrialized countries is in need of radical reform. Nothing like the bracing air of competition to bring about that reform as quickly as possible and bless Betsy DeVos who, despite great personal wealth, is ready to suffer the abuse that goes with trying to bring that reform about.

      • Silence Dogood says:

        Nicely said, Stuart. Where else but the government can you receive a “pennies on the dollar” type return and still stay in business? Time for change.

      • James White says:

        Public (Government) education can NOT be Reformed. End it.

        • Silence Dogood says:

          Where will all the children of Welfare drawing families send their children to school, James? I am with you on the intent. The system is broken badly. What does the interface look like? Sell the entire school system and associated buildings to private contractors?

          • James White says:

            Allow the free market to operate. The people would not have to pay taxes for education at the Fed and State level. There would be enough charity to cover the poor, remember there would be no Music, Sports, Arts…. just the basics. It would not cost so much then. Local government? or pools of parents could hire people to teach, find buildings, have Christian schools, Muslim, Catholic, Atheist…
            It ultimately is the parent’s responsibility to see that their kids are educated or not.

          • Eddie White says:

            I agree that the public school system is not “up to snuff” and needs improvement. But the philosophy of throwing out the public school system in favor of something James is describing will not and should not happen. This is the typical every man for himself type of governing. It is survival of the fittest and of course those with the money will take care of themselves. But many will be left out of the opportunity for an education. I think of people like my own late father who was raised on the hillsides of Smith County and would have never had the opportunity to get a college degree if not for Smith County High School. By the way, put me down as appreciating the value of sports to our students, schools, and communities. Basics yes, but our schools can also provide opportunities for other programs that strengthen the character of young people and provides opportunities for personal growth.

          • James White says:

            Eddie, Public education is communistic. Education is not a right, why should anyone be forced to pay for someone else’s education? I am against collectivism and amorality where ever it may be.

          • Eddie White says:

            James, your view of government is very limited and therefore you do not want to spend tax payer dollars on someone else’ education, or really much of anything else. It is very much a Libertarian view of government. I believe in a limited role of government that provides for the common welfare of its citizens. This includes providing an opportunity for an education for all her citizens. That means collectively spending tax dollars to provide that education. Providing an opportunity for all to get an education ( some will chose not to), provides for a better citizenry. The man who knows how to fix our car, or repair our heating unit, or perform a surgery on our heart. It also means spending taxpayer dollars on a county health department that provides vaccines to combat the spread of disease and possibly save my life or my family’s life. It means proving good roads so I can take a trip to visit family or conduct business Surely even the Libertarian’s would not make each citizen build their own road as they go! So we can debate the question of “how” to educate, but thankfully we are no longer debating the”if” we should educate.

          • James White says:

            I am not a Libertarian. I believe the Federal government should follow the constitution, it LIMITS the government. I believe in limited government. The general welfare statement does not give the federal government permission to do anything and everything for the people. If it did then the specific items listed would be meaningless. The whole purpose of the U.S. Constitution is to LIMIT Federal Government.
            No where does it even mention Education, thus according to the Constitution, they have no authority period.

  • Linda Caldwell says:

    This is insulting.

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