Lee raises pay for 15 members of Cabinet

Republican Gov. Bill Lee is largely paying the members of his Cabinet similarly to predecessor Bill Haslam, but 15 department heads will receive a salary bump compared with the last administration.

The AP’s Kimberlee Kruesi reports that TennCare Commissioner Gabe Roberts is the highest-paid of Lee’s top advisers at $300,000 per year. He and the next seven highest paid commissioners will make the same amount their counterparts did under Haslam.

The next 15 Cabinet members will receive $161,905 per year, an increase of between 2% and 6% from the last administration.

5 Responses to Lee raises pay for 15 members of Cabinet

  • June landrum says:

    Is this person worth $300,000 per yr? I suppose he is from somewhere else and not from Tennessee. Shame on you. Don’t think anyone should receive that much. We are a poor state. Some cannot buy ten care meds

    • Susan says:

      TnCare is a 12 BILLION dollar budget item. That’s 1/3 of the entire state budget. If TnCare is poorly managed it could be a financial disaster for the state. I think we ought to be willing to pay what ever the market rate is for someone competent enough to manage it–I suspect compared to similar levels of responsibility in private industry $300K is a deal.

  • Not Stuart Anderson says:

    As a valued state employee, I now expect the Governor to budget for a salary increase for all state employees with abover-average evaluations of between 2% and 6%. Anything else would be unfair.

  • Cannoneer2 says:

    Absolutely disgusting. This gravy train has been rolling along quite happily for the nearly 30 years that I have paid attention. The first thing an incoming Governor does is jack up the salaries of Commissioners and Governor’s staff. Republicans and Democrats alike, same crap, different Party. We have the 3rd highest paid Governor in the nation. We have the highest paid Secretary of State in the nation, whose salary outpaces the second place officeholder by some $30,000. We also have the highest paid Attorney General in the nation. Many other officials’ salaries are in the top ten when compared with other states. Meanwhile, the accountants, engineers, and other employees who actually run state government have salaries that rank in the mid forties among states. STEM employees’ salaries consistently lag behind private industry by some 30-40 percent. That doesn’t stop hit pieces like the one over at Tennessee Star that whined about how much government employees make. They won’t utter a peep about this news. And the gravy train for the elite politicians will keep rolling….

  • David Collins says:

    Why is he handing out raises? He already said that government cannot solve anything, so why give raises to people that, by his own statements, can’t solve anything. Makes no sense.

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