Lee mailer: ‘Good thing he’s a master plumber’

Bill Lee’s latest campaign mailer says his Republican opponents are throwing the “kitchen sink” at him. The mailer’s retort: “Good thing he’s a master plumber.” The piece then goes on to list Lee’s bona fides as they relate to guns, abortion, and sanctuary cities.

Feels like somehow they missed an opportunity to say something about how he’s uniquely qualified to unclog the drain of the Nashville swamp…

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  • James White says:

    Speaking of swaps, Deep State Diane is going down the pipes!

  • Lance Persson says:

    Thank you for a positive posting about a positive candidate.

    BILL LEE provides Tennessee voters the opportunity to elect a person who has no political IOUs, has integrity and is willing to consider different solutions to address the problems and challenges within our state. He has clearly demonstrated, both within his company and in his campaign, that he has the leadership skills to communicate with people and to get things done. The saying that it takes a master plumber to help drain the Tennessee swamp is very appropriate.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      And you are able to prognosticate all this from a candidate who not only has never held public office, but has never uttered a word in public about any political issue whatsoever that gave even a hint that has any interest in politics before deciding that it would fun to be governor. Of course, he should be given credit for hiring a very capable group of campaign professionals because once deciding to run for governor Bill Lee hired what are obviously very skilled individuals.

      No question about it, Bill Lee is being directed by the best that money can buy. I only wish I had any rational reason to have any confidence in Bill as governor after they leave town.

      • MarLE says:

        Stuart…the 2 Black ads clogging the airway suggest that the firing of a vet tells us about Lee’s “attitude about our military vets” and that his lack of definitive position on the “bathroom bill” tells us he wants to put our daughters in danger. Do you 1) agree with my characterization of what the ads say? and 2) agree that they represent Bill Lee’s feelings on either of these issues?

        • Stuart I. Anderson says:

          Sorry MarLE I don’t pay any attention to campaign adds and I have never chosen a candidate based on those adds. The adds say more about the campaign handlers hired by the candidate than the candidate, and if it will make you feel any better I think Lee’s handlers are more skillful than Diane’s.

          I do disagree with Lee regarding those who want to turn our society upside down in order to accommodate those with a mental disorder regarding their gender. To be disinterested in helping school boards and local communities while they are under attack by the well funded ACLU and homosexual interest groups does not show a conservative determination to resist radical cultural Marxists who want to radically change this society . I fear Lee suffers from a congenital “bleeding heart” that will lead to his being a more liberal governor than his conservative supporters want to believe.

          Please stop watching stupid campaign adds MarLE, they’re only for low information voters and you are too well informed to have to subject yourself to their nonsense. Diane has a long tepid conservative political record and Lee has no political record. We’re supposed to be choosing an individual for the top political job in this state. CASE CLOSED! Vote Diane Black!

          • MarLE says:

            I don’t watch “live TV” so I don’t SEE any ads. But they creep onto my radio feed and it is not worth racing across the house to change the channel; so I HEAR them. And if you think I am well informed (and I certainly am) then you would understand why I cannot possibly do as instructed.

          • Benny says:

            Good you can go help her pack her things up on Thursday in the early evening as she will not be needing Campaign materials any longer DC Diane is done

      • FuzzyBagels says:

        The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results.

        Insanity would be voting for Diane Black again and expecting conservative policies. Diane Black’s Heritage Action score is 86%, tied with Marsha Blackburn BEHIND Jimmy Duncan and Scott DesJarlais at 94% and David Kustoff at 88%. It gets even worse when looking at the Conservative Review Liberty Score, where Diane is in fourth place with a D rating score of 69%, again BEHIND Scott DesJarlais, Jimmy Duncan and Marsha Blackburn all with Bs at 87%, 86% and 80% respectively.

        A question no one seems to be able to answer is if Diane Black is so conservative, why is she not a member of the House Freedom Caucus? How conservative was it to vote for the 2019 budget that carries a nearly $1 Trillion deficit? Just how conservative is it for Diane to run for governor while she’s supposed to be representing the people of the 6th Congressional District in DC? Just how conservative is it to try to destroy opponents, both past and present – not on the issues, but personally? Perhaps when you’ve loaned your campaign $12 million for a job that pays about $200K a year, it is personal.

        Diane Black has been getting a pass on these and more questions about her “conservative credentials.” Her record speaks for itself. And, it’s NOT conservative.

        • Stuart I. Anderson says:

          Diane is not running against Marsha Blackburn, Jimmy Duncan, and Scott DesJarlais. She is running against Randy! Boyd whose entire political career has been spent on the centrist end of the Republican Party and who has a soft spot for Tennessee throwing out the welcome matt for illegal aliens, Bill Lee who is the complete No Record Candidate who woke up one morning and decided it would be fun to be governor so wants to buy the office for himself, and Beth Harwell who is simply not going to win and has shown conservatives no reason why she should win. Every election should be evaluated on its own and in this field Diane has the most impressive conservative record – best house in a mediocre neighborhood so to speak.

          • MarLE says:

            “Bill Lee who is the complete No Record Candidate who woke up one morning and decided it would be fun to be governor”……Just how do you know this, Stuart? Woke up one morning, eh? Though it would be fun? So clever, so clairvoyant! Thurs can’t come soon enough.

          • FuzzyBagels says:

            The point is Diane Black does NOT have a conservative record. If she did, she would have the most conservative score as compared to her peers. Clearly, Diane being in 3rd or 4th place, she is not. So, how then does she earn the description of conservative?

            And, we haven’t even begun discussing how Diane is not only seated on two of the most important U.S. House committees, but is chair of one of them.

            That, in itself, is its own SWAMP story.

        • MarLE says:

          You have to be Invited to be part of the Freedom Caucus and I don’t think Diane was asked. Secondly, when Trump calls the bill to give amnesty to DACA , a “Bill of Love” you would be expected to push back on that IF you were in the Freedom Caucus. Diane has never said a critical word that I recall about anything that Trump has said or done.

          • MarLE says:

            She wouldn’t be very helpful to the Freedom Caucus…..they have enough of an uphill climb without carrying dead weight.

          • FuzzyBagels says:

            MarLE, Understand completely your points. You get it. 🙂 Stuart, unfortunately, does not.

  • Bev Burger says:

    “they missed an opportunity to say something about how he’s uniquely qualified to unclog the drain of the Nashville swamp.”
    Oh no worries there. That is plainly understood, loud and clear. . That’s a given.

  • Lin Clerk says:

    Mr. Lee seems to be a nice man. I have spent a lot of time in Nashville during the past two years. Mr. Boyd is also a nice man and a successful entrepreneur. The difference is that he has worked (for no salary) within the state government to witness and understand how to work around the barriers to those good ideas. It is a swamp and having experience in dealing with the creatures in the swamp is valuable. I want someone who is fully equipped to get to work quickly. Mr. Lee will have too much of a learning curve to get started right away.

  • Phil Lassiter says:

    Lance please don’t endorse him too much. You’re not well liked in the Upper Cumberland. Best to keep your mouth shut so he has a chance. You don’t and you’re just trying to win on his coattails. Please, for the rest of us don’t give Diane a boost. Please. Seriously.

  • Donna Locke says:

    Remember, Bill, left is loose, right is tight.

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