Lee campaign staffs up for general election

A release from Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee:

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – Tennessee Republican Gubernatorial Nominee Bill Lee announced four new hires to his campaign team today including Laine Arnold, Julie Hannah, Kim Kaegi, and Joseph Williams as the campaign expands communications, fundraising, and grassroots operations for the General Election.

“We are thrilled to have all of these talented individuals join the team,” said Campaign Manager Chris Devaney. “We are building on the momentum from our victory in the primary and with these staff additions, we will have the resources and team that will has Bill poised to win convincingly in November.”

The Lee Campaign named Laine Arnold as Press Secretary. Previously, Arnold served as the Press Secretary for the Randy Boyd for Governor campaign and the Communications Director for Battle Ground Academy in Franklin. Arnold will manage day-to-day media relations for the campaign.

In addition to coalition development, Bill’s campaign conducted an expansive and aggressive grassroots campaign in the primary election and to expand on those efforts in the General Election, Julie Hannah, former Chairman of the Williamson County Republican Party, is returning to assist in volunteer operations as the Special Projects & Grassroots Coordinator.

Longtime Republican fundraiser Kim Kaegi joins the campaign as a fundraising consultant who brings 30 years of statewide fundraising experience to the team. Kaegi has led successful fundraising efforts for multiple campaigns, including both Gov. Bill Haslam’s campaign and re-election bid.

Coming off his impressive campaign for State House District 56 this year, constitutional lawyer, former educator with Teach for America, and education advocate Joseph Williams is joining the campaign as the Director of Coalitions. Williams will lead coalition-building efforts and expand on Bill’s already existing coalitions on issues such as veterans, business leaders and political leaders.

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  • Misty Pardner says:

    Lee needs to know who is in his campaign and who their associates are. Hannah is close friends with Jeremy Durham. He helped in her recent bid in Williamson County, I think it was Register of Deeds race. I hear that Lee’s wife and Hannah are good friends and probably the reason she is on the team.

  • Misty Pardner says:

    Thanks to the Tennessean for connecting the dots. If anyone in Lee’s campaign sees this you should inform him. Maybe he already knows and is okay with it. I guess we will see if he is elected by who he puts in his administration. Durham might get back to the Capitol after all.


  • Joe Carr says:

    Bill Lee with all of these hire(s) is showing that he is taking his campaign to the next level. Those of us in the conservative wing of the Republican Party are not particularly thrilled with the Kaegi hire, but we do we understand why he did it. Bill Lee mostly financed his own campaign and he needs the skills of a top shelf fundraiser. As for the other hires; they are all just fine with the exception of Julie Hannah. Julie Hannah is outstanding. Julie Hannah has a long and skillful history in event planning event planning, grassroots development and communications, I know because I have worked with her. This isn’t a secret Republicans in Middle Tennessee already know this. One major correction unlike the other new hires, Julie has been with the Lee Campaign since the very beginning. Finally, who gives a rats ass about Jeremy Durham in this campaign, it’s irrelevant.

  • Julie Hannah was the very FIRST PERSON HIRED for the Bill Lee Campaign Staff, back in April 2017 because she IS REPUBLICAN grassroots statewide, having served with distinction as Williamson County Republican Party Chairman as well as starting and growing her own small businesses successfully, all while raising twin boys by herself. I personally have worked with Julie since June 2017 when I joined the Bill Lee campaign and representing Bill and his campaign in over half of our 95 Tennessee Counties.

    Julie Hannah is friends with EVERYONE THAT KNOWS HER, an incredible leader and manager that Bill and Maria recognized early on and brought her on Staff to manage statewide grassroots efforts. I would say Bill’s landslide Primary victory vindicates hiring of Julie Hannah, regardless of her countless friends she has known for decades in Williamson County that she will not abandon under any circumstances.

    That is true Tennessee values, character and integrity. It speaks volumes about Julie AND Bill and Maria Lee to allow her to take a leave of absence from the Lee campaign for a few months to pursue her desire to serve as Register of Deeds in Williamson County, then bring her back to the campaign after that special election.

    Julie Hannah is a special blessing to all who know her, period. I know her and work with her.

  • June landrum says:

    What happened with julie’s register of deeds election? We in east tn want to know. Thanks!

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