Lee Beaman endorses Diane Black

Conservative auto dealer Lee Beaman is endorsing U.S. Rep. Diane Black’s Republican bid for governor.

“There is only one true conservative in the race and her name is Diane Black,” Beaman said in a release. “Diane will fight to protect and defend out Tennessee values. She will be an advocate for Tennessee businesses of all sizes, and she will always fight for families and the unborn. With Diane leading the way, we can become the most business friendly state in the nation while keeping our values intact.”

Black said cited Beaman’s role in fighting public transit proposals in Nashville as a sign that “when he gets behind something, everyone better move out of the way. He is a stalwart fighter for the conservative cause who never waivers in his conviction.”
Campaign finance records show Beaman gave Black’s campaign $8,000 on July 19.

13 Responses to Lee Beaman endorses Diane Black

  • Leslie Parsley says:

    This guy is no conservative and neither is she. Both are blind as bats.

  • Victor F. Andrews says:

    I respect Lee Beaman greatly. I just happen to disagree that Black is the best candidate for Governor of Tennessee. But, more importantly, I strongly disagree with Leslie above. The facts do not bear her statement out! Lee Beaman is a strong conservative, unafraid to take a stand on key issues…..when most large businessmen/woman are hiding behind the issues, protecting their ‘fiefdom’ Lee is out front. I really appreciate that. Most large business owners were quick to support “Haslam’s Boy” La Raza Randy. They jumped on board that ‘Titanic’ very early, way out in front of the people of Tennessee, all given, La Raza Randy’s heavy support from ‘business over principles’ Chamber of Commerce members. I’m supporting Bill Lee, a man of super integrity, not a politician, but above ALL I’m in the “ABR” (anybody but randy) camp. Now that’s something ALL real conservatives can agree on!

  • Eddie White says:

    What is your definition of a conservative?

  • Christina Norris says:

    They’re both very wealthy people dedicated to protecting and promoting the intents of rich people. They have no interest in helping poor children or the elderly, supporting and improving public education, or protecting the middle class. They’d both be happy to end Medicare and Social Security tomorrow. When did ‘our Tennessee values’ become helping the rich get richer?

  • Christina Norris says:

    Interests of rich people — not ‘intents.’

  • R. Sanders says:

    I will spread far and wide this endorsement and encourage a boycott of Beaman.

    • MarLE says:

      Hope you won’t demonize or boycott Beaman for his endorsement. Businessmen should have the right to speak their mind, separate and apart from their businesses. He employs a lot of people who also have their political opinions which they can share, in public if they choose, and hopefully without repercussions to the organization or themselves. Unless you believe the candidate he is supporting will do harm to our state, then why boycott someone’s business simply because he has express his point of view? BTW…..I Would boycott any product or service being offered by Pelosi, Schumer, orObama!

  • James Williams says:

    Why does anyone care what a car salesman thinks about politics??

  • MarLE says:

    He is not a car salesman. If he were the Tax Bill, helped in passage by Diane, would not have given him nearly the relief he has gotten as a corporate OWNER. Diane helped take his rate from 35% to 21%; a 40+ percent drop! He should be most grateful to Diane and if past is prologue, perhaps he will continue to be cheered by tax legislation championed at the state level.

  • Misty Pardner says:

    Beaman, is not that the dealership where Judd Matheny bought a car with campaign money?

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