Lee and McNally weigh in on Casada text message scandal

Senate Speaker Randy McNally (R-Oak Ridge), center, attends an economic development announcement in Nashville. At left is Gov. Bill Lee and on the far right is House Speaker Glen Casada (R-Franklin). (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal).

Republican Gov. Bill Lee and Senate Speaker Randy McNally (R-Oak Ridge) have issued statements on the text message scandal surrounding House Speaker Glen Casada (R-Franklin).

Here’s what Lee had to say:

When we choose to enter public service, we have an obligation to hold ourselves to a higher standard and cultivate an environment of professionalism and respect. We owe it to Tennesseans to ensure they know that all of us in elected office hold ourselves to that high standard. Recent revelations have shaken that faith, and we need to ensure that confidence is fully restored.

And here’s McNally:

Senate leadership and I are greatly disappointed by the inappropriate actions and attitudes revealed in recent news reports. Every person who interacts with the state legislature should be treated with the utmost respect. It is deeply troubling that some have fallen short of this standard. Tennesseans expect and deserve better from those who serve the public trust. Senate leadership is united in our commitment that members and staff continue to uphold the standard Tennesseans demand of their public officials.

17 Responses to Lee and McNally weigh in on Casada text message scandal

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    WHERE’S THE TALL GRASS!!!! Please somebody show the Republican leadership the way to the tall grass. The heck with elephants, a much better symbol of today’s Republican Party would be a field of tall grass.

    • Lenny says:

      Sorry your hero is a zero. We’ve known Creepy Casada is a creep for a long time. Don’t you remember the video of him at Bar Louie? Don’t you remember those girls he was getting drunk and massaging?

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        As I recall that photo was doctored to make it appear that Glen was with those women when he was actually in a couple type of situation. In any case, I DON’T CARE, indeed at worst it’s reassuring that Glen is a normal heterosexual male. Truth be told, I really don’t care that much about that.

        What I do care about is that Glen as Speaker of the House is providing the leadership that has the House moving in a much more conservative direction. That’s what really counts, you know that and so does everybody else who is politically informed. That’s why a cabal of tepid conservatives centrists and liberals are so anxious to ride this tempest in a teapot as far as they can.

  • Lenny says:

    This isn’t new. We saw the videos of Creepy Casada massaging those girls thighs at the bars years ago.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Thanks to Lenny I just saw the video you were referring to for the first time and far from being “Creepy” I find Glen’s behavior entirely acceptable and frankly unexceptional. He was obviously with a group from the legislature who he worked with and they obviously had become very friendly as so many co-workers often do and the fact that at least one attractive lady and liquor was involved did not stand in the way of the participants having a good time.

      Again, this is a “gotcha nothingburger” and if Glen was a Democrat or centrist Republican moving the legislature left it would not see the light of day. Of course, Glen is a solid conservative Republican moving the House to the right so nothingburgers become an occasion for a media feast.

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Frankly, all this would be of some use for the State of Tennessee if the centrists and liberals would spend all of their time muttering about this tempest in a teapot in lieu of coming up with yet more ways to inflict harm on this state. The only problem is that so many Republican officeholders are nothing more than craven, feckless placeholders who have never needed a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing.

  • Christina Norris says:

    Remember when Republicans ran on the theme of ‘character counts.’ So laughable now at both the State and national level. Even the Wall Street Journal says that character will be an area of vulnerability for Republicans in the next Presidential election because Trump engages is such ‘frequent casual dishonesty.’

  • James White says:

    Megalomaniacs rarely give up their power even when they become corrupt. Especially in the Tennessee Legislature.

  • Norma Shirk says:

    Totally underwhelmed by the Republican leadership’s response to a senior party member revealing himself to be a racist, sexist, misogynistic piece of trash. Sleaze rules in the State of Tennessee.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      And identity politics rules the Democratic Party because other than laughable left-wing policies that appeal to only a leftist fringe of the electorate have nothing to offer the American people.

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  • Lenny says:

    Stuart has a point about sex scandals being worse for Republicans. Hypocrisy is what makes it worse for them. It’s worse for Democrats when there are financial crimes or racism because of hypocrisy.

    At least it used to be this way. Now Trump grabs them by the whatever and Bernie is assuming all black people are poor and they’d be fine if they just wrote a best selling book. Casada will be fine because no one is held to a higher standard anymore.

  • Phil Lassiter says:

    Any bets on the source? Not really, of course. I’d hate the State to come after me for premature online gaming in order to distract from the Speaker scandal. No-I am not paranoid. Just a realist. I think I know the source and I bet it might be a former Legislator? Thoughts?

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