A WashPost reviewer didn’t like a book likening Trumpism to a cult. Fake news, says TN lawmaker

Rep. Micah Van Huss (R-Jonesborough), standing,, confers with colleagues as they await Gov. Bill Lee arrival for his second State of the State address in Nashville on Feb. 3, 2020. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

The Washington Post is fake news, according to a resolution sponsored by Rep. Micah Van Huss. The Jonesborough Republican wants to condemn the paper for an Oct. 3, 2019, article which purportedly “suggested that Trumpism is cult-like.”

The article in question appears to be a review written by Marc Fisher in the Post’s opinion section of a book titled The Cult of Trump, by Steven Hassan, a former member of Sun Myun Moon’s Unification Church.

Fisher in his review takes serious issue with Hassan’s premise, arguing that the word cult “turns out not to be a very useful guide to the nature of charismatic leaders.” Fisher goes on to say:

The search for evidence that the president has some unnatural hold on his supporters can feel too much like an effort to bash them.

So in conclusion, Van Huss wants to label The Washington Post fake news because a reviewer didn’t like the central thesis of a book likening Trump to a cultist.

So where does that leave Van Huss?

16 Responses to A WashPost reviewer didn’t like a book likening Trumpism to a cult. Fake news, says TN lawmaker

  • Tom says:

    What a waste of time

    • John says:

      Have you noticed how the morbidly obese always stick together? Look at those two fatties he’s talking to. I bet they think wide load Trump is the most athletic man in the world. It’s a cult.

      It looks like they get their fashion advice from Trump, too. Who wears expandable waist khaki Dockers to the State of the State? Also, that long red tie isn’t hiding your fat gut.

      • John says:

        Baldy doesn’t wear a suit either. And who knows what sharkskin suit leatherface emphysema is wearing there? It looks like he’s laughing so hard he’s peeing his Pull-Ups.

        It’s the State of the State. No class, morbidly obese white trash, 10 cent millionaires right there.

  • TR says:

    Van Huss is clearly trolling here. 99.9% of Tennesseans have no clue who he is or care about his idiotic resolution, but the media hates it. He’ll get his name mentioned in some news stories and the MAGA rubes he represents will think he’s in Nashville fighting the radical libs and the fake news media.

  • David Collins says:

    What do you bet that Van Huss considers himself a “constitutionalist” yet he apparently has no use for the freedom of speech portion of that document. Odds are that he has never even read the Constitution. I am sure his inane resolution has the good folks at the Washington Post quaking in their boots.

  • Norma Shirk says:

    I guess he’s so busy defending the Constitution, he hasn’t had a chance to actually read it and comprehend what it means. Worst of all – our tax dollars pay for this brown-nosing gas bag to waste everyone’s time spewing anti-American trash like this.

  • James White says:

    Tom is right, a waste of Time and Money. Stop it. Stop it Now !

  • Bob Lamb says:

    Who elects these idiots

    • James White says:

      The quote below can be applied to state governments also.
      How an individual in the Congress, House or Senate,
      may vote will depend upon the people back home, the
      individuals that sent that individual to Washington. In
      the final analysis, Joseph de Maistre will be proven right,
      that we will get the kind of government we deserve.
      — Congressman Lawrence P. McDonald, April 1983

  • Mary says:

    This is absurd. Van Huss is making a mountain out of a mole hill .. and the wrong mole hill, at that. If he doesn’t like a WAPO reviewer disagreeing with the book author’s contention that Trump is a cultist, does that mean Van Huss thinks he’s a cultist? Sheesh.

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  • LeeAnn C. says:

    Silly! Apparently, the session is too long. Mr. Van Huss has too much time on his hands!

  • Chris says:

    Let’s not forget that Rep Van Huss cited an article he found in the Onion while debating a bill last year.

  • Kristopher W Kerr says:

    “Fake News” says the fake legislature. The entire republican party is a disgrace to this state.

  • Misty Pardner says:

    So where does that leave Van Huss? Right where he deserves to be. Looking like the chump he is. He will be receiving a copy of this book as a gift from those of us that expect better from our Representatives.

  • James White says:

    I see that Stuart’s favorite NEOCON Pro Military Senator Blackburn voted to keep US in wars and more wars in the middle east by letting the President send troops anywhere anytime.
    Here is a list of the Good 8 Republicans that voted to STOP continual war: Alexander (R-TN), Cassidy (R-LA), Collins (R-ME), Lee (R-UT), Moran (R-KS), Murkowski (R-AK), Paul (R-KY), Young (R-IN).

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