Last GOP debate of gubernatorial primary canceled

Tennessee gubernatorial candidates talk education during SCORE event at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, January 23, 2018. (Photo credit: Belmont University)

The final televised debate of the Republican gubernatorial primary has been canceled after a spate of candidates dropped out.

First, Knoxville businessman Randy Boyd declared that he had a scheduling conflict would prevent him from attending. Then state House Speaker Beth Harwell said she wouldn’t attend if Boyd didn’t. Then U.S. Rep. Diane Black said she wasn’t going. Franklin businessman Bill Lee said he’d go to the Knoxville debate site no matter its fate, and now plans to hold a town hall nearby on Sunday.


6 Responses to Last GOP debate of gubernatorial primary canceled

  • Brenda Palmer says:

    If you don’t speak, you do not risk a misspeak.

  • Donna Locke says:

    All of them should be required to show up for two debates.

  • Lance Persson says:

    Could it be that the other candidates do not want voters to see why BILL LEE is the one to vote for? He is the only one who fully committed to attend the debates.

  • Phil Lassiter says:

    Thanks exactly what it is. Lee is surging and taking scalps fast. The others see that every time there is a side by side comparison, Lee comes out on top hands downs .

  • Kay White says:

    I volunteered to debate but it was a joke! The Debate was only a Forum! I did ask to be included but in this state, I have been made to realize that one has to have money to be in an elected office and I was told that I had to show that I have one million dollars to be in the “Fake Debate” and that is what they were! I would love to have asked both men if they are members of PNAE because this is an elite club formed because of Bloomberg in New York for Leaders and Mayors to persuade our state and other states to support Immigrants and to get our Legislation to approve funding for education for these illegal immigrant’s children. I am not for this. None of the women running for Governor are members of the group but both men are. It seems that Bill Lee, as nice as he is, has been a member for some time and given them over $25,000. This may not mean much to you who are reading but this is the first step toward “Regionalization” and will lead us more smoothly into “ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT” which will never work! I do not like Regionalization and neither should the Mayors of all of the 95 counties because this will put 5-6 counties together under one Mayor who will have more authority! I am older and can see our liberty slipping away. I hear you people complaining but see you and hear your words about who you want as Governor and it is indicative of wanting someone who has NEVER worked to help our state recruit and elect other candidates to carry our torch. Giving money is easy if you have it but actually getting out, door to door and speaking for our values is another! I have done the hard work and I am unselfish enough that I have worked to promote “others” while the other candidates have only “worked” for themselves! It is the choice of the voters and if they make the wrong choice – the results will be devastating to our state. Following Bloomberg? Really?!!! Not me for sure!

  • charles payne says:

    If DC Diane,LaRaza Randy & Wallflower Beth don’t feel it important enough to stand before the voting public and take some heat,what makes anyone think they would do so as governor? Very Haslam like if you ask me-far above and beyond the people that pay the freight.At least Lee has the decency to show up,and for that ,i’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

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