Knoxville News Sentinel endorses Boyd

Republican gubernatorial candidate Randy Boyd speaks to reporters in Belle Meade on July 25, 2018. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

Randy Boyd has been endorsed by his hometown newspaper, the Knoxville News Sentinel.

The newspaper praises the Knoxville businessman for his “full-blown, thoughtful platform addressing jobs, education, health care and rural development.”

“But he wasn’t about to be torpedoed by more-conservative-than-thou demagoguery,” the paper editorialized. “When U.S. Rep. Diane Black came out with an attack ad questioning his conservative credentials, he fired back.”

The Boyd endorsements comes after the conservative side of the Chattanooga Times Free Press’ opinion pages endorsed Bill Lee in the Republican gubernatorial primary.

13 Responses to Knoxville News Sentinel endorses Boyd

  • Jason Wallflower says:

    Good for Boyd. He’s holding steady right now and this should be a good boost in East TN. Polling the last couple of days is showing Diane ticking back up in Middle TN and Lee is flatlining. The stuff about transgender bathrooms and his contributions to dems is taking the shine off. Should be an interesting finish, but at the moment, Boyd is still leading.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Jason, where do you get your up to date information about polling?

      • MarLE says:

        Stuart…..where do you want the born-female/birth certificate female who, after yrs of hormone therapy and breast surgery, now appears as a full-bearded, burly, muscular, 18 year old Male? You want “her” showering with the cheerleaders as a high school senior or using the Women’s bathroom? I have asked many Diane supporters and read her quoted statements on ‘the issue” but the answer to this question, in practical terms, has not been answered.

        • Stuart I. Anderson says:

          I always get annoyed at people who can’t or don’t want to answer hypotheticals when they start arguing with the hypotheticals. I don’t have an easy answer to your hypothetical. After having admitted that, I wonder how realistic your hypothetical is. Does the female to male transformation produce that type of radical transformation of school age children in real life? Usually the problems arise with people THINKING they are a one gender when in actuality they are another. In that case the answer is easier. These people are mentally disturbed and should be treated as such.

          As a general proposition I am against turning society upside down in order to make believe that deviant individuals and/or individuals with a mental abnormality are normal. Boyd is most the most liberal candidate in the Republican primary so he would be sympathetic to norming aberrant individuals because of his ideology. Lee is an enigma because he’s the No Record Candidate, but he seems to be a bleeding heart type and his responses to “bathroom questions” don’t instill much confidence that he would resist pressure to norm the aberrant. Harwell has shown herself to be a tall grass dweller whenever the canons of controversy sound. Once again, of all the candidates Diane Black has shown herself to have the combination of firmness and conservative ideology that causes me to have most confidence in her to resist the call for the politically correct answer.

          • Tennessee Jed says:

            Stuart, the difference is pretty remarkable once they have transitioned. Don’t understand people who feel the need to do it. But from what I understand, they have been going to the opposite bathroom for years with no problem. Wasn’t a problem before. I guess a lot choose to use the one that conforms with whatever gender they appear to be to the outside world.

            Maybe it’s just the more libertarian streak in me. But if you aren’t messing with someone else’s life, liberty or property, I really have a hard time caring.

          • James White says:

            So the POLL will determine whom Stuart votes for.

        • Donna Locke says:

          The transgendered should be in the facilities of the gender with which they identify — during and after physical adjustment. I really think there are more than two genders — some people are really a blend without much or any predominance, no matter what tack their physical bodies took during formatuion. But even that category doesn’t cover it all.

          Polarity is complicated.

          Being forced to use a separate restroom is not the solution. This is isolating and damaging.

          We have to work through this.

          • Donna Locke says:


          • MarLE says:

            That is NOT what Diane Black has said. She said that God created male and female and you should go to the bathroom/locker room that conforms to your birth identity. Many of these folks even without the “complete” gender change have their birth certificate amended to the reflect the gender that they Look like and Identify with 24/7 in their daily life. HOWever from the so-called news outlet that bashes Lee to Diane’s endorsers, to Diane herself this is very Black and White. Apparently Lee sees that this has some serious Practical ramifications and wants to study the issue more leaving it to local communities to decide. BUT the Diane supporters are having none of that.

    • Eddie White says:

      The more comments I read on this issue, the more I am inclined to vote for Diane Black.

  • Phil Lassiter says:

    Of course they do! Their former editor was Haslam’s future biographer!! Duh!

  • Bob Fischer says:

    Wow! Imaginary issues for those that don’t understand how government works.

  • Kathy Raper says:

    Diane Black is just as bigoted as the rest of the right-wing zealots of the Republican party. It is NOT our place to judge transgender people or any people because of their skin color. The Repubs have a long way to go…

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