Mayor Jacobs says Knox County to remain in refugee program

Gov. Bill Lee, right, and Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs meet at the state Capitol in Nashville on Feb. 4, 2019. (Photo: Gov. Bill Lee’s office)

Glenn Jacobs, the libertarian Knox County mayor best known for his role as WWE star Kane, is joining Republican Gov. Bill Lee in giving consent to the remain open to the federal refugee resettlement program.

“I have found, overwhelmingly, the people in this program come here to be contributors to society, to breathe the air of the greatest nation on the planet as free men and women,” Jacobs said in a statement.

Jacobs said 99 refugees were resettled in Knox County in 2018.

Here’s the full release from Jacobs’ office:

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.—Today Governor Bill Lee announced his consent to initial refugee resettlement in Tennessee in response to Executive Order 13888 issued by President Donald J. Trump in September. This Executive Order requires consent from both local and state governments to allow refugee resettlement.

Gov. Lee said, “The United States and Tennessee have always been, since the very founding of our nation, a shining beacon of freedom and opportunity for the persecuted and oppressed, particularly those suffering religious persecution.” He also expressed his consent to working with President Trump and his administration to responsibly resettle refugees.

A refugee is a person who has fled their country of origin specifically because of past persecution or a fear of future persecution based upon race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group. A refugee does not include a person who has left their home country solely to seek a more prosperous life here.

Knox County has been welcoming refugees through Bridge Refugee Services since 1982. Ninety-nine refugees were resettled in Knox County in fiscal year 2018.

Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs said, “I have found, overwhelmingly, the people in this program come here to be contributors to society, to breathe the air of the greatest nation on the planet as free men and women. Some of them have already been in service to our nation by working with our military in places like Iraq and Syria.”

Yassin Terou relocated to Knoxville from Syria in 2011 but spoke no English and could find no work. He began selling homemade falafel sandwiches and juices at the local mosque. He would sell out every week, making no money, but happy to be working. With the help of Nadeem Saddiqi, an imam at the mosque and a Knoxville native, he found a restaurant space downtown and Yassin’s Falafel House was born. Yassin’s gained national recognition being named Reader’s Digest’s Nicest Place in America in October 2018.

“We could all learn something from Yassin’s motto: welcome all sizes, all colors, all ages, all sexes, all cultures, all religions, all types, all beliefs, all people. Yassin is a perfect example of how communities like ours can benefit from supporting refugee resettlement and serving as a beacon for the American dream. I strongly agree with Governor Lee’s decision and thank him for his leadership on this issue,” Jacobs continued.

50 Responses to Mayor Jacobs says Knox County to remain in refugee program

  • John says:

    Ah, remember when Bill Lee shook down a state trooper to get a picture of Karl Dean eating falafels? Maybe this is all a guilt trip.

  • Beatrice Shaw says:

    These are some great humanitarians!! This is another great score for a Republican Governor!

  • LeeAnn C. says:

    Where are the 99 today?

  • Sherry W. says:

    Wow, maybe you should ask people that live in this state to vote on that. We should get to decide for ourselves.

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Many of my fellow libertarians simply LOVE immigration which goes to show you can carry anything good, even libertarianism, too far. Then again, why should Nashville and Memphis be the only two potential hell holes in this state?

    • Perry Aubric says:

      I thought you right wingers were in favor of legal immigration, in favor of people who follow the rules and obey the law. “Refugee” is a specific status of legal immigrant, having undergone thorough screening and meeting specific standards. Under this administration, that screening is pretty rigorous. The quote from the above press release is correct and worth re-reading.

      “A refugee is a person who has fled their country of origin specifically because of past persecution or a fear of future persecution based upon race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group. A refugee does not include a person who has left their home country solely to seek a more prosperous life here.”

      Now, if these people were illegal immigrants, slipping across the border or overstaying a visa (which is more common), then your snarky mean-spirited comment would be more understandable, Stuart. But you have exposed yourself for what you are. You didn’t criticize libertarians for “loving” illegal immigration (which I doubt they do), you griped about them “loving” immigration in general.

      Admit it, Stuart. You just don’t want any immigrants coming into the country at all. Especially brown or black ones.

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        Perry, you are hanging out with too many liberals who now see everything through the prism of race. Centrists like yourself are always in danger of tipping left which is where the zeitgeist is after all so I thought I would point that out to you so you can apply your internal brakes.

        As to immigration, I am for a complete moratorium to immigration with the exception of those with skills CRITICALLY needed by this country. Again, I say CRITICALLY – no scams like the H1b low paid computer workers with “skills” that any American can acquire at any junior college or even high school within a few months. We need time to assimilate the hordes that have poured into this country through our purposely porous borders.

        • Perry Aubric says:

          I don’t know a single building contractor who can find American-born workers to fill the jobs they need to fill. I don’t know a single landscaper who can get American-born workers to fill all the jobs they need to fill. I cannot find more than a few, if that many, fast food outlets who can find American-born workers to fill all the jobs they need to fill. The same for hotel managers who need housekeeping help. Every farmer of every crop from tobacco to orchard fruits to corn to lettuce I know cannot seem to get American-born workers to fill all the jobs they need to fill.

          And those same contractors, landscapers, restaurant managers, farmers and hotel managers will tell us that the immigrants they hire are more dependable, harder working and more likely to actually show up for work every single day than what American-born help they do manage to hire. I don’t know how many of those workers are here legally or illegally. A minority, I suspect. I don’t assume anyone with an accent is illegal, as those on the right routinely do.

          Now, Trump tells us all immigrants–well Hispanic immigrants, anyway–are murderers and rapists and gang members. And willfully ignorant chronically uninformed Limbaugh listeners and FOX devotees are convinced that all immigrants are getting welfare benefits and free health care and otherwise freeloading on the taxpayers. Those outliers who are actually criminals and welfare frauds are held up as an indictment to every single immigrant. An Hispanic drunk driver is cause for hysterical screeds against immigration, but Bubba careening down the highway–an infinitely more common occurrence–causes a shrug of the shoulders. (But white mass murderers shooting up a public place are aberrations needing help with mental illness.)

          As I cast my eyes about me, I see countless examples of hard-working immigrants just trying to get by and doing all those jobs that my fellow Americans who are overweight, entitled, screen-addicted, opioid and pot addicted, and just to damn lazy are unwilling to do. Most of those immigrants are paying taxes. I would rather have one of them in my neighborhood than some home-grown societal trash cooking up meth.

          You want to do something to help the taxpayers? Do something about the Social Security disability frauds, one of the biggest drains on our system, sitting on their asses with nothing wrong with them other than they are too damn fat or working illegally at some minimarket for cash (between the times they blog online about how great Trump is and how white people are discriminated against).

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            Hey, I have a wonderful idea. Tell all of those employers to offer higher pay to their employees and more Americans will apply for their jobs. If they tell you that you will have to pay more for their goods and services please tell them that Stuart is more than willing to do so just so they don’t set out the welcome mat for immigrants who Stuart will have to pay for in his taxes as their employee brings three generations of immigrants into this country with them with their third-world birthrate traditions.

            Of course, today we are reaping the harvest of decades of liberalism. A welfare system that is easy to scam in order for liberal politicians to win votes making it easy for generations of Americans to live on the dole. An immigration system that is too easy to scam in order to get cheap labor to economically benefit employers and make up for Americans losing their work ethic because of the easy welfare with the added bonus of liberals getting votes from the vast majority of immigrants who manage to become citizens for at least two generations.

            Leftist government sets in motion rot that literally undermines civilized society. Now I say we stop the rot and start to recover.

          • James White says:

            Don’t worry too much Perry. Marsha is fixing to vote in the USMCA and with it comes Un-regulated immigration. There will be plenty of migrant workers and they will be legal when they take their first step on our soil.

          • Perry Aubric says:

            James, I don’t believe in unregulated immigration. You’ve never seen me say anything of the sort. Typical hyperbole from the right. If you don’t just hate immigrants and oppose their entry in all circumstances, somehow the leap is made to advocating an open door policy.

            I believe in a responsible, humane, compassionate and achievable immigration policy that protects the interests of our country in controlling our borders, yet has a policy that is not so burdensome, complicated and excessively long for people to be able to come here. Border control is fine, but we need comprehensive reform of our immigration process.

          • MARLE says:

            Perry, your last 2 paragraphs couldn’t be more true. (not sure why migrants won’t adapt to the American lifestyle in good time). And Stuart’s response was dead on. As I get ready to write Q4 ES shortly, I am beyond upset at how our tax dollars are spent.

            Just saw the 60 minutes segment on our deportation flights taking Salvadorans back home on ICE AIR. $64K per flight carrying just over 100 illegals. Most said they’d take a long shower then head back on their way to re-cross our border.

        • Right because they take our jobs, property and government and were not even born here. Has nothing to do with being against immigration it’s about protecting our children and families from other people from other countries taking over our rights and our government! VOTE THEM OUT.

    • Lenny says:

      Many of my fellow librarians LOVE immigration. ¿Donde está la biblioteca?

    • Matthew says:

      If you don’t believe in free movement of innocent people, you’re not a libertarian.

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        In other words if you believe in the nation state you are not a libertarian according to Matthew to which I say “PREPOSTEROUS.” That is a litmus test conjured up by Matthew and the extremists in the Libertarian Party but libertarianism, like liberalism, conservatism and every other political movement has adherents who put different constructions on the basic tenet of the movement which advocates for the maximum amount of unrestricted liberty especially of thought and action. I believe that pertains within the basic governing structure of society, the nation state, without which you have anarchy.

      • MARLE says:

        You can’t put libertarian ideals into practice in a society where there are currently existing subsidy programs paid for with confiscated dollars.

  • Tim Beard says:

    The last strong hold in Tennessee for conservative values is going down in less than 5 years with this STUPID DECISION

  • Edward Smail says:

    There you go again, putting illegals and immigrants before American`s, well being. For this, we will record your name for a later time when you are running for another position in our Gov and we will vote you out of office.

  • KarenB says:

    quid pro quo???? Refugee resettlement is a HUGE HUGE money maker and most of the people they bring over would prefer to stay in their own country. We should be supporting safe zones and keep them in their own country. How many Christians will be in those refugees? I wager a bet the vast majority will be Muslim.

  • Donna Locke says:

    Worth reading.

    I’ll comment further when I have time, but as always, I will say that, as far as I have ever been concerned with immigration, the issue is numbers, not immigrants as immigrants.

    • Donna Locke says:

      As for the construction trades mentioned above, when I became outspoken on immigration enforcement and reduction about 25 years ago, some of the first people who contacted me were builders and construction contractors in Georgia. These men went into great detail about losing bids because they were being undercut by contractors using cheap, imported, usually illegal labor. The guys who contacted me were using American labor and refused to go the other way. Several of them eventually lost so much work that they lost their businesses, their equipment, and their homes.

      As for labor, my dad was a construction worker, and I’ve stayed in touch with my roots. I’ve heard a lot at this point here in Tennessee. Because of the situation I mention above, many Americans gave up on being hired and stopped bothering to apply for these jobs. Word got passed around. Roofing is a good example of what I’m talking about here, but all the trades were affected.

      Others I heard from were doctors, nurses, and people working in welfare offices. In the 1990s, they saw where this was going. This being unchecked mass immigration far exceeding our traditional numbers and with none of the previous rests of lower immigration to allow assimilation to happen. Our assimilation model was defeated. So we have become a fragmented country. This will get worse. We will crack apart. I am not exaggerating. This country cannot sustain what has happened here and which is continuing.

      From the beginning of my observation, I’ve viewed the situation as an instrument of evil whose goal is the destruction of the United States and its allies. This weakening and destruction would bury a precious recipe and the collective consciousness that has guarded and sustained it. This is how I view many of the players — as witting or unwitting instruments of evil. I’m not religious, and I don’t use the word “evil” lightly. I’m agnostic, but I will tell you I have had what some would describe as spiritual experiences in regard to my involvement in the immigration issue. Because of the Internet, I learned through nationwide contacts that many others had the same impelling experiences. I just call it purpose.

      Many may not have an unusual experience they can point to; they just know something is very wrong. We are allied as Americans, regardless of ethnicity.

      To get back to labor, allow me to emphasize once more that your state and federal Republican and Democratic lawmakers have refused to pass tough, mandatory E-Verify for all employers.

      As for Bill Lee, he is not a conservative, he’s a big spender of other people’s money, and he and Bill Haslam are good examples of why I try not to vote for people who regard themselves as religious ministers — they are often misguided on the immigration issue and other issues. Remember that Star Trek episode “The City on the Edge of Forever”? Look it up.

      • James White says:

        Donna, you wont have to worry about “being undercut by contractors using cheap, imported, usually illegal labor. ” At least not the Illegal part, since the #USMCA is being passed and will allow anyone from Mexico or Canada to come in to work legal.

        • MARLE says:

          It is very hard to find any analysis of USMCA since all Trump tweets are simply a self-congratulatory back slap and the Dems seem to brag about their tweaking of it. If dems love it I am skeptical. And if it allows more “guest workers”… do they just not disappear into the wind when it’s time to go home knowing Marsha won’t deport them unless they become wanton criminals.

          • James White says:

            Marsha will AGAIN grant them Amnesty.
            If the Dems and Repubs are for it, then you know it is a disaster.
            USMCA Issues Index
            Is it true that the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) contains worker protections for migrant workers and LGBTQ “gender-related issues”; promotes the Agenda 21/2030 concept of “sustainable development”; creates an international governing commission; subordinates U.S. sovereignty to international law and world bodies such as the Law of the Sea Treaty, the United Nations, International Labor Organization, and World Trade Organization; and other unsavory elements?
            Below is an index of what is where in the agreement, along with the specific chapters, including page numbers, annex pages, and side letters, as of December 14, 2019:
            Agreement on Environmental Cooperation, Environmental Cooperation Agreement (ECA), Chapter 24, on pages: 24-23, 24-26, 24-27
            Climate Change, see “Sustainable Development”
            “Collective Bargaining,” Chapter 23, on pages: 23-1, 23-2, 23-10, 23-A-1, 23-A-2, 23-A-3
            Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC), Chapter 24, on pages: 24-23, 24-24, 24-25, 24-26, 24-27
            “Economic Integration,” Chapter 26, on page: 26-1
            Energy Integration, CA-US Side Letter on Energy, third page
            “Free Trade Commission” (Commission), establishment of and powers thereof, Chapter 30, on pages: 30-1, 30-2, 30-3, 30-4
            “Gender Identity” and “gender-related issues” (aka LGBTQ), Chapter 23, on pages: 23-6, 23-9, 23-10
            Hydrocarbons, Mexico’s recognition thereof, Chapter 8, on page: 8-1
            International Labor Organization (ILO), ILO Declaration on Rights at Work, Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and its Follow-Up (1998), ILO Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization (2008), Chapter 23, on pages: 23-1, 23-2, 23-8, 23-9, 23-11, 23-12
            International Law, see Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties.
            Law of the Sea Treaty, United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), Chapter 1, on page: 1-8, Chapter 24, on page: 24-14
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            “Migrant Workers,” extending labor law protections to, Chapter 23, on page: 23-6,
            23-10; prohibition on the adoption or maintaining of measures that “imposes a limitation on […] the total number of natural persons that may be employed in a particular financial service sector or that a financial institution or cross-border service supplier may employ […] in the form of numerical quotas or the requirement of an economic needs test,” Chapter 15, on pages: 15-4
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  • Silence Dogood says:

    Bill Lee and Glenn Jacobs are not Fascist Dictators. They are not immune from pressure from the Legislative arms of the government and from the voters. For those who do not agree with their stand on Refugee Resettlement contact your representatives on County Commission, City Council, and the state legislature and make your feelings well known. Press them to take action. Contact Jacob’s and Lee and press this issue. Make a difference!!!

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      And when election time rolls around vote for the candidate who has the most impressive PROVEN conservative record who has a reasonable chance of winning and shun No Record Candidates for high office like the plague.

      • James White says:

        I wished that do not vote for No Record Candidate was the motto when Marsha Neocon Blackburn ran her first campaign. Then we may have a real constitutionalist as our Senator instead of the One Worlder Blackburn

        • Stuart I. Anderson says:

          Cute James, but when Marsha ran her first campaign against Big Bad and Liberal Bart Gordon she had been President of the Williamson County Republican Woman as well as the Williamson County Republican Party. In other words, she had a rich record of proven conservative Republican involvement and was well known for that record even though she never held public office. When she ran I had just moved down to Tennessee and I was an enthusiastic financial and hands-on supporter of her campaign.

          • James White says:

            did she have a record before she ran for President of the county repubs . No Record huh?

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            I’m sure she did, Williamson County Republicans are an educated, sophisticated group so not just anyone can become the leader of the County Republican Party.

          • MARLE says:

            If she ever was the conservative you keep saying she was based on “her record” then she sure has Become a sell-out. Either way taxpayers lose.

        • Stuart I. Anderson says:

          Conservatives who voted for Bill Lee who are now having buyer’s remorse should compare the record of Marsha when she first ran with that of Bill Lee to see where you went wrong. Please now compare Marsha’s record in 1992 with Chairman Manny’s so you don’t don’t go wrong again.

          • James White says:

            Marsha votes for More Government , More Spending, Less Freedom. You should be ashamed of supporting an enemy of freedom.

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            Both The Heritage Foundation and the Club For Growth are dedicated to grading the service of members of Congress based on their votes that will result in less government, less spending and more freedom. They have a professional staff that spends their full time watching the proceedings in Congress so they can distill out of the hundreds of votes cast by members the key votes cast during each session of Congress. Tens of millions of dollars in campaign contributions from conservatives depend on the scores from these two institutions. Marsha’s lifetime score from these two organizations are 85% and 88% respectively so that she is universally regarded as one of the most conservative members of Congress.

            Conservatives in Tennessee should therefore join me in feeling proud and well served by Marsha’s tenure in Congress. On the other hand, you James are NEVER proud of or satisfied by ANY candidate running for office from either party in ANY election so that you are incapable of voting for ANYONE with any possibility of receiving more than 5% of the votes cast which puts you far outside of the 2019 political spectrum in this country. Thus you accomplish nothing, buy you do exercise your right to continuously complain.

          • James White says:

            You keep saying Marsha votes for Less spending, Less government and more freedoms but that is NOT TRUE. Click my name to see her votes. She is a NeoCon Big Spender and wants the Federal Government to control every aspect of our lives.

          • MARLE says:

            The Club for Growth could not possibly be for Trump’s trade policies. I saw a great interview with Sen Toomey R-PA who voted Against USMCA and HE was the face of Club for Growth. Maybe they, like Heritage, are a joke of their former selves and that is how you get high scores for the wishy washy from both.

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            Did you happen to catch Friday’s “Tucker Carlson Show”? He had a segment about how Conservatism Inc. in D.C. is in cahoots with the Big Tech companies supporting them legislatively in exchange for big buck contributions naming The Heritage Foundation as one of the main culprits. I send Heritage little bucks and as a childless only child it occupies a prominent place in my estate plans. It was a most unsettling segment for me and if you caught it must have evoked a feeling of confirmation from you.

          • James White says:

            Stuart, compare votes cast to the constitution not the sell out Heritage.

      • Silence Dogood says:

        I supported Mae Beavers during the primaries. The TRP apparently was feeling lazy and cheap in 2016 and threw their support to a Pro Life Democrat who could pay for their own campaign. Bill Lee. I was very unhappy about it. I was praying I would not be disappointed. But, I am disappointed. And will be noisy about it. Briggs, Dunn, and my County Commissioner, and 2 at large commission members have heard from me. Dunn is also a Pro Life Democrat, apparently. He quoted the slaughter of the innocents to me. I corrected his flawed views on my tax dollars and then congratulated him on his retirement. So Haggerty it is, Stuart?

        • Stuart I. Anderson says:

          ABSOLUTELY!!! But let’s make it clear to our centrist/tepid conservative friends that we know that Hagerty probably won’t be worth a damn after Trump leaves office so we won’t have to endure the “I told you so” comments that the poor conservatives who voted for Lee are having to endure now. The reason I will vote for Hagerty is to vote AGAINST Chairman Manny in order to show mega-buck Republicans that you can’t simply decide to buy yourself a high office and hire a big time campaign chairman to make you a conservative after you spent your entire life doing little or nothing for the conservative movement in this state and expect conservatives to vote for you no matter how much red meat you throw at us during the campaign.

  • MARLE says:

    I cannot stand to watch Tucker Carlson anymore. He has sold out for ratings. You can make a nice living by being the echo chamber for Trump’s sheeple. Nuff said.

    I tape CNBC starting at 5AM and begin watching it at 7 til about 9 by which time the market is open and I follow it off and on during the day. All of this prompts “stuff” for me to follow up on. I watch Brett Baier and then switch between McCallum and Burnett. After that there is nothing but purely partisan, Non-information. SO…………… I didn’t see Tucker. The Toomey interview was last Sun on Meet the Press. I tape all the Sun shows and fast forward through the party hack interviews.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      BTW, by my calculations the market is down 1.85% from its all time high AFTER inflation. When it hits its all time high I sell EVERYTHING in my Cyclical Portfolio. After midnight I watch a bit of Bloomburg to get a feel for next day’s market opening then I begin the day with CNBC. After getting as much of Cramer et al. that I can stomach I switch to FOX Business to watch an hour or so of Varney (who I know your REALLY can’t stand) to get the party line then back to CNBC for the Half Time Report which ends my regular business news with the exception of maybe the first 15 minutes of Fast Money.

      I LOVE TUCKER but you’re right, I can’t believe that he gets as much of a kick out of Trump’s antics as he seems to though he does criticize Trump for not being energetic enough re: stopping or at least slowing down immigration and getting us out of endless foreign wars and what he regards as defense treaties that don’t serve the interests of the U. S. A.. On Friday Tucker was scathing in attacking “Conservative Inc.” organizations in D.C. like AEI and Heritage re: how they take in tens of millions and have gotten fat and comfy while accomplishing little or nothing and have made a pact to support the legislative goals of Big Tech in exchange for Big Tech’s money. I have sent an e-mail to Heritage as a contributor and a member of their Legacy Society letting them know that I am troubled by what Tucker said and suggesting they have their most articulate spokesman appear on Tucker’s show to answer his accusations. It was pretty gutsy for Tucker on prime time FOX to criticize Conservative Inc. in D.C. they way he did. You would have loved it!

      • MARLE says:

        Right right…can’t abide Varney or his intellectual twin, Dobbs. When I realized no one had a negative thing to say about the ’17 tax plan (not one thing to even mention) I knew these folks were a useless waste of my financial-viewing time.

        Taping the 2 Squawk shows and FF through all commercials is the Only way to watch. Lots of content distilled into a manageable amount of time. Do the same actually for most shows. (I already know the car, brokerage firm, and travel website I want to use; no need for ad pitches).

        I know I give you a hard time here, Stuart. But Happy Holidays!

      • James White says:

        Fox news and Heritage feed you bits of the RIGHT then reel you to the left a little, They are owned and ran by the same groups that run the other mainstream media.

        • Stuart I. Anderson says:

          What do you mean by “groups.” FOX is owned by Rupert Murdoch & Family. NBC, CNBC, MSNBC etc. is owned by Comcast, CNN is now owned by AT&T, I think CBS is owned by Liberty Media. Different “group” all except FOX hopelessly left of center to one degree or another.
          Heritage has no affiliation with any of them.

          I watch FOX and C-Span for current events and CNBC and Bloomburg for business news. I and 99.99999% of the country and the world are to the left of you James, but that’s OK, MERRY CHRISTMAS.

          • James White says:

            You should question what the Aren’t saying and telling you on the news, it is not so much what they say, it is what they don’t say.
            Do you not think that the media is controlled?

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            All except Heritage and FOX are “controlled” by adherence to a leftist world view that you and I reject but otherwise compete among themselves for viewership and listeners.

          • James White says:

            FOX (Rupert) is NeoCon so you wont see much Bad reporting about … Republicans, World Government, Federal Reserve, and Middle East truths.

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