Bill Lee lands endorsement from Joe Carr

On the heels of his endorsement from former state Sen. Mae Beavers, Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee has also received the nod from former state Rep. Joe Carr.

Lee says the Carr endorsement shows “conservatives across the state are joining this campaign … to challenge the status quo in Nashville.”

Carr’s serial defeats have done little to dampen his enthusiasm for running for office. He was soundly defeated by Shane Reeves in the GOP primary in a special state Senate election earlier this year, lost by 32 points in his primary challenge of U.S. Rep. Diane Black (who is now running for governor) in 2016, fell short in his campaign against Republican U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander and lost a bid for state Republican Party chairman in 2014.

Full release from the Lee campaign:

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – Today, businessman and Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee announced that former State Representative and noted conservative leader Joe Carr has endorsed his candidacy for governor.

“It is truly an honor to have someone with rock solid conservative credentials like Joe Carr,” said Lee. “This endorsement shows that conservatives across the state are joining this campaign to send a message that we’re ready to challenge the status quo in Nashville.”

In his endorsement, Carr, said the following:

“I sat down with Bill, looked him in the eye and asked him the tough questions about the Rights of the Unborn, the Second Amendment, a smaller more efficient state government, and, of course, the growing problem of illegal immigration in Tennessee. Bill didn’t back down when I asked him these questions. Bill Lee showed me he is man of conviction who is willing to “Stand Firm” even if it means he has to stand alone. But, Bill Lee doesn’t have to stand alone because like tens of thousands of Tennesseans across the state, I will stand with Bill Lee. I believe Bill Lee is what Tennessee needs to move Tennessee forward and he has my unwavering endorsement and support.”

Representative Carr is known as one of the foremost authorities on solving the problem of illegal immigration in Tennessee. As a state representative, Joe wrote and passed into law numerous pieces of legislation dealing with the problem of illegal immigration. In 2009, he wrote and passed the nation’s first “No Sanctuary City” Law. He also wrote and passed Tennessee’s E-Verify Law along with Tennessee’s law disallowing state taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal aliens. He is also the author of numerous other pieces of legislation that protected the Tennessee Family and the American Worker.

Carr continued:

“Bill is a proven businessman with a heart for working men and women. Just like President Trump, his decision to run isn’t about a desire to climb the political ladder, it’s about a desire to serve the people. Bill isn’t a typical candidate for office, and to me, that’s a strength!

He’s unafraid to speak his mind, even when it’s not the politically correct answer. In his debates and town halls, he’s stepped up as the only top-tier candidate who has been consistent on illegal immigration, refusing to support licenses, in-state tuition, or any other benefit for those here illegally. As someone who has led on the question of illegal immigration, I have complete trust that Bill will enforce the law and defend the Constitution.

To lead our state, we need an outsider, and we need a conservative. And Bill Lee is the only candidate to meet both criteria.

He has the integrity and executive experience to lead our state in the right direction, and I’m calling on Tennessee conservatives to stand firm and stand with me behind the conservative outsider, Bill Lee.”

14 Responses to Bill Lee lands endorsement from Joe Carr

  • James White says:

    Dagnabit, just when I thought I could accept Lee and his term limits position, he gets Joe “Article V Constitutional Convention” Carr to endorse.
    Guess Basil or Kay will need a look see from me.

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    I am stunned that after five years of friendship Joe Carr and I disagree.

    OK, OK Diane isn’t what anyone except, perhaps, her closest friends and relatives would call “lovable” but we don’t have to let that blind us into voting for what appears to be the candidate in third place which if enough of us do that in this “no runoff” state means the candidate in first place wins. THAT’S RANDY! Eight more years of insipid Haslamism with the pulling, pushing, dragging, screaming for him to do the most elemental right thing. If the polls show Lee in first or second place I will vote for him, otherwise, I prefer unlovable to eight more years of Haslamism.

  • Bauer says:

    You won’t have to wait long Stuart. Randy has hit a ceiling and Diane is crashing and burning. The only candidate that has enough momentum to be governor in TN is Bill Lee. Running a strategic lean campaign just like a we would want a governor to do. I don’t want lovable or to vote against someone. I want a fiscally responsible, smart, energetic, creative, fearless, resourceful, strong, and patriotic executive willing to do what it takes to lead our state. Bill Lee checks all of those boxes.

  • Donna Locke says:

    Because of former state legislator Joe Carr’s betrayal (to the business lobby) of his own E-Verify bill years ago, Tennessee does not have mandatory E-Verify on all employers. Jim Tracy went along with this betrayal on his own companion bill.

    Tracy later came back with a weak bill to cover private employers of 50 or more employees. How many restaurants and construction outfits employ that many? And the subcontractor ruses continue.

    Joe Carr is not a conservative, as shown by his votes on fiscal issues, and Bill Lee is running as a theocrat, so . . .

  • Billy Mayes says:

    Joe Carr. Who is he? Oh, the perennial candidate that somehow never gets elected. But wait, there’s more! Bill Lee endorsed by Mae Beavers! As I sit here in my fiberglass tub just off of Highway 70 in Shady Acres Trailer Park, I have to ask myself. Will Bill Lee win the primary? The answer is a resounding no. Randy Boyd is going to be our next Governor and you can place a marker on that.

  • Terry says:

    At all levels, the contests in Tennessee are drawn on the lines of principled patriots versus establishment Republican, aka RINO’s. Boyd is a RINO, Black is a RINO, Harwell doesn’t have her heart in this to win, and that leaves Bill Lee – but that’s not a bad choice, by any measure. He can be Tennessee’s Matt Bevin – in fact, they have much in common.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Yes, much in common, they’re both Caucasian males, born in the U.S.A., Christian. . . . What they don’t have in common is that Bevin HAD A RECORD of conservative activism that was impressive enough so that he was able to receive the endorsement of the Madison Project and Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservative Fund when he first challenged Mitch McConnell when the latter ran for re-election in 2014. By the time he successfully ran for governor the next year Matt Bevin was well known to Kentucky voters.

      Bill Lee, on the other hand, has NO RECORD of political advocacy other than threatening to leave Williamson County if his company didn’t receive a tax break, and NO RECORD of consistent financial support of conservative candidates or causes. Diane Black is apparently in first or second place and she is, therefore, the one conservatives should vote for if they are ANYBODY BUT BOYD voters.

  • Ernest Jones says:

    I would vote for my fattest hog before I would vote for a lying man like Bill Lee

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