Jason Isbell, Ben Folds to headline Bredesen event

Jason Isbell plays in Nashville on Sept. 25, 2015. (Metro Nashville image)

Jason Isbell and Ben Folds are headlining an event to promote former Gov. Phil Bredesen’s Democratic bid for the U.S. Senate.

The event is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. on Aug. 20 at the Marathon Music Works in Nashville. Entry and a commemorative poster will cost $25.

Isbell wrote a song titled “TVA” for the his previous band, the Drive-by Truckers. It might make a fitting tune to play at the event, as Bredesen has proposed using the TVA to help bring high-speed internet to rural areas in the Tennessee Valley.

Here’s an excerpt from Isbell’s song:

My granddaddy told me when he was just seven or so
His daddy lost work and they didn’t have a row to hoe
Not too much to eat for seven boys and three girls
All lived in a tent
Bunch of sharecroppers versus the world
So his mama sat down, wrote a letter to FDR
‘En a couple days later, couple of county men came in a car
Rode out in the field, told his daddy to put down the plow
He helped build the dam, gave power to most of the South
So I thank god for the TVA
Thank god for the TVA



8 Responses to Jason Isbell, Ben Folds to headline Bredesen event

  • James White says:

    Government has no constitutional authority to give people access to the internet or cable tv or even electricity.

  • David Collins says:

    Uh, James. Ever heard of the general welfare clause of the constitution?

    • James White says:

      Yes, have you looked what the authors of the constitution says about it? They said it does not give government authority to do every thing for everybody. They remind you that the limits of government is enumerated IN the Constitution.

  • Eddie White says:

    For my family, who first arrived in Tennessee in the 1830’s, I am thankful that the politicians in Washington cared about the general welfare of the Tennessee valley. It gave my family, who were not wealthy and living in the hills of Smith County, the opportunity to have electricity.

  • WR Tyler says:

    Because of TVA, Tennessee’s electrical rates are the sixth lowest in the country.


    If Phil Bredeson has the vision to apply the same Philosophy for spreading the high speed Internet in rural Tennessee for the now and the future, then he definitely has my vote.

    The last time I checked, electricity from the TV is not free, but let us not forget the hills and the valleys That a visionary Democrat help Damn our waters to create electricity and the beautiful legs that we have in our valleys.

    I have not heard a better idea from the other side. If somebody else wants to build a wall, I question, where? Where in regards to Tennessee? Do they build a wall against Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, West Virginia, and so on along eight other states .

    A candidate for the United States Senate for Tennessee must represent the state of Tennessee first because that is his job for us.

    A lesser candidate, without a dream or vision for Tennessee, is a Washington Hill Lick.

  • Bruce T Williams says:

    Mr Golden , I propose that any republican who publilicy supports
    This or any democrat , be chastised publicly and be denied to ever
    Run as a republican for office . And if later he supports any candidate
    That that candidate be notified that this person is personna-non- grata
    And will cost him votes . Victor Ashe -Bob Corker come to mind !

  • Jody Taft says:

    Ah, celebrities and musicians … they’ll tell us that what to do!

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