It’s ‘Nacho Libre’ time in the Tennessee House

Republican Reps. Micah Van Huss and Debra Moody are hosting a viewing party for the movie “Nacho Libre” at the legislative office complex on Monday night. The event first reported by The Tennessean’s Natalie Allison is getting the full treatment by Van Huss’ hometown newspaper, The Johnson City Press.

“It might read like satire, but it’s not,” writes the paper’s Zach Vance. Here’s more:

“We’re going to get together, have some pizza and watch ‘Nacho Libre,’ one of my favorite movies,” Van Huss said.

“I just like ‘Nacho Libre.’ I just like that (type) of comedy, it’s like ‘Napoleon Dynamite.’ It’s just some off-the-wall humor, and I like it.”

Van Huss also said no taxpayer dollars would be involved in hosting the event, and unfortunately, the public is not invited to the exclusive assembly.

“All 99 (House) members and 33 senators have received an invitation and their staff members. So everybody is invited that is members and staff. I can’t invite the public because then I’d have to hire security,” Van Huss said.

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  • Donna Locke says:

    While you’re doing that, be thinking about passing a tough E-Verify bill.

    And consider why the unemployment rate for native-born people in the United States is higher than the unemployment rare for foreign-born people here, and why the labor force participation rate of the foreign-born cotinues to rise while the labor force participation rate of the native-born is lower and stagnant. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    • MarLE says:

      Are we counting illegals in the foreign born category?

      • Donna Locke says:

        Yes, MarLE, illegal aliens and also people here on temporary visas are included in the foreign-born category of workers I cited above.

        Erik and company: Please include an edit option for writers of comments. I, for one, often type too fast on tiny screens and would appreciate it. My eyes are not as young as they used to be.

  • Donna Locke says:

    Two typos above I am unable to edit, but you get the drift.

  • Smedley says:

    Perhaps some of the more “painful” moments in the movie might inspire the viewers to consider Medicaid expansion of some sort so we can keep some of our rural hospitals up and running and get people the access to healthcare that it is their right to expect no matter where in TN they live.

  • Susan says:

    Why is this news? Every legislative session lawmakers are wined and dined to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars by lobbyists and special interests. As long as everyone is invited they can pretty much do and spend whatever they would like. But for some reason you ignore the real partying and influence peddling and hone in on this. Well, ok, but it says more about the press than it does the legislators.

  • Rob says:

    Actually, this may be an unintended violation of the Open Meeting Act.

  • Misty Pardner says:


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