IRS placed $240K lien on state Rep. Griffey’s home

The saga of freshman Rep. Bruce Griffey (R-Paris) unsuccessfully trying to pressure first-year Gov. Bill Lee into appointing his wife, Rebecca, to a vacant judgeship is the subject of this week’s Tennessee Journal. The Associated Press has done a fine job following up on the story as well.

Griffey wrote to a top Lee adviser that choosing his wife would have several potential benefits for the governor: making an “automatic ally” out of the lawmaker and taking Rebecca Griffey “out of state politics.” If she didn’t get the job, he mused, “what do Rebecca and I have to lose?”

Rebecca Griffey didn’t make the list of three finalists for the position and Lee ultimately chose Huntingdon attorney Jennifer King for the post. But she quit after just nine days on the bench under what she described as political pressure and maneuvering by the Griffeys and their allies.

Bruce Griffey alleged a political conspiracy against him and his wife by the Trial Court Vacancy Commission, with a sympathetic story in the Tennessee Star claiming the panel was made up of appointees of former Gov. Bill Haslam. It isn’t. The commission is entirely appointed by the speakers of the state House and Senate.

During interviews of the candidates for the job, members of the panel took particular issue with Rebecca Griffey’s answer to a question on her application that she had not had a tax lien or other collection procedure instituted against her over the previous five years. Members of the panel had been given a copy of IRS notices indicating Griffey and her husband had a lien placed on their home for failing to pay $240,060 in 2015 and another $23,030 in 2016.

22 Responses to IRS placed $240K lien on state Rep. Griffey’s home

  • James White says:

    The “Star” hit another low. Good for Lee for saying NO !

  • Perry Aubric says:

    So she lied on her application, was deemed not as qualified as other candidates by the Vacancy Commission, had her husband offer to surrender his vote in return for the Governor’s appointment, failed to pay her taxes, helped plant a false story in the Tennessee Star, contributed to a pressure campaign that forced out an honest and capable appointee, and what? Griffey still expects his wife to get this judgeship?

    Hopefully, his constituents will find a suitable replacement in the net primary or general election. Griffey and his wife can devote themselves completely to the business of raising the money to pay their taxes like everyone else, but without the benefit of a taxpayer-funded position for either of them.

    What a couple of sleazes.

  • Stick to your guns Gov’ Nice to see a guy trying to govern and be honest too!

  • Benton Temple says:

    Get Griffey out of the Legislature. Send Wirgau back to Nashville and get this clown out of office.

  • TR says:

    Rep. Griffey wants to “drain the swamp” unless it means getting his crazy wife who lied on her judicial application appointed as a judge. They want to live off the taxpayers, but don’t want to pay their taxes. Wake up Henry County and get rid of these grifters. Every State Rep and State Sen that “recommended” Ms. Griffey should apologize for helping push this unqualified and unfit candidate for judge.

  • Jason Wallflower says:

    The state party screwed up royally here. Why were they not helping protect Lee’s appointment? Why did they let these whackos run rampant all over Bill Lee?

  • Misty Pardner says:

    Ol Bruce is getting a good ole political ass kicking here, and he’s wearing the boots. This clown has no idea what he is doing and you can include Scott Golden in the clueless category. Golden is scared to death of the SEC and the local yokel parties that have been over taken by tea party kooks and weed loving libertarians. If he cannot real those nuts in the State GOP is going down the tubes. Maybe they could could crank up the bingo hall for a fundraiser.

    • TR says:

      You got that right. The local GOPs have been over-run by crackpots and loons. No normal Republican voter attends these meetings or partakes in their foolishness, yet our elected leaders are scared to death of them. Again, note how many state reps sent recommendation letters to Gov Lee for Griffey. Even Congressman Green sent one. Why? Do none of them recognize the inherent conflict in a state rep trying to get his wife appointed to the bench. Does Congressman Green not have someone who vets these things?

  • Donna Locke says:

    Post something about the UAW liars and thugs in Spring Hill. GM should fire them and hire local natives as GM originally promised before lying, cheating, and thieving its way down here.

    • Lenny says:

      What does that have to do with your boy Griffy? You can’t handle any negative news about the Tea Party scam?

      • Donna Locke says:

        I have never been a Republican or a Democrat. I’ve always been independent. As for the Tea Party, it was hijacked by religionists and nonconservatives early on, and since it got off track, I’ve had nothing to do with it except as sometime allies on immigration issues. We have to prioritize and band together in coalitions when and where we can. That has been my thing, ad hoc or longer coalitions for specific purposes.

        The Griffeys look quite bad in these reports. I don’t support this sort of thing.

        The woman, King, who was appointed as the judge reportedly had voted Democratic except once for a long time, so I can’t say that was a wise appointment, but I don’t know.

    • Perry Aubric says:

      Off topic. Nice try.

  • Kay says:

    King is a damn good attorney and would have made an excellent judge. Griffey and the party people who didn’t support our governor’s choice and the governor himself should be sent packing.

    Those who elected Griffey should send him packing and take his wife with him

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  • Trudy says:

    Bruce and Becky are clowns and have cast a negative cloud over that district. They might as well pack up and move again because they will never live this one down. Becky is the problem and Bruce is just her puppet. Heck he can’t get of the rain by himself. I just wonder what the DA in that district is planning on doing? I don’t think I would want an ADA prosecuting me that has proven themselves a liar and that she will do anything it talks to win. He needs to show her the door!

  • Michelle Foreman says:

    Oh wow, if you don’t think that this is a one-sided story you are too naïve for politics. Having known the Griffey’s for decades I can tell you firsthand this is not their modus operandi. I realize there is conflict between the Lee administration and Rep. Griffey regarding Rep. Griffey remaining true to his constituents who opposed vouchers. I am appalled at how quickly uninformed people are jumping on a bandwagon and have no real clue what’s going on behind the scenes. Utterly appalling!

    • Trudy says:

      I’m sure without doubt that the Griffey family is a fine family as a whole but there is always a black sheep in every family and Bruce appears to be it .There is no telling how they will try to spin this story but she lied on her application and he , a freshman representative, threatened the Governor of the Great State of Tennessee. Not the kind of people I would want to keep company with.

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