Humphrey on Walley-Templeton matchup: Flip a coin

A welcome sight for those keeping a keen eye on the TNJ: On the Hill comment section this morning: Blog founder Tom Humphrey has waded in to give his two cents on the only open race for the state Senate.

Former Agriculture Commissioner Jai Templeton is squaring off against former state Rep. Page Walley for the Republican nomination to succeed state Sen. Dolores Gresham (R-Somerville) in District 26.

Here’s Old Tom’s assessment of the race:

Knew Page Walley when he was a state rep and he was an honest, smart and amiable gentleman, striving to avoid fights whenever possible but willing to scrabble when things got testy. Do not know Templeton personally, but his reputation among those whose judgment I respect is that he is an honest, smart and amiable gentleman, striving to avoid fights whenever possible but willing to scrabble when things get testy.

Both, I suspect, are pretty much dead center moderates in the Bill Haslam/Lamar Alexander mode insofar as the GOP spectrum goes. In other words, you’ve got two peas in a pod. Either would represent the rural district as well, maybe better, than the average Senate district in our fair state represents its constituency.

Which makes the campaign a very interesting spectacle for those of us who enjoy politics as a spectator sport. It’s a game between their paid managers — Bob Davis versus Tommy Hopper, picking the two most prominent names. Both of those fellows are shrewd political operatives, absolutely willing to go negative if the polling situation warrants or to stay cool with warm fuzzy ads if not.

Prediction: Flip a coin. And, of course, money is a major matter.

21 Responses to Humphrey on Walley-Templeton matchup: Flip a coin

  • Warren Gooch says:

    Old Tom,
    Welcome Back! To take liberties with a well known verse: “We knew ye well, but we still missed ye.”

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    How utterly depressing!!! At least I can save my money on this one.

    LOVE TOM’S ASSESSMENT!!!! Please Tom, let’s have more analysis of races as we head for the August Republican Primary

  • Georgiana Vines says:

    Always enjoy Tom Humphrey’s perspective. His column used to be the first item I read in the Sunday Knoxville News Sentinel. Miss it a lot.

  • Donna Locke says:

    Tom, I think the batch up there is getting worse every election.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Well, at least in District 26. Dolores Gresham (ACU-88%) will have probably been a lot more conservative than either of these two blokes.

      • Donna Locke says:

        Gresham was reliable on immigration bills in the past, for my side of course. There has been a slide amongst all of them on this issue.

      • James White says:

        Dolores was conservative on a lot of issues, but has head of the senate education, we still have common core (and getting more) even if they changed the name, and she did vote for an Article V Constitutional Convention.

  • James White says:

    Yep, more ‘tow the state republican party line’ and who cares what the constitution or the people say.

  • Eddie White says:

    The people do a have a say. It’s called Election Day.

  • jim east says:

    in my book, Tom Humphrey isn’t old enough to be called “Old Tom Humphrey” … just saying …

  • Dana Moore says:

    Oh, to have commentary from Tom Humphrey throughout the fall! That would be a joy.

  • Dick Williams says:

    I completely agree that we need to hear more from “Old” Tom!

  • John Stewart says:

    Tom was, and still is, an old-line journalist In the best sense of the term. You could always find him working away in the press gallery and always ready to ask a few questions about why you were wandering around the press room. He knew what questions to ask and he always was fair, even if you didn’t like it sometimes. He is the walking, breathing repudiation of the very notion of “fake news.” He has been dearly missed, that’s for sure.

  • Thank God we will get a moderate who matter what Can’t handle TN being a conservative state Bill Haslam and Lamar! Are excellent political role models

  • Charles Sumner says:

    How do you define an open state Senate race? There is to be a race between Sen. Steve Dickerson and one of two Democrats – whichever one wins in the primary. Isn’t that considered an open race?

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      I believe when a race is referred to as “open” it usually means that there is no incumbent running for reelection thus the race in which Steve Dickerson (ACU-71%) is running for reelection would not be considered an open race. Dickerson is awful, but he is as good as you can get from a liberal ghetto like Nashville.

  • Hal Rounds says:

    Both have posted their various friendly but vague ads in the West Fayette Republican Club Facebook page. We have posted questions to them openly seeking positions from both of them equally. So far the questions have asked them to give us their understanding and offer their proposed legislation actions regarding asset forfeiture, when life begins, and what is “constitutional carry?” These are relatively easy questions for real conservatives – but both have chosen to leave all these questions by actively interested Republicans entirely unanswered.

    Which seems to be the most harsh answer of all….

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Hal, Tom Humphrey gave us the answer, indeed he gave conservatives all we need to know about this race when he said “Both, I suspect, are pretty much dead center moderates in the Bill Haslam/Lamar Alexander mode insofar as the GOP spectrum goes.” In other words, no matter who wins you can expect either to do what the Chamber of Commerce/Republican Establishment wants them to do and that’s it. The shame of it is that the winner will be replacing a good conservative like Dolores Gresham so this will be a loss for conservatives no matter who wins.

      It is job one for conservatives to have a good conservative candidate ready to run whenever a seat opens up and we simply didn’t get the job done re: this race. Please suggest to your fellow conservatives in Fayette County to turn away from the meaningless race in Senate Dist. 26 and rather turn their attention to the First Congressional District in East Tennessee and their support for the candidacy of Timothy Hill where conservatives have a great chance to pick up an open seat in the U. S. House formerly held by a “dead center moderate” in the retiring Phil Roe.

  • Ken Yager says:

    “Old Tom” sounds like a bottle of cheap whiskey. But called by any name, sure is good to read Tom’s cogent analysis.

  • Ken Meyer says:

    Interesting. So, in 1990, Bob Davis worked for Tommy Hopper at the TNGOP and both worked hard to get Page Walley elected to the State House. Now they are going head to head, one them with Walley. The circle of politics.

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