House sub sinks bill expanding legal handgun carry locations; OKs other gun bills

The House Civil Justice Subcommittee Wednesday unanimously voted down a bill by Rep. Judd Matheny to repeal many current restrictions on places where those holding handgun carry permits can take their weapons. HB884 was one of several measures on gun laws before the panel.

From an Associated Press report:

Gov. Bill Haslam’s administration, the Tennessee Highway Patrol and the Tennessee Hospital Association expressed opposition to Republican Rep. Judd Matheny’s bill.

Under it, permit holders would be barred from carrying only when it’s against federal law or court order; under the influence of alcohol or drugs; at judicial proceedings; on school grounds; at correctional facilities or law enforcement offices; or at private residences that post that guns aren’t allowed.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America advocates cheered the vote (which came)…as news of a deadly Florida school shooting broke.

Further from The Tennessean:

(T)he legislative panel moved along a number of measures aimed at making it easier for some groups to obtain and keep gun permits. 

These bills included: 

-A measure that would allow 18-year-old military service members to obtain a carry permit. The measure would also clarify language restricting individuals who have attempted violent crimes. Typically, residents must be 21 to obtain a permit.

-A bill that would permit businesses to allow concealed weapons but not open carry.

-A measure that would ensure retired law enforcement personnel can purchase a lifetime carry permit.

-A bill that reduces the cost of the lifetime carry permits for military service members.

Additional gun bills on the subcommittee’s agenda will be take up later. Those include:

-A bill that would permit people to carry handguns in public access areas of airports and outside secure areas. The bill would create misdemeanor offenses for permitted carry violations at airports. The measure would also permit certain people to carry guns on public transportation.

-A bill that would allow a person to challenge a government entity that refuses to make property available for Second Amendment activities.

7 Responses to House sub sinks bill expanding legal handgun carry locations; OKs other gun bills

  • James White says:

    A WIN for Private Property Rights, “House sub sinks bill expanding legal handgun carry locations” . Good Call !

  • James White says:

    I don’t understand why some class or groups of citizens get special treatment (reduced costs)? I thought EVERYONE were to be treated EQUAL under the Law.

  • Bob Miles says:

    It’s a shame that a few legislators would pay attention to a bunch of women who belong to an anti 2nd Amendment group, and go against many of their constituents, and over a half million law abiding gun owners in Tennessee.

  • Carol says:

    That bunch of women are not anti second amendment. They are for reasonable gun laws that will protect our children. I support them and I hope to sees wave of blue cover this state and the gun obsessed politicians in it! I own a gun – it has a key lock – if a child gets hold of it and kills himself or someone else, I should go to jail. The second amendment has been used as a cover to allow gun fanatics to intimidate the rest of us. We have had enough!

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