UPDATE: Voucher compromise approved by both chambers

The House voted 51-46 to approve the compromise on Gov. Bill Lee’s voucher bill. The Senate followed suit 19-14 later in the day. The freshman governor says he “looks forward to signing this bill into law.”

Here’s the House vote:

The vote was 50-48 when it cleared the chamber the first time. There were several changes between the two votes, though. they include:

From no to yes: Reps. Patsy Hazlewood (R-Chattanooga), David Wright (R-Corryton).

From absent to yes: Rep. Debra Moody (R-Covington).

From yes to abstain: Reps. Martin Daniel (R-Knoxville), Brandon Ogles (R-Franklin).

(After the vote was all over, Daniel and Ogles filed paperwork to change their votes to be in favor of the measure. That change of heart will be reflected in the House Journal, but doesn’t affect the official tally taken through the voting machine).

The Senate lost one vote from its previous version when Sen. Todd Gardenhire (R-Chattanooga) switched from yes to no.



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  • Lenny says:

    “The Senate is expected to follow suit later today.”

    And then Davidson and Shelby counties will file a suit, and it will all have been for nothing.

  • Leslie Parsley says:

    Bravo to the Nos. Glad some in the House have the courage, integrity, and smarts to do the right thing. What a crooked sham this is.

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Brandon Ogles is my spanking new representative who ran as a screamingly No Record Candidate and who, therefore, I did not support for the open seat in my district. As a No Record Candidate who was elected with a sliver of the votes in this no runoff state, I can’t say I am disappointed in his vote since I had no expectations in the first place. I am anxious to hear his explanation for his switching his vote from “Yes” to “Abstain” which is a weak wristed “No” in actuality since he did his part to prevent the legislation from reaching the 50 vote threshold for passage. Has he already made himself a captive of the education trust made up of the teacher’s union, school board, education bureaucracy? Williamson County conservatives want to know?

    • Eddie White says:

      You don’t have to be a captive of the teacher’s union to vote against this bill. There were a number of conservatives, i.e. Terri Weaver, who voted against this proposal. I can understand the concern on the amount of money that will be spent and also how it will be spent. How is this money going to be disbursed and what accountability will be there with the money? Are we mailing checks to families? Why is the program limited to Memphis and Nashville only? It appears the only way the governor could get the votes was to promise most of the state that they would be excluded.

    • Lenny says:

      You didn’t vote for a No Record candidate and now you’re proud of your vote because that No Record candidate abstained from voting for No Record Lee’s vouchers? So you support some No Records?

  • Tricia Stickel says:

    filing suit may be the automatic democrat response to not getting their way in the legislature, however, this is a change in law and has been reviewed for constitutionality. While this seems to be a trend, getting the judicial branch to overturn legislators (lawmakers), I would encourage those who oppose this bill to review the actual achievements in these deplorable priority schools. While we have been requested to allow the “experts” in the field to make these decisions, with all due respect, we have been waiting for more than 10 years to improve educational achievements in these schools only to watch it become worse. Any positive procedures that could be put in place in these LEA’s would help a terrible situation.

    • Lenny says:

      Yeah, only Democrats sue. Which president filed a personal lawsuit against two banks today? Was that Tea-Party Trump or NYC Democrat Trump?

    • Steve says:

      Please name places where charter schools outperform their public counterparts.

  • Silence Dogood says:

    A “No” vote was a “its all fine right now” vote to me. A “Yes” vote was a “we need a change so let’s get started” vote to me. Plus, Senator Briggs has been voting “No” so my instinct is it must be a good Conservative move to vote “Yes”. I say lets give it a try. I vote “YES”.

  • Mack Charles says:

    Can’t see how a conservative in good conscience could vote for a bill that creates a brand new entitlement for only Memphis and Nashville that will cost TN taxpayers over $335 million by year four. Where’s that money coming from unless the plan is take it out of the BEP? So much for Bill Lee running state government like a business.

    • Lenny says:

      Hey, Sears was a business. Maybe he’s running it like Toys ‘r Us or Enron.

    • MarLE says:

      335M cost to taxpayers? From what? The money being used for vouchers is money already part of the annual, on-going “planned taxpayer confiscation”. Vouchers represent the confiscated tax dollars being re-directed, not additionally collected.

      And while we’re in the mood for some good law suits…how bout we sue any and all principals who used government email, during work hours, to lobby fellow teachers (whose email they had access to as a function of their government job) for the purpose of influencing pending legislation.

      Fines, loss of jobs whatever consequence can be levied. And don’t use the “speed merchant’s” defense to the police officer “but everybody does it”.

      • Lenny says:

        Don’t the “confiscated tax dollars” pay the salary, benefits, and PENSION of the police officer you refer to? Why are you okay with confiscated dollars going to Day Care Centers but Police Officers shouldn’t have a pension?

  • Donna Locke says:

    Just throwing this in again, though with no hope of penetrating the obtuseness in the legislature:

    Children born here to illegal aliens are U.S. citizens eligible for all programs in this country. They will get your vouchers/ESAs, which will be paid to their illegal-alien parents. Children brought here by foreigners playing the asylum ruse will be eligible for these vouchers. Their parents have a degree of legality — “papers” — notices to appear for asylum hearings — and if denied asylum, the parents can appeal for years and remain in this country. We will be educating their children. And finally, children brought here flat illegally by illegal aliens will get the vouchers — the courts will tell you so.

    On a related note, the legislature once again has failed to act on a mandatory E-Verify bill to cover more employers; so, Tennessee will continue to get plenty of illegal migrants.

    If you care about true conservatism that respects individual liberty, if you care about real law and order and wise expenditures of your tax dollars, pitch out the masquerade in our state government and vote for sane independents. If I were younger and still felt like driving to Nashville for months, I would ask for your vote.

    Folks, I’m glad to have been part of the conversation with you here. It has been a respectful forum, and I appreciate that. Some of you I have known for more than a decade from the old blogging days. I wish you all good things. I will pop in again when I can.

    • Silence Dogood says:

      I cannot vote for someone not on a ballot. There are very few Conservative Independents on any ballot for any office in this state. I believe none is closer to the truth. Voting for a write-in candidate is a wasted vote. True Conservatives are not making it out of the primaries. The Republican Party in Tennessee is not favoring or offering full support to true Conservative candidates. Super Majorities are all they want so they repackage a pro-business Democrat and call him a Republican. And thus we have Tennessee’s legislature. Better than most states and not as good as some. MAGA!

  • Phil Lassiter says:

    Couple of those house members trying to have their cake and eat it too. Scared to vote then jump on the ship that’s not sinking.

    Joe Carr fixed E Verify. Remember?

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