Haslam: Politicians should practice humility and pay their taxes

Excerpt of comments by Gov. Bill Haslam included in a Tennessean story on his discussion of religion and politics with a pastor and a political activist at a Nashville church:

One of the realizations Haslam had when he became an elected official was to understand that other elected officials are also people with flaws and insecurities.

“I always thought the person who would be the President of the United States would be different,” he said. “But they’re not.”

Amid an election’s banter and aggrandizing, Haslam said he has “a great appreciation for people who, in the middle of all that, understand that the story’s not about them.

“Humility is that clear call for all of us,” he said. “… Those people who have those positions and are people of humility just resonate with me.

“And even when I don’t agree with their politics all the time, I am just drawn to them.”

So, to those who may consider not voting or writing in a candidate, Haslam echoed Wear’s statement about showing a commitment to the welfare of the community and emphasizing that character needs to be part of the decision-making “because it is in everything else.”

“I think the New Testament is really clear that of all citizens we’re supposed to be the exemplary ones,” Haslam said. “We’re supposed to obey authority and pay our taxes and be those kind of citizens. And being those kind of citizens means engaging in the process even when it’s not exactly the way we would have written the story.”

…”I think party identity is going to look pretty different five to 10 years from now than it does now,” Haslam said.

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