Haslam on race to replace him: Lots of talk on illegal immigration, not so much on education

In a speech to the Collierville Chamber of Commerce Wednesday, Gov. Bill Haslam suggested that the candidates running to replace him are overly focused on things that don’t have much to do with being governor, like illegal immigration, and not so much on matters where a governor can have impact, like education and the TNReady testing system or TennCare financing.

From the Commercial Appeal:

“There’s a governor’s race going on now where there’s a whole lot of conversation about things that don’t really matter as much in what you do in the governor’s office,” he said. “There’s a whole lot of discussion about immigration and building a wall in Mexico and sanctuary cities. All of that, to be honest with you, is a federal issue and rarely comes across the governor’s office.”

From the Memphis Daily News:

Immigration issues and pledges to back Trump’s immigration policies as well as building the wall with Mexico have been featured prominently in television ads by Republican contenders Diane Black and Randy Boyd.

“What you need to be asking whoever your next governor is is who is going to keep the progress that we have going in education?” Haslam said. “How are we going to run TennCare so it doesn’t eat up our whole budget but it does hopefully take care of our most vulnerable citizens and pays those providers in the health care industry? And how do we keep a climate that keeps attracting great jobs and great businesses here so this can be a place where we want to raise our kids and grandkids.”

Haslam who is seven months away from completing his second and final term as governor said he will not endorse in the Aug. 2 statewide Republican primary for governor.

(Haslam is endorsing Rep. Mark White (R-Memphis) in the House District 83 Republican primary, attending a Wednesday evening fundraiser for the incumbent facing a challenge from Doyle Silliman in the Aug. 2 GOP primary.)

… Haslam also said the recent problems with TNReady student achievement tests for a second consecutive year are emboldening critics who want to see the tests that are also used to evaluate teachers dropped.

“All of that was just like a kick in the stomach,” Haslam said of the problems in the testing process.

“There are a lot of folks that don’t want that year-end assessment of what a student learned to be a part of a teacher’s evaluation – a lot of people,” he said. “And every time we have an issue with a test this lends more credence to people who are saying, ‘You are putting too much weight on that. Let’s quit doing the test or quit having a teacher’s evaluation be a part of that.’ I just think that’s a big mistake for our state.”

20 Responses to Haslam on race to replace him: Lots of talk on illegal immigration, not so much on education

  • Bob Miles says:

    If Haslam wants to be an education governor, he never should have hired Candace McQueen, and then keeping her on as she wrecks the public school curriculum. Maybe he should look into the needless spending of the millions of dollars that some school systems get.

    • Kay White says:

      Bob: I agree with that. However, irregardless of who is Commissioner of Education was, Governor Haslam had his own agenda to make sure they were in accord with. That agenda was to push “Common Core” and to get Pearson Publishing company to write the programs for the lap tops put in our schools by Microsoft. He knew that this publishing company was a Libyan owned Muslim group. Why do people not get this? IT is so easy to see his connections – Has Lam is connected to the Middle east oil and those who are from the middle east are his friends. This is why this program index featured all religions but when clicked on – each and ever one came up saying”THIS SITE IS UNAVAILABLE” **EXCEPT – THE MUSLIM RELIGION SECTION WHICH OPENED UP AND ALL THE TEACHINGS OF ISLAM WERE THERE FOR OUR CHILDREN’S INDOCTRINATION! The “DRIVE TO 55” program has cost millions to put in force and to administer but less than 5% of the people under 55 are taking advantage of it. Makes a sane person wonder – who was he creating “JOBS” for at the taxpayers’ expense? You may trust the man, I do not trust him or his judgement. Boyd and Harwell are clearly in his corner. Lee is questionable because he doesn’t have an opinion about the failed programs and undue “TESTING” which failed and has caused turmoil in our schools! He is not committed to look into the problem and to get someone who is a devoted to our Children and Teachers to run the department, at least I have never heard him say this. In fact, I have not heard Diane Black address this either. I am the only one who is preaching that out children are the future generation and must be considered and I was the first to say we need to put more vocational / trade schools back in to the high schools – in an even greater way to prepare the young people for real life occupations for those who do not desire a higher education. After months of preaching this, finally Lee is in agreement with this!

  • Silence Dogwood says:

    Haslam is part of the elite “we know better than you” crowd. His hand picked replacement (think HRC & Obama) is La Raza Randy who is very soft on illegal immigration. So of course Haslam wants to direct the conversation away from the illegal immigrant invasion. Haslam knows a Republican will be the next Governor. Haslam will not endorse Boyd because it would not help Boyd get elected. Haslam is seen as a New World Order Republican (RINO) by most Conservative voters in this state. Conservatives need to understand we will win or lose this race in the primaries. Haslam trying to move the conversation to education and away from illegal immigration is his secret endorsement of Boyd. Just one ladies opinion.

  • James White says:

    I see Both Marsha and Diane support HR4760, Amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants and mandatory national biometric ID cards for all American. NO to HR4760.

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    You remember Mark White who just received Haslam’s endorsement don’t you voters? He’s the in-state tuition for illegals fanatic. Of course he’s Haslam’s kind of guy. That’s what you get when you elect a tepid conservative Republican Governor like Haslam. Randy! Boyd is the sequel to Haslam, that’s why it’s so important to elect ANYBODY BUT BOYD in the Republican Primary.

  • Seth Brown says:

    Bill Lee for me in the Republican Primary.

  • Bob Fischer says:

    Haslam’s right for a change. Virtually every Republican candidate is running a con on the people of Tennessee. Not one of them has proposed a solution or extended position on issues REALLY affecting Tennesseans. Either Democrat is not only a better choice, but an essential choice.

  • Donna Locke says:

    It is off-the-charts Orwellian that Haslam, etc., think or behave as if mass illegal and legal immigration have no effect on our public school system that we can’t just throw money and fed-up teachers at and fix.

    • Bob Fischer says:

      Illegal immigration is down in Tennessee. The idea that it has a profound effect on our education system is hogwash. It’s an imaginary issue in Tennessee for politicians too inept to address our real issues.

      • William Upton says:

        The problem with Illegals is that once they get in the country they don’t just stay at the border. It’s a problem in all fifty states. Have you travelled around, the last 10 or 15 years, and noticed that even in the smallest of towns there is always a Mexican restaurant or two and always staffed with real Mexicans? You used to expect that in Texas, Arizona & California. Now it’s everywhere including Tennessee.

  • David Collins says:

    Just what do all you good people think the Governor of Tennessee can possibly do in the area of illegal immigration? Immigration laws are the exclusive domain of the federal government. A state elected official has no jurisdiction in the area of immigration. If illegal immigration is a candidate’s concern, they should be seeking federal office.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      State and local government can make things easy and “welcoming” for illegal aliens or they can fully cooperate with the federal government to make things difficult so the illegals will be encouraged to move on to more “liberal” jurisdictions, or better yet not come to Tennessee in the first place. What conservatives are looking for is the latter rather than the former. From his record Randy! Boyd leaves no doubt how he will behave regarding this issue, that’s one of the reasons why it’s ANYBODY BUT BOYD for Governor.

  • Eddie White says:

    If illegal immigration is the sole domain of the federal government, why do we have this thing called “sanctuary cities”?

    • #Diane did nothing as chair says:

      Well it all started when lighting struck an oil puddle 6 billion years ago… just joking we have these things called Sanctuary Cities because the feds and the liberal mayors in large cities think that the federal government can have say about state’s rights. But if you are concerned that we are going to be over run with illegal immigrants please send your check to Us congresswoman Black a donation to build trumps wall yet as Budget Chair she couldn’t fund it “lying Diane”

  • #AlwaysForwardTN says:

    Before you begin to bash at who I say is best ready to hit the ground day one. Think about who has been the leader for education reform prior to Haslam and who still leads the education discussion. This candidate is the best at the issues our state has control but honestly with the amount of federal dollars we use to balance our budget we don’t have a lot of wiggle room.
    Poll after poll shows voters believe Tennessee is on the right path, and poll after poll shows that Tennesseans wish the federal government would stay out. Beth Harwell is the only candidate in this race that can move Tennessee forward as she has already done and she is the only candidate that can begin to distance us from the federal mandates that control policy. It is Harwell who has shown she knows how to govern. It is Harwell who has been on the forefront of all the major legislative movements. As Speaker she has controlled the Haslam social program expansion. Harwell is not like Black she does not lie she tells you what you don’t want to hear or she explains why she is on the opposite side of your issue. Beth Harwell unlike Diane Black has fulfilled her promises she unlike Congresswoman Black (remember D.C. is such an innovative place) is not all talk. If you compare Speaker Harwell to all of the three top candidates, in the Republican primary, you will see that none are perfect but one is way ahead of the others on state related issues.
    Please begin to tell all of us how Beth Harwell is not who I and who every one should think she is (a leader). Tell us why Randy Boyd would be good for Tennessee. Tell us how he won’t use his position to get into the 3 comma club or tell is how Bill Lee is such a good person (hate to be his wife currently no wonder he is in a RV) and that his reason for running isn’t solely something he thinks he can do. Then explain how Diane Black is such a leader yet she passed a bill to defund planned parenthood at the same time as Budget Chairman she funded it or how supportive of Trump she is. Yet where was she during that primary? Oh she was in the same place as all of the votes she missed No where to be found. Let’s have this discussion. Thank you Haslam for once speaking and actually sounding like you are not Elmer Fud.

  • Bob Fischer says:

    Sanctuary cities are basically municipalities operating under the tenth amendment. They choose not to spend their citizens tax dollars on enforcing federal laws. Some citizens believe in double taxing their citizens for these purposes, others do not. Sanctuary cities tend to have lower crime rates than non-sanctuary cities, for a variety of reasons, and that is a primary consideration of local government officials taking a strong stand on the issue.

    • Silence Dogwood says:

      Absolutely not true. Urban legend. Agenda narrative of the liberal press and the extreme left. Like Climate change disaster scenarios. Logically, then, if only every city/county had huge populations of illegal immigrants to make them more safe. Perhaps we could move 100,000 to Chicago and to Baltimore to solve the crime problems in those cities. Read and educate: http://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/crime/329589-the-truth-about-crime-illegal-immigrants-and-sanctuary-cities

      • Bob Fischer says:

        One of the reasons our education system is held in such low regard is that we send students into the world to act as adults who don’t understand the difference between an opinion and a fact. You posted an opinion piece and are pretending it’s factual. It is not. You are wrong. In addition, you are wrong about climate change not contributing to weather disasters. Just ask someone from Puerto Rico.

    • William Upton says:

      They sure don’t have any problem taking Federal money though!

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