Haslam leaves open possibility of vetoing bill to protect Confederate monuments

Gov. Bill Haslam is leaving open the possibility of vetoing a bill inspired by City of Memphis’ moves to remove Confederate monuments from local parks and aimed at preventing any such actions in the future, reports the Times Free Press.

The bill (HB1574), given final approval on the last day of the legislative session, prohibits local governments from selling or transferring public property containing a statue without permission of the Tennessee Historical Commission and says local governments violating the new law are barred from receiving state grant funds for five years.

Republican lawmakers all session were furious with Memphis officials, who in their view violated the spirit of the Tennessee Heritage Act by spiriting away statues of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest from two city parks.

…Haslam told reporters Friday that “typically we have a position on legislation as it works its way through” the legislative process.

“Because that one didn’t work it’s way through during the normal course, I don’t think we ever actually had a position, so I will see.”

A Republican and history buff himself, the governor said that when it comes to the “Memphis situation I think the unique thing there is Memphis owned that park. And I kind of come back to whoever owns property should be able to decide what happens on it.

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  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Haslam also has left open the possibility of running for the U. S. Senate when Alexander’s term expires in two years. I hope conservatives leave open the possibility that Tennessee can do better, much better, than centrist/tepid conservative Haslam when Alexander finally gives the country a break and retires.

    • Leslie Parsley says:

      Oh, poor Mr. Anderson – like far too many of my fellow Tennesseans – is still living in the 1800s. Shouldn’t we elect people to office who are a bit more in touch with today’s realities and regardless of party? After all, this is now 2018 and personally, I don’t have much desire to waste my time and energy arguing over monuments celebrating a costly and deadly rebellion. Or, should we be expected to get to the polls by horse and buggy instead of via swift rapid transit?

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        Leslie, please make that the early 1800s and I only travel by automobile powered by an internal combustion engine that uses good old gasoline. Wile you collectivists favor “swift rapid transit” which more times than not is neither swift nor rapid, as a libertarian if I have to go anywhere via government transportation I rather stay home.

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        BTW, it was a “. . .costly and deadly rebellion” only because Abraham Lincoln chose to make it so. Surely, “. . .this is now 2018. . .” and a modern, up to date, informed lady like you has noticed that we don’t have bloody rebellions anymore when one region of a country with different world views and traditions than the rest chooses to separate itself from country in which it finds itself. Were you opposed to the Slovaks separating themselves from the Czechs? It seems our Canadian and English friends were perfectly willing to let the Quebecois and Scotts go if that’s what they wanted to do. GET WITH IT LESLIE! This is 2018 after all.

  • James White says:

    Term limited is a lame duck means no accountability. No Term limits.

  • Randy Hendon says:

    My letter to Governor Haslam will go out Sunday! I will ask you Governor NOT to veto the will of the people of Tennessee. Please allow HB1574 to become law! Tennesseans do not want our Historic
    Monuments to be removed under any circumstances- just look at the margins of the vote on this law.
    I support home rule but when the local government goes rogue and contracts Monuments Madness- it is the duty of the State to intervene and protect our past! I visited the Forrest gravesite and Park a couple of days ago. The gravesite was desecrated by the City when they removed the Statue of the General and no maintenance has been done this season. The grass is out of control and debris is scattered throughout the Park. Many thanks to the House and Senate for doing the right thing! Now its your turn , Bill !

  • Eddie White says:

    If Haslam vetoes the monument bill to protect historical monuments in Tennessee, I would suggest Republican voters sit out the fall elections. I am tired of the political games that some in the Republican Party play with voters. To allow the city of Memphis to make the Tennessee Historical Commission look foolish, and then give them a pass is something that would be expected from Democrats. If the Republican Governor is going to act the same way, stay home next Election Day.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Oh Eddie, what absolutely terrible advice! The only voters who even potentially will take your advice are conservative voters which will result in fewer conservative votes while the liberals and centrists go vote away. The only ones who benefit from your advice are the political left, is that what you really want?

      “I am tired of the political games that SOME [emphasis mine] in the Republican Party play with voters.” Me too and they are the centrists and tepid conservatives that we must vote against in the Republican primaries. Haslam and his buddy Randy! Boyd, they’re favorite candidate to replace Diane Black in the 6th District, John Rose, etc. these are the Republicans to vote against in the Republican primaries and if they really irritate you even in the general election in the fall. If Republicans stay home, however, they will not be able to vote AGAINST Randy! and for Marsha Blackburn, Mark Green, Judd Matheny, etc., fine conservatives all.

      Heaven help us if leftists, centrists and tepid conservatives are the only ones who show up and vote!

      • James White says:

        With the Republicans in control of the House the Senate the President and what has it done? Nothing, we have MORE Debt, MORE Government, LESS freedoms. There is only One Party. The War Party

    • Kay White says:

      I am the only Republican Candidate that i know of who has spoken about leaving our monuments alone! Our Tax Dollars have already paid for these. We have our history and it is a part of our heritiage. I do not have the money that the others have but I have courage and I am determined to show that there is one candidate for Governor who is for the people, our teachers, our law enforcement agencies, our children, and our history must be preserved! I ask each of you to let others know there is a candidate fighting for our rights! I hope that i can sign the bill to make the Bible our state book that the Governor refused to sign! His true colors are coming out! He is a liberal who has taken advantage of his office and created a lot of turmoil in our state beginning with bringing in the refugees to our state in an agreement with Obama and now we have them on our TN Care, giving them free housing and welfare – too bad he was Governor and used his power to stay out of jail! His company was proven to have taken money unlawfully! And this man is our Governor? Surely we can do better!

  • William Upton says:

    Haslam will be held accountable if he’s thinking of running for Alexander’s senate seat. Lame ass better just do the right thing and sign the bill.
    To Leslie P above who doesn’t want to waste time arguing over monuments from the 19th century, thanks, we’ve heard enough.

  • Kay White says:

    I believe that people of TN have had enough of Governor Haslam and I do not believe there are enough people in TN who would ever think of electing him as a Senator! His Common Core legacy will follow him to his grave in Tennessee.

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