Harwell’s new TV ad mocks GOP rivals

State House Speaker Beth Harwell’s new ad takes aim at squabbling among her Republican gubernatorial rivals Randy Boyd, Diane Black, and Bill Lee, while calling her “the adult in the room.”

“My opponents are spending a great deal of time arguing over things we’ve already done in Tennessee. We outlawed sanctuary cities in Tennessee even before President Trump’s election,” Harwell said in a release. “We strengthened the law just last legislative session by adding monetary penalties to any local municipality that chooses to defy the law.”


25 Responses to Harwell’s new TV ad mocks GOP rivals

  • Donna Locke says:

    Well, we don’t have mandatory E-Verify applying to all employers in Tennessee, including the state. And those independent contractor/subcontactor tricks . . .

    I like Beth, but she has not been on the front lines of the immigration-enforcement measures. I wouldn’t panic, however, if she is elected governor. She’s my second choice after Diane Black.

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    As poll after poll comes out one thing becomes obvious, Beth Harwell is not going to be the next governor of Tennessee. I say that with some sadness because if this state had runoffs I would probably vote for Beth in the first round and then unify with my fellow conservatives in the runoff to vote against Randy!. Unfortunately, Tennessee doesn’t have runoffs so the unification of conservatives must take place now.

    Certainly centrist Republicans, a fair amount of tepid conservatives and Democrats who will vote in the Republican primary (thanks Beth) can be expected to vote for Randy! Boyd. I want to appeal to conservatives who still intend to vote for Beth to think again and decide whether it’s so important to record that vote in lieu of doing what you can to avoid eight years of Governor Randy!. Instead, please become an ANYBODY BUT BOYD voter by voting for the candidate most likely to defeat Randy! so we can avoid eight years of petitioning, e-mailing, demonstrating, calling in order to get Randy! to do the right thing.

  • Tennessee Jed says:

    Here is where all the current D.C. Diane voters need to head.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Do I detect a little misdirection from Ole Tennessee Jed? Now calling someone a liberal is a terrible charge to make against someone, so I don’t do that sort of thing lightly, but what if, just suppose Ole Tennessee is a liberal who would love to see a race between Randy! and Dean (talk about win/win) what would he do right now? BINGO – he’d have as many voters as possible who are all set to vote for the most likely candidate to defeat Randy! (Diane) throw their vote away by voting for the candidate least likely to beat his boy Randy!, Beth Harwell. No Ole Tennessee, that is definitely not where conservatives “need to head.”

      • Tennessee Jed says:

        Nope. Just want politicians who don’t act like children and aren’t in bed with lobbyists. It is difficult to find these days. Legal bribery through DC swamp culture is the biggest threat to this country.

        Big business with high-powered lobbying firms are drafting our laws and running this country.
        All politicians are in bed with them. Just have to choose the best out of a bad situation until it can change.

        I haven’t decided who I am going to vote for in Governor’s race….leaning Harwell. Given thought previously to both Lee and Boyd. Harwell likely won’t win, but she would do the best job in the governor’s mansion. She has tons of experience over Lee and Boyd which I think is vitally important in running an effective administration / getting good conservative measures passed. It’s the problem Trump has. If he had an ounce of experience prior to taking office, he would be a million times more effective. Also like that she has less ties to high-powered lobbyists (unlike DC Diane) for the above-stated reasons.

        • Stuart I. Anderson says:

          No TJ, it’s all encompassing suffocating big federal government that is nothing like our founding fathers intended but that which they feared and tried to prevent that is the biggest threat to this country. It is big government that allows lobbyists to insert themselves at the nexus of power because it’s so easy to find and corrupt. It is that big government that the conservative movement of this country is fighting with all the strength it can muster. You seem to be obsessed with “clean government.” I am less so because seeking to root out corruption and self-aggrandizement with a government that presents so much opportunity for both is a thankless and impossible task.

          Your vote for Harwell in this no runoff state is a pointless gesture. She doesn’t have the money to win nor does she have the record as leader of the House to make her stand out to any particular group of voters. If Tennessee had runoffs I would have voted for her too, but it doesn’t so her qualities and our reason for voting for her are a moot point.

          It is the centrists in the Haslam/Boyd wing of the Republican Party that make that party so ineffective in combatting the excesses of big government until it begins to negatively effect their friends in the Chamber of Commerce/Business Round Table. Every election conservatives must unify and do what they can to prevent the election of the candidate of that wing of the party either with their own candidate or with strategic voting. Today the centrists great hope is Randy! and there is no conservative candidate so our task is simply to allow the polls to tell us which candidate affords us the best opportunity through strategic voting to stop him. Whether that candidate brushes after every meal, may have passed some self-serving legislation somewhere along the line, etc. pales to insignificance compared to our need for ANYBODY BUT BOYD.

          • Tennessee Jed says:

            We have the same end goal, but your means is flawed. We haven’t got anywhere electing Small Government Conservatives TM. They all talk a big game, but turn around and give out tax breaks to their buddies and bloated government contracts to those who donate the most to their campaigns.

            Want a smaller government, then first rid yourself of the charlatans who preach small government but corruptly increase its size when the general public isn’t paying attention. Get rid of the legalized corruption and you will see government begin to decrease in scope and increase in efficiency. I don’t agree with Grover Norquist. I don’t want government so small that you can drown it in a bath tub. I know it was that size 300 years ago, but we live in a much different world. What I do want is an ultra efficient government that is lean and is good stewards of tax revenue. No waste. No ineffectual programs. Do that and you will be amazed how quickly it starts shrinking.

            That is my problem with DC Diane. She is a Small Gov’t charlatan. She talks the talk but does not walk the walk. She profits from the system. She may cut or reduce a program here and there with one hand, but ask for a bloated tax-payer funded contract with the other. That is not what Tennessee needs.

            Stuart, we are on the same team. We just have different ideas on what is needed to achieve the same goal. You don’t have to vote for Boyd. I understand your reasoning. But just don’t vote for DC Diane.

          • benton temple says:

            “It is the centrists in the Haslam/Boyd wing of the Republican Party that make that party so ineffective in combatting the excesses of big government”

            Under Governor Haslam, the state government is the smallest and least intrusive it has ever been. And with Gov. Haslam, Tennessee has a record low unemployment rate. Haslam has been great for Tennessee by every measure. But as usual, you speak in platitudes with no facts to back up your argument. That’s why you are supporting the most liberal candidate, D.C. Diane Black.

            Never change Stuart, never change.

      • MarLE says:

        Stuart…..there has been little you have said about Diane’s policies. Does she find anything problematic with the state employee Pension system? How about the current system of teacher salary based on yrs in classroom and on degrees earned….neither of this makes sense to me; does it to her? How about requirements for welfare/foodstamps/disability eligibility? 75% of our state budget is directly related to Education and Social & Health programs. I worry that her campaign and her governance will be focused on none of this as I hear so little about them from her OR from her supporters.

  • Eddie White says:

    Looks like to me that Donald Trump is getting done just what he said he was going to do.

  • David Collins says:

    Funny history on the question of primary runoff elections. Whichever party is the majority party does not want primary runoffs. For decades the Democrats controlled both houses of the legislature by commanding majorities like the Republicans enjoy now. The Republicans, at that time, introduced a primary runoff law every session and every session the Democratic majority killed it in committee. Now that “the worm has turned” you have the Democrats calling for a runoff law and the Republicans not letting the bill see the light of day. I have never understood either party’s opposition to a primary runoff, but historically, whoever is in charge–is agin it.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Incumbents don’t want runoffs, that’s the problem. Incumbents begin every election with a base of support from low information voters who simply recognize the name and those who genuinely support them. There are usually more than one candidate opposing the incumbent, splitting the opposition votes between them. A runoff would give the opposition an opportunity to coalesce which is precisely what the incumbent don’t want to see happen.

      We don’t need term limits that limit voters right to vote. We need runoffs that forces the opponents of incumbents to unify.

  • James White says:

    David, there is only one party. And they play the public like a fiddle.

    • Silence Dogood says:

      I never totally disagree with you, James. I am not certain I would agree with how you got to conclusion there is only one party. But I believe you are spot on. And that worked poorly for us common folks. Then Trump showed up and the howling and weeping began. I love it!!! MAGA!

  • Eddie White says:

    James, I am waiting for you to tell us conservatives who we should be voting for in the senate race? So far you are only against one candidate,

  • Eddie White says:

    James, who are you voting for in the senate race? We all know who you are against, but you never say who you are for?

  • James White says:

    Well If I vote in the republican primary, I will not vote for Deep State Marsha Blackburn. Will I vote for Aron Pettigrew? Is he conservative? I doubt it.
    I will vote for George Flinn in the House of Representatives.

  • James White says:

    IF you think there is not difference between the Republicans and the Democrats then you should look for the Swap series on FaceBook which is done by congress members. Tom Massey is one. I am not on facebook anymore but you can find them on You Tube. I would post the 4 links but the copybook editors frown on that sort of thing.

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