Harwell has $5M cash on hand for gubernatorial race

Press release from Beth Harwell campaign

In her first gubernatorial finance report, Speaker of the House Beth Harwell will
show more than $5 million cash-on- hand, with more than 1,000 individual
Tennesseans contributing to her bid for governor since July, the campaign
announced today.

  “I am grateful to all of the Tennesseans across the state who have contributed to
my campaign,” Harwell said. “I pledge to be a good steward of their hard-earned
money and gracious donations in this race for governor. We are positioned to be
successful in getting our pro-conservative message out to Tennesseans
statewide. This initial financial report is indicative of that goal, and I am excited
about and proud of our efforts.”
David Ingram, treasurer of Harwell’s campaign, said she is the most qualified
candidate in the race for governor. “Speaker Harwell will be ready to go to work
on Day One,” Ingram said.  “She will be fiscally conservative as governor, just as
she has been as Speaker of the House. She has balanced Tennessee’s budget
every year, eliminated the gift and death taxes, kept the state the lowest debt
state in the country, and cut nearly $1 billion in taxes.”


One Response to Harwell has $5M cash on hand for gubernatorial race

  • I heard that Harwell voted no to banning 20 wk abortions. If that’s true then she lost my vote. Do you know?

    Also, I’d like to propose a bill that requires everyone running for office be questioned on a lie detector test for things like: do you support our president? Our constitution? Sanctuary cities? The wall? Immigration laws enforced? Abortion? Plea bargaining for violent offenders? Have you ever embezzled money or committed a crime? Where were you born? Are you a racist? Have you ever stolen money and given it to a family member or used it for trips and personal use? Etc. Also required is a comprehensive psychological evaluation. We the People need to start voting smarter after we drain the swamp!

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