Hagerty to report raising $1.2M in first quarter

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bill Hagerty speaks at Nashville event on Dec. 3, 2019. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bill Hagerty will report raising $1.2 million in the first quarter, the campaign announced Monday.

“We’re continuing to share my vision and plan to protect our conservative Tennessee values as we connect with voters across the state,” Hagerty said in a statement.

Here’s the release from the Hagerty campaign:

Nashville, TN — Team Hagerty today announced Bill Hagerty brought in more than $7 million for the campaign in just seven months. He has $5.6 million cash on hand. In the first quarter of 2020, Hagerty further extended his strong momentum of support, raising $1.2 million.

“Team Hagerty continues building momentum every single day, and our family is so grateful for this outpouring of support,” said Bill Hagerty. “We’re continuing to share my vision and plan to protect our conservative Tennessee values as we connect with voters across the state. Together, we will defeat Chuck Schumer’s hand-picked liberal candidate and support President Trump’s America First agenda.”

Speaking about the first quarter, Team Hagerty Finance Chair Steve Smith added, “Tennesseans want their next Senator to stand with President Trump to protect our conservative values. They know that Bill Hagerty has earned the President’s whole-hearted endorsement and that Bill is best positioned to work with our President to deliver for Tennessee. Bill is running a strong grassroots campaign, and the campaign is strongly positioned to defeat Chuck Schumer’s radically liberal candidate in November.”

Hagerty earned President Trump’s “complete and total” endorsement to be Tennessee’s next United States Senator while serving as the U.S. Ambassador to Japan. To learn more about Bill Hagerty, visit  www.teamhagerty.com.

21 Responses to Hagerty to report raising $1.2M in first quarter

  • LeeAnn C. says:

    Great news! Key phrase in this article, “Hagerty EARNED President Trump’s ‘complete and total’ endorsement to be Tennessee’s next United States Senator…”. Trust is earned by getting work done-especially for this president! Just last week, Ambassador Hagerty was called to the White House to help with plans for economic recovery from the COVID-19 situation. He is already at work to help our country and has the know-how to get it done!

    • LeeAnn C. says:

      In contrast, Dr. Sethi is announcing his plan to address COVID-19. Problem is, no one is asking for the orthopedic surgeon’s ‘plan’. The president selected his team long ago. Governor Lee also selected a team weeks ago. Nobody picked Dr. Sethi. Since, by his own admission, he’s never run for anything – not even student council, he really isn’t qualified to run for U.S. Senate. He hasn’t proved a thing regarding conservatism and reveals that he’s better suited for an executive position where you get to call all your own shots. If he lives in Nashville, he could have run for U.S. Congress. Sadly, the Republicans didn’t find anyone to run against incumbent Cooper!

      • Mark Rogers says:

        LeeAnn C., have you ever heard the names Fred Dalton Thompson or William Harrison Frist? Neither of them had ever run for anything yet they went on to be outstanding United States Senators. In other words, your argument makes no sense.

        By your ‘logic,’ I guess that in 2016 you supported someone with more political or governmental experience. Ambassador Hagerty, for example, was a supporter of Jeb Bush, the Governor of Florida. But I bet you didn’t know that. It certainly isn’t something the campaign highlights.

        It is sad that the Hagerty campaign is resorting to negative (not to mention silly and irrational) tactics so early. I guess it is a sign of desperation or sloppy recruiting on the part of the management.

        LeeAnn C., I suggest you spend some quality time learning about Tennessee politics so that you don’t make silly comments like suggesting that Manny Sethi isn’t qualified to be our next United States Senator when we have Fred Thompson and Bill Frist as outstanding examples of people who moved into the job without political backgrounds. Maybe you should ask some of the thousands of Tennesseans who have been helped by the services of My Healthy Tennessee, the non-profit Manny started instead of making nonsense comments.

        • LeeAnn C. says:

          I haven’t heard a single person quoting the merits of Dr. Sethi’s nonprofit except for himself and his wife. Even he doesn’t explain what the organization does exactly. He’s full of hot air and self-proclamations of bring a “/conservative” without an ounce of proof! I’ve already invested my quality time and find Dr. Sethi woefully lacking of my support. Kind of like your opinion. Who do you like for U.S. Representative in the 5th district, by the way? There’s not a single Republican in the race. Maybe you can research TN politics to figure out why?

          • Mark Rogers says:

            Perhaps you have not heard about the successes of My Healthy Tennessee because you have not been listening or looking. My guess is that you are not someone who needs a free health screening because you don’t have health insurance.

            And where is your proof that Hagerty is a conservative and Sethi isn’t? Can you show us one issue where the Ambassador is more conservative than the Doctor? If you have done so much research, please enlighten us.

            Could it be you are convinced that Hagerty’s long time close relationship with Mitt Romney is proof of his conservatism? Or is it his willingness to be a Jeb Bush delegate to the 2016 convention that gives you confidence in his conservativism?

            Why do you bring up the 5th district? It can’t be won, especially in a presidential year.

            Why do you feel the need to be so hateful? Instead of making broad accusations, give us specifics. And explain why you don’t think people like Bill Frist and Fred Thompson were not qualified for office?

          • LeeAnn C. says:

            Mark, it’s Dr. Sethi’s job to prove his conservatism. Ambassador Hagerty has proven himself to be a productive conservative by working with and for President Trump for three years. Dr. Sethi’s only contribution to President Trump was in 2019 and a single visit to see President Trump in which he brags about spending an hour with him. President Trump hasn’t called him back. For anything. Again, Dr. Sethi proclaims himself to be conservative with NO proof! It’s the candidate’s job to sell his qualifications for office. Obviously Dr. Frist and the late Fred Thompson were successful in doing so. The 5th district is important because the Republicans shouldn’t just roll over and play dead. I don’t know if Dr. Sethi lives in the 5th district. IF so, I think it would have been a better choice for him to cut his teeth as a candidate and prove himself to be conservative. As it is, I don’t believe him.

  • Beatrice Shaw says:

    He should quit campaigning in all this economic misery and disperse his hoarded funds to the MILLIONS of people that desperately need cash to buy ESSENTIALS! Republicans only care about $$$$$$ What more proof is needed?

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Good to see that this campaign is going so well. Chairman Manny will find that the Bill Lee election was a multi-candidate fluke that sometimes happens in no run-off states. In this two candidate race he is going to go down to the ignominious defeat he so richly deserves which will serve as a lesson to other plutocrats that you can’t just show up with no or even an anemic record and think you can just mouth conservative sentiments and stroll into high office. Defeat The Chairman by voting for Hagerty.

    • LeeAnn C. says:

      Why do you call him ‘Chairman’? Not arguing one way or the other…just not catching your reference?

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        When elections roll around I love to capture the absurdities of a campaign by giving the candidate a nickname or a title. In the case of Manny Sethi, a theme of his campaign is that he is a “CONSERVATIVE-OUTSIDER.” Now here is a man whose anemic political resume has shown him to be an establishment hanger-on, befriending centrist/tepid conservative former State GOP Chairman like Chip Saltsmen and Bob Davis, culminating in his role as Chairman of the 2016 Statesmen’s Dinner, the premier fundraiser for the Republican Establishment.

        The Sethi campaign is a political flim-flam designed to fool conservatives into thinking that Dr. “CONSERVATIVE-OUTSIDER” is a solid conservative alternative to Hagerty. I can think of no better way to remind my fellow conservatives of that fact than to call attention to the good doctor’s chairmanship of the Statesmen’s Dinner by referring to him as “The Chairman.”

        • Phil Lassiter says:

          If he chaired a TN Republican Statesman dinner then he is ALL IN with the establishment. You’re right, Stuart. Vote against Sethi as often as possible

        • MARLE says:

          Trump gives nicknames so it is the Cool Republican thing to do. Followers…………………

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            Really? I don’t know of any other Republican who does so. Besides, I am not a “Republican,” rather I am a conservative with a most delightful libertarian garnish.

          • MARLE says:

            That makes it even worse.

        • LeeAnn C. says:

          Interesting. Yes, chairing the 2016 Statesmen’s Dinner is hardly a radical, conservative outsider milestone. Also missing is any contribution by Dr. Sethi to the Trump campaign prior to 2019. Actually, considering his $1.5 M + loan to his own campaign, he’s contributed very little to candidates. With his personal loan to his own campaign, he could have donated $1000 to 1500 candidates, but he’s been rather stingy. I believe your comment the other day is appropriate – narcissist.

  • Gary Boorhees says:

    Hagerty has the money to win most likely. I’d say a Senate seat worth 10-15 million and a congressional seat can be purchased for 4-6 million. A governorship will cost 25 million in most cases. All the races (except President) seem to have escaped the inflation we have seen in homes and education

  • James White says:

    Hagerty will just be another TN Yes vote to the 6 Trillion debt and most likely to be another Mark Green and vote our tax money to pay for and install solar panels for the communists in Russia.

  • Phil Lassiter says:

    Agreed. Stamp. Rubber stamp. No neck out in the firing line. Need to be safe so can stay 12-18 years at the trough of inside trading and perks. He wilL, however, from time to time make some individuals believe they are involved to keep them busy and silent. He’s a pro.

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