Green to host swearing-in fundraiser featuring Lee, legislative leaders

It’s never too soon to start raising money. Especially in newly-elected U.S. Rep. Mark Green’s case, given that he’s made no great secret about mulling a bid to succeed Sen. Lamar Alexander in 2020.

Green is holding a fundraiser “celebrating the swearing-in” of the congressman on Jan. 23 — 20 days after he was actually sworn in. Also attending are Gov.-elect Bill Lee, Senate Speaker Randy McNally, House Speaker Glen Casada, and Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson.

It will be interesting to see whether any of those legislative leaders distance themselves from Green if term-limited Gov. Bill Haslam decides to jump into the Senate race.

9 Responses to Green to host swearing-in fundraiser featuring Lee, legislative leaders

  • Cannoneer2 says:

    So the 7th is merely a stepping stone, not a District.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Senate seats don’t open up every day and there are only two of them from each state and they are elected for six years. Mark has eight years experience in the Tennessee General Assembly where he has an American Conservative Union score of 87%. He ran for Congress with the support of the House Freedom Fund as well as the Club For Growth. He will no doubt compile a fine conservative voting record as a member of the House Freedom Caucus over the next two years.

      If I am correct, for conservatives it almost doesn’t get better than that. Especially if we are faced with the choice of Rep. Green vs. Gov. “Pablum” vs. No Record Candidate “who really is a conservative cross his heart.”

  • James White says:

    What gall. Just another self serving politician. Hasn’t cast enough votes to determine if he knows anything. All he has to do in the House is vote Against the Democrats and he comes up smelling like a rose, but can’t wait to climb that ladder. I suspect he is a neocon just the same as Lamar.

  • Bob says:

    I’d be greatly surprised if Green votes like LAMAR!, but even more surprised that no one from Williamson County or rural West TN. ran against him in the 7th District primary. Some enterprising reporter could make some hay looking into why……

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      He had a primary opponent from the music industry who had a campaign all ready to go but he dropped out because, as I recall, he couldn’t devote the time it would take to run a credible campaign. No loss, he was a No Record Candidate, and Republican’s cup runneth over with No Record Candidates who inexplicably are sometimes successful, see Lee, Bill.

    • James White says:

      West TN is not part of District 7. We got a NeoCon too.


    Ever since Senator Alexander announced he was not going to run in 2020 (gosh, I like the way that sounds) Republicans have been asking themselves – Who are we going to support to fill that open seat? Other than Mark Green and Bill Haslam there does not seem to be many others sitting on the bench. Mark Green is one who many of us would support for that position.

    I truly believe Dr. Green did not run for congress with the idea of using it as a stepping stone on his next election. Circumstances has opened that path. Several of us have counseled Dr. Green about the optics of this situation which is probably why he says he is just mulling it over. But again it is the circumstances that are controlling this path. Those circumstance include whether or not Bill Haslam decides to run. If not – Representative Green is certainly a viable candidate. If so – well the decisions get a whole lot trickier.

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