GOP Rep. Rohrabacher campaigns for Matheny

State Rep. Judd Matheny hasn’t been been able to keep pace with his Republican rivals for the 6th Congressional District nomination so far, but he’s been getting some high-profile endorsements from members of the House Freedom Caucus, including founder Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and now Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.).

Matheny faces John Rose, a former state agriculture commissioner, and Bob Corlew, a former judge, in the Republican contest to succeed Rep. Diane Black, who is running for governor.

A release from the Matheny campaign:

Nashville TN —  The political scene in Tennessee is drawing in big names to endorse candidates in hopes of getting the conservative agenda moving in DC.  With conservative bills stalling or being diluted beyond recognition in congress,  strong conservative voices are jumping in on upcoming elections to help choose the candidates who can help them get the job done.   Even President Trump, the biggest name in politics is hitting the campaign trail to endorse candidates like Marsha Blackburn.  Michael Reagan, the son of Ronald Reagan has stepped out to endorse Judd Matheny for Congress.
Dana Rohrabacher was also spotted traveling to Nashville to campaign for Judd Matheny at the Nashville City Club.  Dana served as a speech writer for Ronald Reagan during his presidency and is now representing California in Congress.  Dana is a member of the House Freedom Caucus and speaks frankly about the urgency of getting the right people elected in the upcoming August primary.  “We are at a critical time in history and we have got to do whatever it takes to save America.  I urge voters to vote for Judd Matheny so he can go to Washington and help save America.  Judd has the courage and proven ability to stand up to the powerful forces that bully congress today.”
The House Freedom Caucus has emerged as the only wall to stop Republicans from caving to the massive pressures brought by the liberal lobby and progressives in Washington.  As we watch our congress crumble on critical issue after critical issue it is apparent the upcoming election is vital to the success of our country.   The House Freedom Caucus was formed by conservative legislators to ban together as a force to stand firm on conservative principles. Many individuals and organizations have stepped out to endorse founding member Jim Jordan to replace Paul Ryan as speaker of the House. As a Representative in the TN State Legislature, Judd Matheny worked to form a caucus using the House Freedom Caucus as the blueprint.  This TN caucus has actively fought for issues like anti-sanctuary city policies, regulation of refugee resettlement, 2nd amendment protection, and others.
Jim Jordan and the House Freedom Caucus have looked into the candidates running for the 6th congressional seat to replace Diane Black.  Judd Matheny is the candidate the caucus says they want to work with in congress.  They know Judd has the experience to hold the line with them and protect against the massive pressures that threaten our country.  Conservatives must stay focused and as Dana put it, “help us save America.”

15 Responses to GOP Rep. Rohrabacher campaigns for Matheny

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Conservatives might have to settle for tepid conservative Diane Black because as per the latest polls she has the best chance of allowing us to successfully carry out the ANYBODY BUT BOYD strategy. Lucky conservatives in the Sixth District, however, don’t have to “settle” when choosing their next U. S. Congressman because they have a conservative stalwart in Judd Matheny ready to take their seat in Congress as well as a seat in the House Freedom Caucus. For conservatives, Judd’s opponents “No Record” Corlew, and the choice of liberal Democrat fundraisers John Rose make this, in the words of Trace Adkins, “No Thinkin’ Thing.”

    • benton temple says:

      Ah yes, Stuart Anderson out here shilling for the most liberal candidate, “D.C. Diane” Black. Guess Stuart Anderson is ok with not building a wall on the border, eh?

      And wait, Matheny is still running? Thought he may have dropped out of the race after unethically using campaign cash to purchase a car.

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        Come on Benton, don’t be shy, we’d like to know the punch line to all your criticisms. Who are you going to vote for in the Governor’s race? Who do you support in the Sixth District? May I guess?

        For Benton its solid centrist Randy! Boyd for Governor and in the Sixth its the favorite of liberal Democrats in the district, John Rose. Benton is interested in sowing division among conservatives so his centrist friends will win. Nothing wrong with that strategy, it’s just we conservatives are too smart not to see through it.

        • benton temple says:

          Lol. Stuart! Come on Stuart! We know that you don’t like facts.

          1. Judd Matheny spent donor money on a new car. In fact, he got it from Beaman Toyota in Nashville. It’s listed right there in public records for you to see. How do you feel that donor money is being used on personal items instead of you know…winning?

          2. Diane Black is LIBERAL. She is ON TAPE saying you can’t build a wall! Come on! Send her back to her lakeside mansion built on government contracts!

          Sorry Stuart, but I judge candidates by their actions and words. You may not want to, but keep on keeping on.

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            1. It’s illegal to use campaign money for personal use. Report the guy Benton otherwise vote for him because he’s the only proven conservative candidate in the race. He has an 88% rating from the American Conservative Union for his stint in the General Assembly since 2002. I have a better idea, DO BOTH, report him AND vote for him. Either he goes to jail or he takes the place of Diane and we gain at least 10 Heritage percent in the exchange.

            2. Diane looks like the only chance we have to beat Randy! who is a serious centrist. What does Diane know about walls and as Governor of Tennessee she’ll have nothing to do with walls along the U.S./Mexican border. To say she’s a liberal because she may have made some stupid remark about a border wall is a bit of a stretch. You say she’s a liberal, Heritage, the Club For Growth, and the Conservative Review says she is, at worse, a tepid conservative. Who ya gonna believe voters, Benton Temple who is probably going to vote for Randy! and Rose or three premier conservative organizations.

            Of course, you’ve refrained from telling us who you are voting for so I restate my strong suspicions that you are, in fact, here to misdirect and divide patriotic conservative voters. No dice Benton, we’re on to you and conservatives are going to unify as never before, take a bite of a Powder Milk Biscuit, and go vote for Diane and Judd!

          • James White says:

            Don’t vote Diane, she supports Amnesty.

      • Phil Lassiter says:

        At least Matheny lawfully purchased a truck and disclosed it and is using it for business purposes from privately donated funds. Rose purchased two luxury SUVs with YOUR TAX MONEY!! That’s right-he is a multi millionaire many times over and receives $400,000 annually in farm subsidies-but he says he is a ‘Free Market Man’. Media is reprehensible

      • Phil Lassiter says:

        Matheny used campaign contributions to legally purchase a car or he would not have disclosed it. You libs are used to not disclosing anything so we forgive you. At least he didn’t use tax money like Rose to buy vehicles and a home!! That’s right! Look at the record. Farm subsidies from YOU!!

  • James White says:

    Conservatives like the U.S. Constitution and don’t want it messed with. Matheny feels differently.

  • Tennessee Jed says:

    Ahhh yes, Russian Rogue Rohrabacher. I am sorry, I prefer my representatives to not commit treason. Is that too much to ask?

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      You better hurry up Jed and report Rohrabacher to the FBI because he is about to be comfortably reelected to his 16th term in California’s 48th. After you do that, who are you going to vote for/support in Tennessee’s Sixth?

      • Tennessee Jed says:

        Nobody……….given that I don’t live in the district. That is unless George Soros / David Koch (pick your conspiracy theory evil mastermind) starts paying better. I need more than $50 and a bus ride.

    • Phil Lassiter says:

      Ignorance of world history and politics-YOU Jed

  • Joshua Read says:

    Wow, benton stuart, Judd Matheny actually spent money on a campaign vehicle? I’m shocked that he had the audacity to buy an old used pickup truck to use in his campaign. I mean talk about unethical. He should have donated a couple million bucks of his multi-hundreds and used a shell consultant company to cover his tracks and hide his intent. Or, he could have at least had the Haslams or the Bones buy it for the campaign.

    But instead, Matheny has the gall to actually pay his campaign people, I tell you the guy is downright liberal if he thinks he can get away with not buying a bunch of worthless swag, media ads and going to expensive fundraisers.

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