GOP gubernatorial candidates showed at Trump rally; only Black got presidential mention

While President Trump’s Nashville rally was held to support Marsha Blackburn’s run for the U.S. Senate, four Republican gubernatorial candidates were on hand as well to show support for the president and look for votes, reports WKRN TV. U.S. Rep. Diane Black got a presidential mention.

  “Diane Black. Diane where are you?” said the President at the start of his speech before finding her off the side of the stage. “She is in a big race, Good luck Diane.” 
The President did not mention that Rep. Black had been with him most of the day in what’s called the “security bubble” as he headlined a private Blackburn fundraiser before attending the rally. 
Earlier, as some waited to get into the President’s rally, two other Republican candidates were right there with them. 
Both said they are fully on board the Trump train after one of them was once on another track in the presidential race. 
“I was for someone else during the early part of the primary, but when it became apparent the president was going to be our nominee,” said Boyd to News 2 Tuesday. I jumped on board to support him. I was at the convention to support him. I voted for him. I was even there for the inauguration.” 
Bill Lee brought himself and his billboard bus to those waiting in line to see President Trump. 
“He has been a great president for us,” said Lee in the midst of shaking hands. “He has done remarkable things for this country and I think he did it because he loved this country.” 
…Tennessee House Speaker Beth Harwell tweeted out a picture of herself in the crowd along with the words, “So glad I could make it. Great boost for #MarshaBlackburn #USSenate #TNGOP.

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  • Jim Brown says:

    John Rose candidate for 6th District Congressman was there and had a meeting with President Trump and John Bolton.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Did he bring his financial supporters Charles W. Bone and Charles’ daughter-in-law Sacha? According to The Tennessean Charles “. . .has long been a player in Democratic fund-raising” so if he did I imagine it was one heck of an interesting meeting.

      Obviously John is spending big bucks to be seen with Republican big-wigs, but he has the heart of the most liberal elements of the Democratic Party and as far as I know it isn’t costing him a dime.
      Please Sixth District voters “DON’T BE FOOLED AGAIN” – vote Matheny or even Corlew NOT ROSE!

  • Bob Fischer says:

    Know your issues. If you value the bill of rights, particularly the first and fourth amendments, have children who might be college worthy, need healthcare or a job that pays a living wage, then the republican party is not for you. The wealth they are stealing for corporations is yours. You paid the taxes for state schools only to see tuitions skyrocket while eliminating working positions around campus. Your health insurance premiums have skyrockets so wealthy Republicans can line their pockets at your sick child’s expense. Do not be deceived by Stuart Anderson as he speaks for Lucifer and repeats what Beelzebub himself would tell you if he were pandering for your vote. Educate yourself. Study the issues and don’t fall for empty rhetoric.

  • Beth Doss says:

    Read the facts for yourselves, which is available on the John Rose for Congress website! Every candidate in every race that is leading the pack, almost always has to deal with negative comments. However, I’m sure the smart voters of district#6 are very much aware of who the real conservative is! I’ve never known anyone to ever care for TN and district #6 and to give so much of his personal time as John. You decide based on the facts you discover, not the”opinion” of someone else. Thanks!

  • Jennifer Hamblin says:

    Mr Anderson is 100% spot on!!!!! Not only does Rose take donation $ from the Democrats, he has been in business with some of the biggest ones in our State! That makes one question his true GOP dna all day long! Rose also supported the gas tax! Enough said. Everyone talks about Rose dating his wife at a very early age, after his Family Foundation gave her a scholarship to college at TTU. Rose’s Father n Law Is his age, they graduated HS the same year. Yes, as odd as this is, it is his business. It does bring into focus however, the decision making skills. Rose can hire others to try and dig up dirt on others, yet his own decision making skills are in question
    .Rose continues to try and buy this race, and the voters of the 6th District are smarter than that! Rose is not the guy that will remember anyone if voters are foolish enough to send him to DC. We would become an in vitro Group to Rose. Judd Matheny not only has the experience, & has been on the actual playing field for 16 years, he doesn’t have to go around paying former FBI agents to do things for him. Voters it’s time to be really sick and tired of Candidates claiming they are the most viable because their wallet is thicker or they claim to be true conservatives. It’s time to be really sick and tired of those trying to buy the race. I want my next Congressman to be a REAL TRUE CONSERVATIVE! Judd Matheny for Congress is that only answer.

    • James White says:

      Judd Matheny voted For an Article V Constitutional Convention. He does not deserve to be in authority of any legislature.

    • Beth Doss says:

      Like I said earlier, the leader of the pack always endures false accusations. I know if you knew both John and Chelsea and the honest, hardworking people they are, your heart would be convicted. I’m sure you would enjoy getting to really know them!

  • James White says:

    They all are saying they will support Trump, None are saying they will support the CONSTITUTION First.

  • Kay White says:

    I am stating and the only candidate for Governor who is saying it in this order: I am a Christain, Constitutional Conservative. I want what is right for the people. I need all votes from all the people who want a Governor who thinks for themselves, one who is NOT CONTROLLED by Special Interest. I love my Country and I love our Constitution and Bill of Rights! It is factual that many who are running do not include the State Constitution in their remarks and I want it known that I include our State Constitution along with the National Constitution. I am a person who is standing up for our Teachers, our Children, our God given rights and I believe that together we can win this race and show that good people who are committed to correcting the mistakes of the present administration can win without being controlled. Please contact your friends and if you have any questions for me, please feel free to call: 423-646-4378

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