From ‘Philbert’ to ‘Phony Phil?’

President Donald Trump’s “Philbert” nickname for Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Phil Bredesen didn’t exactly stick. Republicans are now rallying around a new one: “Phony Phil.” Will it do any better? Only the phuture can tell.

The state Republican Party sent out a release this afternoon calling Bredesen an elitist, essentially because he’s rich. (Here’s hoping nobody over there looks up Republican Gov. Bill Haslam’s net worth.)

Here’s the release:

Phil Bredesen is really trying hard to convince hardworking Tennesseans he’s just like them, but it’s becoming an increasingly tough sell.

Phil has said the Democratic party is “too elitist and too distant from the concerns of the very down to Earth people that have always been the base of the party.” We agree, especially since Phil Bredesen embodies this elitism. As the Washington Free Beacon reported today:

“With reported assets between $88.9 million and $358 million, Bredesen, if elected, would become one of the richest members of Congress. Public records show he is the owner of five homes—two homes in Nashville, two lakefront properties in upstate New York, and a five-bedroom home in Jackson, Wyoming.

Bredesen is also one of the registered owners of an Embraer Phenom 300 private jet, according to Federal Aviation Association records.”

The cost of his Phenom jet? $10 million.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with the Chattanooga Times Free Press, Bredesen bragged he comes from a “more sophisticated world” than most Tennesseans because he “went to an Ivy League college.”Too elitist indeed.”Phil Bredesen’s continued hypocrisy exposes him for what he is: a phony,” said Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden. “Tennesseans need a Senator who shares their values and will represent them – not out-of-state elites. Marsha Blackburn is the best choice for Tennesseans this November.”

7 Responses to From ‘Philbert’ to ‘Phony Phil?’

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    I think it’s unbecoming for Republicans to engage in class warfare by attempting to stoke the embers of envy. We should leave that type of mindlessness to the liberal Democrats where it belongs.

    Trump carried Tennessee by a decisive majority. Bredesen’s first vote upon entering the U. S. Senate will be to give Chuck Schumer and his band of leftist control of the Senate where they will attempt to block everything Trump wants to do. No one who voted for Trump can rationally vote for Bredesen. That should be the gist of the advertising by Marsha and her friends rather than personal attacks on Bredesen or his net worth.

  • James Williams says:

    There goes “Daffey Donald” trying to make up catchy phrases again.

    And, Stuart, have you looked around at your own party? There is no more Republican Party, there are only the mindless Trumpees. Moral high ground? Nope Fiscally Conservative? Nope, not after the increase in the deficit. Foreign Policy? Nope, in bed with Putin.

    But they sure can repeat a catch phrase.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      If so, James those “mindless Trumpees” better get their butts in gear and show up and vote. Last night around Columbus Ohio in the 12th District which has been a safe Republican District for years fully nine out of 10 Democratic leaning Presidential election year voters turned out to vote while only four out of 10 Republican leaning voters turned out. If that’s the best that Republicans can do come November they can kiss the House goodbye and the Senate might be up for grabs too.

  • MarLE says:

    Class warfare and envy? Great strategy. And as for him being one of the richest Congress….didn’t TN just bring home one of the richest members of Congress? We need to send them a like-kind replacement just to keep up TN’s recently acquired reputation as a spawning ground for uber wealthy politicians.

  • Christina Norris says:

    Phil Bredesen runs as a Democrat but serves as an Independent. As Governor, he took quite a few actions that served business and irritated Democrats, such as his ‘reform’ of Workers Comp laws, which infuriated trial lawyers. He’ll do what he thinks is right for Tennessee, he’s not a party guy.

  • Silence Dogood says:

    Blackburn is full of energy and a has a bright active mind. We need to send someone up that will help energize Tennessee’s future. Bredesen is at the end of his career with too much money in the bank to spend in his lifetime. Time for him to retire and influence events through campaign contributions, advice, and spend time with his family and play with his grand children. He would have absolutely NOTHING to lose if he went rogue on us during his first Senate term. Phil, step aside and let the younger generation have their turn. You will be 75 if you won and 81 at the end of your term.

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