Four challenging Chattanooga Mayor Berke’s reelection

Four people filed petitions to run against Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke’s bid for reelection next year, reports the Times Free Press. The qualifying deadline was Thursday and candidates have until Dec. 22 to withdraw their names.

City Councilman Larry Grohn, who has aggressively challenged the Berke administration on a number of fronts, is opting to run against Berke rather than seek reelection to his Council seat. He had announced his candidacy earlier.

“An entire generation of our city is in desperate need of education, opportunity, and hope,” Grohn said in released statement in November.

The Berke campaign has rebuffed Grohn’s attacks.

“One of our opponents is focused on using misleading claims to divide us, but the reality is Mayor Berke has spent the past four years changing the way our police department works with the community, reducing robberies and property crimes to an all-time low, and protecting women from domestic violence,” Tyler Yount, Berke campaign manager said in an email.

Berke faces three other challengers, including three-time former city councilman David Crockett, Chris Long and Gail M. Francis, former chair of the Sign Language Interpreting Department at Tennessee Temple University.

2 Responses to Four challenging Chattanooga Mayor Berke’s reelection

  • Linda says:

    I am very unhappy with the money spent on reducing crime by gangs in downtown Chattanooga and the results can be found in the statistics. When you spend millions of dollars on crime prevention and the number of shootings and violent crimes go up, something is wrong with your plan. Berke has not been a good role model for our youth in Chattanooga as he has been accused of having an affair with a close aide and the woman’s husband claims there was proof of that on her phone.
    I hope that all Chattanooga voters will consider Larry Grohn, a strong fiscal conservative with a vision for better education and a safer community for our city. How our money is spent is very important and a Berke appointee misused (stole) $30,000 of his budget and was given a one-week suspension. That means that Berke’s administration is very weak as far as ethics are concerned and people are furious about such a paltry penalty.

  • C.M. says:

    I’ve also read that Mayor Andy Berke and some of his top staffers communicated often using an app that causes a text message to disappear after the recipient reads it. Why would he do that?? I think that it was a bad decision on his part due to transparency issues. We need leaders who can not only lead properly but provide the transparency necessary to maintain an honest relationship between them and the city that elected them. This screams dishonesty and I wont vote for him again. I’ve been a lifelong Democrat until Trump came onto the scene and inspired me to vote Republican for the first time EVER. His honesty and blunt straight talk was refreshing. I felt like the Democrats became hateful and conniving. The media bias was nauseating. I no longer felt connected to the Democratic party and will faithfully vote Republican from now on!

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