Former state Rep. Page Walley eyes run for 7th Congressional District seat

News release from Page Walley

Bolivar, Tennessee—Dr. Page Walley, former State Representative and current Vice Mayor of Bolivar, is considering a run for the 7th U.S. Congressional District.  Since Rep. Marsha Blackburn announced she will not be seeking reelection, voters from across the district have expressed to Walley their desire to see him run.

Walley served five terms in the Tennessee House of Representatives and six years in executive branch leadership under Republican governors as Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services and the Alabama Departments of Children’s Affairs and Human Services.  Under his leadership, Alabama became the first state to fundamentally reform its child and family protection system and exceed federal court expectations.

Currently, Walley-a clinical psychologist and licensed minister-works as a managing director at Casey Family Programs, the nation’s largest operating foundation focused on strengthening communities and families. In this role, Walley works with local, state, and federal officials to address these needs.

“Working with communities and families locally, nationally, and internationally, I see the insecurities and struggles that our people face in order to provide for their families.  I have been a part of collaborating with folks of all persuasions to find common sense solutions to these challenges.  In working with communities to develop economically, nothing is more foundational than the safety and well-being of our most vital resource, our children and families. Without educated, healthy, technologically-equipped communities, we cannot have the workforce and future we hope for.”

“This 19-county district is both blessed and challenged to achieve the hopes of our people.  The vast majority of our counties are considered ‘economically distressed,’ while a few have benefited from remarkable regional growth and development. We need someone who understands how to build on the strengths that we have while making sure we don’t leave others behind.”

As a popular state legislator who served on the Agriculture, Finance, and Health and Human Services committees, Walley was known as a problem-solving consensus builder who held more than 800 “Listening Meetings” throughout his district to hear from citizens so he could work better for them and address their individual and collective concerns.

Walley is a sought-after speaker both here and abroad on issues of faith, family, and community well-being. Recently, former Congressman, Homeland Security Undersecretary, and current Governor Asa Hutchinson (R-Arkansas) asked Walley to keynote his “Restoring Hope Summit” to equip business and faith leaders to meet the needs of citizens reentering society after prison or aging out of foster care.

Walley met with government and university officials in Yemen on human service delivery issues and also was invited to Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University in Russia to lecture on how to transform their antiquated orphanage system.

17 Responses to Former state Rep. Page Walley eyes run for 7th Congressional District seat

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Nothing whatsoever to raise even the slightest suspicion that this gentleman knows or cares anything about separation of powers, states rights, limited government, etc. Metaphorically speaking, he is the guy in the switching tower who only cares about pulling that level and pushing another so the passing train is on the right track, neither knowing nor caring where the train is coming from or where it is going. At a time when we need conservative candidates of vision and conviction Walley offers us at best a technocrat. No thanks, I’ll stick with Dr. Mark Green.

  • John Marks says:

    The people that know Page Walley and that have worked with him will tell you that he is definitely not a technocrat. They will say that Page Walley is a hard working, energetic problem solver that gets the job done, and makes a big positive difference in people’s lives. His resume shows this. I wish that people who commented spoke from knowledge instead of assumptions, and had better metaphors. Page Walley is actually the guy that helped physically lay the train track, helped build and design the switching tower, helped design and install the switching system, and overall made the train system much better than it was before he stepped in to help. And he knows all of the train employees, and their families. And they all really think very highly of him. Now that is a factual metaphor.

  • Annelise says:

    You obviously know nothing about Page Walley. The 7th district of Tennessee would be absolutely blessed to have him as their congressman. He is a man and leader who cares deeply about the issues of every town and city within the district and beyond– so much so that he is currently spending time away from providing for his family to travel throughout the district, meet with its people to ask what their needs are and how he can meet them. He is the furthest thing from a “guy in a switching tower.” He adores the state of TN and all of its people– even you, someone who only has false negativity to spread about him.

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Reminds me of an old country song in which the lady sings about her rival who gives blankets to the poor in winter, a regular Nobel Prize winner, etc. etc. but the singer really hates her and she’ll give you the reason later. Of course, I don’t hate Dr. Walley but I sure as heck won’t vote for him and I can give you the reason right now.

    What I want from the Republican Party is not to field a bunch of social warriors, though social warriors occasionally are useful. What I want are candidates who will go to Washington (or Nashville) and spend every moment opposing the Democratic Party and as it attempts to move this country left until we become an uninteresting socialist republic. Candidates who are sensitive to the fact that as the federal government becomes ever more powerful and the judiciary is packed with judges sympathetic to that power the citizens of this country become less powerful so that their wealth, freedoms and liberty are in danger. That’s what the platform of the Republican Party, so laboriously adopted during the Republican conventions every four years, says the Republican Party is supposed to be about but too many Republican officeholders get to Washington and ignore.

    Mark Green has spent a number of years in the Tennessee legislature demonstrating that he is sensitive to the concerns expressed in the platform of the Republican Party. On the other hand, in the statements contained in Tom Humphrey’s article and in the encomiums to Dr. Walley from Mr. Marks and Annelise I still have no reason to believe that Dr. Walley has a clue.

    • Jewe) Reid says:

      Mr. Anderson, you have no idea who Dr. Wallet is. However you are correct in saying he will not go to Washington to fight the democrats. He will go to Washington to do as much good as he can for His constituents. He is a fine Christian man who lives his belief in Christ each and every day. He is a wonderful man and is always ready to do what needs to be don to help those he represe.nts. you have made it abundantly clear that you do not know Dr. PAGE wallet.

  • Annelise says:

    Stuart, I appreciate you sharing your reasoning to your opinion; but in regards to Dr. Walley, I still have no reason to believe you have a clue.

  • Junelandrum says:

    I remember page walley serving in the legislature when I worked there. I had three legislators in the office now they are one on one. Still have practically the same type of bills as back then. So what has changed so much. Perhaps the salaries now are lots more than we made. Good luck dr page walley. I am not acquainted with mark green but may the best man Win

  • John Marks says:

    While it is certainly your right to vote however you want to, I am not sure how you extrapolate out of Tom’s wonderful article that Dr. Walley’s qualifications and experience do not align greatly with the republican platform. Are not families, economics, agriculture, health, community needs, workforce needs, and planning for the future, all part of the republican platform? He has experience in all areas of that platform. It reminds me of that old country song “I’ll Read It How I Want To.”

  • John B says:

    Show me someone who “will go to Washington (or Nashville) and spends every moment opposing the Democratic Party,” and I will show you someone on a GUARANTEED path to failure.

    If our candidate intends to spend “every moment opposing the democratic party,” then he/she is missing ample opportunities to collaborate and make solid decisions that represent the true desires of our district.

    Mr. Anderson, you have given me every reason to believe that Mr. Green is intending to keep us divided as a country, a state, and a district. I’ve seen enough of that circus. No thank you.

  • Barbara Dellinger says:

    It seems that those who wrote negative comments do not know Dr. Walley. He is a Christian man with Christian values who loves his state and the people in it. He would be an asset to each resident of our state with total concern and care to make each person count. He has the knowledge to make things happen and with no doubt he is the perfect one for the job.

  • Terry Bell says:

    From a personal perspective, I know Page Walley to be a genuine caring person that is approachable. Whether you are a Banker, Farmer, or a disabled elder…regardless of status he cares enough to listen and try to find a solution with a win win approach. He is a conservative Christian that loves People. He has track record of bringing people together to accomplish common goals. In short, he is a gifted leader with godly heart. I have no desire to attack other fine candidates, but I will rise to say I am grateful that Page has offered to serve in this honorable position. I pray God guide us in this primary to find the best person to represent our interests nationally.

  • Josh Pulse says:

    I’m excited Page Walley is considering running for this position. If he runs I will vote for him. I have seen the positive difference he has made in his district during his time as a Representative. He will be a great voice for the people if given the opportunity.

  • Jewe) Reid says:

    John Mark you sound as if you know Page Walley. Everything that you said is right on. Page is just what we need in government. He is a great son husband father and grandfather. He is first and foremost a dedicated Christian gentleman. He loves people and will work for the people as he says that he will.

    I wish people would take the time to find out about a person before he/she starts spouting off half truths and non trurhs. Page is a God fearing loving aChristian man

  • Carolyn Garner says:

    Dr Page Walley is a man of good moral character and will be a hard working Congressman. West Tennessee is certainly blessed that Page calls Tennessee home. I have known him and his family for a number of years and have always considered him a friend and a man of his word. We are behind him 100%!

  • Bailee says:

    Dr. Page Walley truly cares about his constituents. I have seen him go house to house in our city to talk to each individual person during his campaign for City Councilman in Bolivar, Tennessee. He takes his time to listen to the needs of others and to take action in meeting those needs. The 7th district of Tennessee will have pride knowing they will have a congressman who will fight for them and be a great voice for the people in Washington! His experience and education speaks volumes. He is an amazing leader.

  • George Weir says:

    I am so excited to have Page consider running for this critical office. Knowing him for years solidifies my opinion concerning his caring attitude toward others. He consistently listens to other opinions and offers his thoughts in a caring manner. Page is the type person we need in Washington to address the needs within our District. I strongly support Page and hope others will also.

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