Former mayoral candidate and business partner buy Nashville Scene and Nashville Post

The company owned by Nashville entrepreneur and former mayoral candidate Bill Freeman and his longtime business partner Jimmy Webb has acquired the Nashville Scene, the Nashville Post and Nfocus from holding company SouthComm, according to an article in the Scene.

Terms of the acquisition by Freeman Webb, which does the majority of its business in residential real estate, are not being disclosed. The purchase was completed Friday and adds about 35 people to the company’s ranks of more than 450. The publications’ leadership team, with publisher Amy Mularski and CFO Todd Patton at the helm, will stay in place, as will the editors of the Scene, the Post and Nfocus.

“Jimmy Webb and I are thrilled to purchase the Post, the Nashville Scene and Nfocus, which are all publications that we’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading over the years,” says Freeman. “It is important to us and to the Nashville community to maintain local ownership of these vital publications. We look forward to ensuring a steady future of excellent media coverage under our ownership.”

“Freeman Webb Company delivers service and value by empowering and recognizing the importance of our many talented employees,” says Webb. “Although the addition of media publications is a new enterprise for our company, we will be successful by preserving that same sense of family whether it is in our apartment communities or the newsroom.”

Freeman said he and his team will not look to overhaul the publications’ editorial directions. The Scene will still focus on the city’s government, music, food and arts, while the Post will continue to deliver business, political and sports news and commentary, and Nfocus will provide social, lifestyle and philanthropic coverage.

9 Responses to Former mayoral candidate and business partner buy Nashville Scene and Nashville Post

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    And most importantly they will do so from a decidedly left of center perspective, so relax folks.

  • Bob Fischer says:

    Most importantly, it will be news reported from a local perspective without having to bow to corporate overlords from out of state. Both the Nashville and Knoxville markets have shown themselves to be supportive of accurate local reporting, unfortunately the right wing corporate takeover of the media has left that market in the dust.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Right wing corporations like Gannett that has bought or bought and terminated almost every widely circulated paper in this state?

  • Bob Fischer says:

    Gannett would be an example, yes.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      I think you are giving readers of your comments a much better view of where you stand on the political spectrum i.e. how far left you really are. To be clear, in your view Gannett and its papers like The Tennessean are right-wing, that is, conservative, right?

  • Bob Fischer says:

    Read them.

  • Bob Fischer says:

    They’re mostly devoid of news. The are a self-perpetrating business. They play to their audience like Fox, Breitbart, Federalist, etc. They are anti-union and pro corporate dictatorship, just like Trump and the tea-baggers. You tell me. They’ve fired or retired every decent reporter they had without replacing them. They are creating their own reality by restricting and distorting information.

  • Bob Fischer says:

    Perpetuate. It should have been self-perpetuating. Where’s Barker when you need him?

  • Bob Freemam says:

    Great the Scene is now owned by slumlord, payday loan lender and GOP donor Bill Freeman. I hear Bill Freeman will be writing a weekly column on exploiting the poor on substandard housing financed with HUD money.

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