Flinn weighs in on ‘good, bad, and ugly’ of coronavirus crisis response

Republican U.S. Senate candidate George Flinn is weighing in with his views on the “good, bad, and ugly” of the response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Flinn, a Memphis physician and radio station owner, criticizes people who refuse to engage in social distancing and calls out members of Congress who allegedly sold stock holdings because they had advance warning of the effects of COVID-19.

“These actions, if proven true, are not only unfair but also illegal according to federal law and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” Flinn said in a statement.

Flinn is seeking the GOP nomination to succeed retiring Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Maryville) this year. His main rivals are former U.S. Ambassador Bill Hagerty and Vanderbilt surgeon Manny Sethi.

Read the full statement here:

As a physician, businessman, and politician, and most importantly as an American just like you, we are all affected by the many sides of this pandemic and the multiple ramifications it is reeking on our society. There are three main sides to this pandemic. First, the ugly.

THE UGLY — There are certain groups of people who refuse to pay attention and heed the national, state and local public health rulings and CDC guidelines. They continue to congregate in close quarters seemingly not caring what happens to others and appear to only be concerned with their personal satisfaction. They believe that this is not a real problem in the United States. The worldwide experience and history of this viral pandemic are ignored. This attitude and these actions keep the viral spread more active and continues the threat of overwhelming healthcare and economic systems. It thwarts our efforts to “flatten the curve” and benefits no one. 

Congress passed a 2.2 trillion-dollar bailout bill that President Trump signed into law on March 27, 2020. This bill, called the CARES Act, is intended to re-energize our economy by helping individual citizens and employees through direct payments, enhanced unemployment benefits and through small businesses and corporations. The goal is to make sure people continue to have money coming into their homes and provide money to people to spend and keep a portion of our economy going. Already, a small percentage of the population is planning to “game the system” and receive more than their fair share of the 2.2 trillion dollars. For this small sector, greed is not dead.

It is important for you to know certain members of Congress have had advanced knowledge about the virus’s effect on our economy and the stock market. Allegedly, some members of Congress sold stock holdings to avoid loss in their investments and may have warned their donors and friends to do the same. As Americans, we believe in fair play. These actions, if proven true, are not only unfair but also illegal according to Federal Law and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
Just because a small group of people might abuse the freedoms we have and not obey social rules for the common good is no reason that we should not carry on with our positive mission in this war against the virus. Just because a very few elected officials allegedly might use advanced insider knowledge for their own personal financial gain does not mean that we should not, as a nation, pull together to win this war.



THE BAD — The COVID-19 virus has bad characteristics and can be spread before a person has symptoms. Also, spread from asymptomatic  seemingly well) persons has been reported. While we, and our healthcare system, are fighting the acute illness, we are also searching for a cure, and future immunization and prevention measures such as vaccines. We have all taken a “crash course” in viral epidemiology and learned about handwashing, face touching, social distancing, and personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks, gloves, face shields, and disposable covering materials. We have found that our National Emergency Stockpile of ventilators and PPE’s, as well as other disaster materials, has been drained and not refilled in the past. But, as in the past, America, with the determination to win, is “ramping up” to fulfill the supply needs of the hospitals and patients admitted to those hospitals in need of lifesaving treatment. Testing kits are becoming available on a widespread basis and testing data is being complied in a record-breaking fashion.

We have found that we need testing data to determine four groups of people:

  1. People who have an active virus.
  2. Those who have had the virus and are immune, and
  3. Those who are at risk of contracting the virus.
  4. Those who might be temporary carriers with no symptoms.

By determining these four groups, we know who can go back to more normal life and work, who should be quarantined, and those who should practice strict precautions to avoid the viral virus. We can then make policy decisions about healthcare and our economy based on science and facts. Americans have always been able to celebrate good news and meet the challenge of bad news as long as we are told the truth.


THE GOOD — We are seeing a nation at war with COVID-19 Virus. The virus is a small thing, not even a cell. However, this tiny piece of genetic material has turned our nation and the entire world upside down. Areas not yet affected will soon be, and we are seeing our nation put aside our petty and small differences to fight the war on the virus. As in other World Wars (most still know about WWII), we see daily sacrifices made by incredibly good people. 

These sacrifices can be seen with such acts as social distancing and the loneliness of self-quarantine. We as people generally like to be close to and support others. This war’s musical anthem is becoming “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Maintaining six (6) feet distance from each other is difficult, so is no handshaking, no hugging, and no kissing. Many people are wearing masks to protect ourselves and others. With the masks, we are unable to see the human expressions of our fellow man. Our children are learning the importance of interaction with friends and regular physical school attendance, as opposed to isolated online education. Their parents and guardians are doing a magnificent job of showing their families and the nation daily examples of bravery. Of course, we are all fearful to varying degrees, but carrying on in spite of the fear is real bravery. I am proud to see our families, parents, and children weather this storm to the best of their ability. Doing our best is what makes America the leader in the world. These actions show what we are made of.



I salute each of you reading this as Americans caring for your fellow citizens. I may not be able to personally thank you, at present, but look forward to the time when social distancing is once again unnecessary, being able to shake your hand and give you my heartfelt thanks for your efforts. We are in this war together and I am overwhelmed with pride in you and our United States of America. Why?


24 Responses to Flinn weighs in on ‘good, bad, and ugly’ of coronavirus crisis response

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    With so much good that can be done with his wealth Dr. Flinn can think of nothing better to do than give it to campaign consultants and gofers in his endless attempts to gain public office. So sad. Conservatives certainly have better things to do than pay any attention to Dr. Flinn. I believe the filing deadline is tomorrow at noon and so far Timothy Hill is the only PROVEN solid conservative in the U.S. House race for the First District in East Tennessee. David Hawk, please DON’T DO IT!!!!!

  • James White says:

    Don’t let Sturart “No Record Candidate” Anderson fool you. He wants Deep State and NeoCon Hagerty to be elected. He says never vote for a no record candidate, but alas, Stuart is part of the problem, not the solution.
    Vote for Dr. Flinn for US Senator from Tennessee, he has a proven conservative record.

    • Eddie White says:

      Glad to see that Flynn supported the stimulus bill and also appears to support the governor’s efforts to keep people at home. Does that make Flynn a tyrant?

      • James White says:

        I do not see where Flinn supports any illegal executive order to make it illegal to not stay at home. and as to the stimulus, any support of that is bad, but politicians like to increase spending, and I am not happy about that. But he has not said Damn the Constitution, No assembly,,, yet.

        • Eddie White says:

          This is what makes our country great during this crisis…we are neither governed by the far left or the far right. We do what is necessary to try and preserve our people’s health and our nation’s economy.

  • LeeAnn C. says:

    Many individuals have filed petitions to be candidates for the US Senate primary. There’s only 2 viable candidates. Dr. Set hi, the self proclaimed conservative that has donated to Bob Corker and ACT BLUE, or Ambassador Bill Hagerty, life long Republican who stands by Republican candidates (including Corker, but also Donald Trump in 2016 and Marsha Blackburn for Congress and Senate). Bill Hagerty doesn’t put on airs on the advice of political consultants while Dr. Sethi is a puppet. Dr. Flinn and others may provide talking points to be considered, but cannot compete with the deep pockets.

    • Al Gore's Ghost says:

      Manny gave $50 to a Democrat congressional candidate once? And to Corker? Wow, what a bombshell. Go have a look at Haggerty’s contributions some time. He gave $1,000 to Al Gore when he was running for president. And he’s given far more to Corker (close to $9000) than Sethi ever did.

    • John says:

      “LeeAnn” must be a joke account or one of the biggest hypocrites in the Republican Party. What about Haggerty $1,000 donation to Al Gore? Right after the Lewinsky scandal.

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        LeeAnn is a fine conservative “John” and she is trying to find a conservative in this Senate race as well she should. Unfortunately, I think she will be disappointed. I will join her in voting for Hagerty in order to vote against The Chairman When Hagerty gets to Washington he will be a loyal Trumpidian, but after that I predict he will get a gentleman 75% from Heritage. Anything above that would be great, below that I hope I can console myself by remembering that he is better than Alexander and hope that Mark Green is ready to step up when next a Tennessee Seante seat opens up.

        • James White says:

          Mark Green votes for More Spending and Less Freedom, he is Deep State too !

        • MARLE says:

          Green will have a long wait. Whoever wins will have a couple terms ahead of them based on the demographics of current Senate crowd. And Marsha will be the RBG of the Senate.

          Green had better be long on patience or plan a geo move.

      • LeeAnn C. says:

        ‘Al Gore’s Ghost’? ‘John’? I just went back to the FEC database and found no such contribution to Al Gore. I attempted to search all the way back to 1990 and didn’t find any contribution to a Democrat. Ever. Maybe you’re looking at the wrong Hagerty.

        The hypocrite is Dr. Sethi. You just can’t credibly claim the title of ‘true conservative’ and donate to Bob Corker and ACT BLUE. I don’t care the amount. It’s about your character and values. The label is self-generated and unsubstantiated. The talking points for Dr. Sethi do not differ from Ambassador Hagerty. He apparently watches Fox News and recites whatever is found note-worthy from their commentary.

        Ambassador Hagerty has been at work with President Trump for three years and has proven himself to be a valuable asset. The biggest smear attempted against him is his work for Romney AFTER Romney was the GOP primary winner in 2008. I put a Romney sign in my yard and voted for him because he was NOT Obama. Romney has certainly fouled himself since his pout fest over not being selected as the GOP since.

        Each election year presents an opportunity to vote for the best choice you can find on the ballot. Hagerty is it. The last thing we need is a Democrat to win and give Schumer the leadership role in the Senate.

        People that stay home from elections in protest because they can’t find a ‘conservative’ to suit them are the biggest losers of all.

    • Donna Locke says:

      Hagerty’s alignment with Jeb Bush is the most telling to me as to where he really stands on immigration issues. For that and other reasons, I don’t trust him.

  • MARLE says:

    They are all vying to go to DC and fall in line doing whatever dumb thing Trump decides he wants. I get why it matters to THEM why they win (personal ego, feathering their financial nest etc) but It won’t make on hill of beans difference to the rest of us. A lap dog is what each has promised he will be.

  • LeeAnn C. says:

    Whoever you are ‘Al Gore’s Revenge’, no need for the name calling. I’m simply saying what I found when I looked. Since you don’t spell Ambassador Hagerty’s name correctly (one g), it could be possible that your search was off. The link you provided wasn’t the same type of search I was doing. Hmm….1999 vs 20008.

    Probably in that era, Mr. Hagerty was doing what many businessmen do. They contribute to both D & R. Trump did this, so did Lee. I don’t find a single other democrat recipient in the search from 1990 to present day.

    You are ignoring the hypocrisy of Dr. Sethi for calling himself a conservative with his contributing background. How to reconcile a contribution to Corker and ACT BLUE with a self-labeled conservative and absolutely NO contributions to conservatives in the past 20 years? Dr. Sethi is a hypocrite.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Perhaps more of a self-serving narcissist. By gosh he looks in the mirror and while at one time in his life seeing an orthopedic surgeon looking back was enough, now he wants a U. S. Senator looking back. That can be his only reason for running. What is beyond annoying is that The Chairman, or should I say Chris Devaney and his campaign team, has decided to portray this political neophyte and ideological nullity as some swashbuckling conservative with sword unleashed ready to do battle with liberalism everywhere.

      PLEASE. GIVE ME A BREAK! The Chairman will surely lose this race, but the goal should be for him to lose badly so he becomes an example of what happens when you contest an election with few candidates and from you anemic record you appear ideologically naked before the electorate.

    • Al Gore's Gag Reflex says:

      So it’s fine when Haggerty gives a thousand dollars to a Democrat presidential candidate and $9000 to Corker for “business” reasons, but when Manny gave $50 twelve years ago, it’s hypocritical? I thought they were both claiming to be the conservative saviors of Tennessee. Maybe its you who is the hypocrite.

      • LeeAnn C. says:

        Where in the Washington outsider playbook does it say support ACT BLUE and Corker? Without giving a dime to Donald Trump until 2019 (coinciding with the Senate run)?

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        Oh dear, AGGR, you are paying attention to what candidates claim or promise during a campaign. I would think that anyone who follows politics and cares enough to take the trouble to comment about it on a political blog should know better.

        It’s the candidate’s political record that counts. The higher the office being sought, the more important the record. U.S. Senate is pretty high. Neither Hagerty nor The Chairman have a consistent, extensive record of conservative devotion and they are both far enough out of puberty for me to conclude that there is no reason to expect they will become a devoted conservative once they get to Washington where the center of gravity is much more to the left than it is here in Tennessee.

    • Donna Locke says:

      LeeAnn, this is not true. As I cited from the FEC in another thread, after the ActBlue donation in 2008, Sethi has donated, in those particular reports, only to Republicans, including a thousand dollars to Rick Perry in 2011. He has donated to the Republican Party. Did you support Grant Starrett? Sethi donated to him. I supported DesJarlais.

      I don’t have a horse in this Senate race. Just watching. I can say with some certainty that Hagerty can’t be trusted on immigration control issues, but very few Republicans can be. Sethi helped toward the defeat of one of the very few who could be trusted on this issue.

  • Eddie White says:

    I don’t plan to vote for any candidate in the primary. But if you are trying to figure out who the next senator from Tennessee will be, Sen Bill Hagerty is his name.

  • Randy Hendon says:

    Doctor Flinn – always takes a thoughtful and Conservative position on the issues –
    he will be the candidate of West Tennessee – as exhibited in the near miss for U.S. Congress!
    Go George!

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