Fines imposed on former Rep. Durham now total $505,000

The Registry of Election Finance board voted Tuesday to impose another $10,000 civil penalty against former state Rep. Jeremy Durham, reports WTVF. That pushes total financial penalties assessed against Durham to $505,000.

The new fine was levied for wrongly reporting contributions and expenditures by Durham PAC, the political action committee set up by the Franklin County Republican. The Registry previously voted to impose a state record $465,000 in penalties against Durham for multiple violations in his regular campaign account. (Previous post HERE.)

And the Tennessee Ethics Commission has voted to impose $30,000 in penalties against Durham for problems with his filings of conflict-of-interest disclosures. (Previous post HERE.)

3 Responses to Fines imposed on former Rep. Durham now total $505,000

  • Cannoneer2 says:

    How much has he actually paid?

  • Misty Partner says:

    None that has been reported and probably never will. The sad thing is that there are several legislators that vigorously supported Durham are still in the General Assembly. Weaver and Rogers voted no against his expulsion and the rest made the coward vote. That vote did not pertain to his campaign fund shenanigans but his lack of self control when it came to woman around LP. But it goes to show his character and his supporters in the GA and in Williamson County, not Franklin County.

  • Misty Partner says:

    Oh, 50 some of thousand dollars disappeared from his campaign account with no account of where it went. Maybe he neede some more up protective Oakleys.

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