Ketron: Lee is ‘good man’ to lead Tenn. for 8 years

State Sen. Bill Ketron (R-Murfreesboro) speaks on the Senate floor on Feb. 26, 2018. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

State Sen. Bill Ketron says he expects Franklin businessman Bill Lee to lead Tennessee for the next two gubernatorial terms.

Ketron, who is running for Rutherford County mayor, made the comments about Lee  at a campaign town hall on Tuesday. Ketron is the Senate Republican Caucus chairman, the same position that gubernatorial candidate Diane Black held before she was elected to Congress in 2010.

“You have a good man here that I feel, in my personal opinion, that will lead us for the next eight years: Bill Lee,” Ketron said at the event.

Ketron noted that there will be a vast reduction in institutional memory given the raft of retirements in the General Assembly. He told Lee he could take advantage of that “void.”

“Now’s a great time for you to come in. Fresh ideas. Push back on those bureaucrats, our state employees — all due respect, but they get entrenched. So now’s a great time for you to come in and do what’s best for this state.”

Lee faces Black, Randy Boyd, and Beth Harwell in Thursday’s gubernatorial primary.

16 Responses to Ketron: Lee is ‘good man’ to lead Tenn. for 8 years

  • James White says:

    Too Bad. Kreton supported an Article V Constitutional Convention. He needs to Go.

  • Melanie Tuck says:

    A great choice. Hoping Lee wins. This state faces huge turmoil ahead if Diane Black is elected.


    Jammes, what is so bad about an Article V constitutional convention? As I recall it is one of the ways we citizens can propose proposed constitutional amendments. The other being to get our representatives in congress to do it. If proposed the proposed amendment still needs approval by 34 states to become an amendment.

  • James White says:

    James, do you think the Libs will just let conservates rewrite the constitution? do you think that they would change the amendment process to be popular vote? do you think they would keep the 2nd amendment? or even the 1st or the 10th. Why Chance it ? We have NEVER amended the constitution via the Article V way, why chance it? Besides, the constitution is not the problem, Congress is the problem. They have the power to fix our broken government. Change congress, not the constitution.

    • Todd Montgomery says:

      I guess you don’t understand the Article V process. For a convention to be called 34 states have to write nearly exactly the same agenda in their convention call…or balanced budget, term limits, ect. Of the proposal for a convention is not written the same it can’t be held and only those things on the table can be considered. That is by design…make it difficult enough that the likelihood of it happening is rare which keeps stupid things from being considered and possibly enacted. There is absolutely no danger in calling a convention. Everything that comes out of the convention has to be passed by 34 state legislatures also to become law. Its a very specific process to prevent a rewriting of the Constitution.

    • JIM GARRETT says:

      James, sorry I misspelled your name – I didn’t catch the double mm’s until I read your response.

      But to your response – NO I don’t think the “Libs” will let conservative rewrite the constitution. I would expect them to fight it kicking and screaming all the way. But on the other side of that coin, no I don’t expect the conservatives to rewrite the constitution either. From my prospective nobody is rewriting the constitution. I expect conservatives to propose a change – that’s it. I feel that is the responsibility of all citizens to propose change when they feel it is necessary, I EXPECT THE CITIZENS OF 34 STATES TO REWRITE THE CONSTITUTION. After all, it is we, the people, who is supposed to have the power to rewrite the constitution if we wish.

      On a more sane note – I am posting as Jim just so I won’t be confused as to whom is being called a moron and who is not.

  • Phil Lassiter says:

    James is a moron. He knows nothing of the protections in place, much less the fact that it’s a tool our Founding Fathers gave us. If you don’t like it James, what other part of the Constitution do you despise? You’re your own diagnosis of what might happen in the non existent runaway convention. Fearmongering.

    • James White says:

      Phil, Mr. Madison did not want to use the Article V. the original constitutional convention was a run-a-way.
      I would like to see the 16th and 17th amendments repealed but only the traditional way. I would rather not change anything (in this political climate) than ever try Article V.

    • Silence Dogood says:

      Phil, you are rude. You insulted James White. I disagree with him on many things but I always respect the opinions and perspectives of him and everyone in this group. You should apologize.

  • James White says:

    Beware of Article V :

  • Phil Lassiter says:

    No reason to despise someone simply because they had an open mind to prepare for all eventualities

  • Todd Montgomery says:

    The problem I have with Ketron…and I know him personally…is his support for high dollar items such as transit and solid waste issues. Bill is a great guy but at least somewhat misguided on policy. Rutherford is facing $1.20 tax increase next year…it was needed this year to pay for all the misguided stuff the county is doing but of course it’s an election year. Its going to be interesting to watch…from outside the county as I am moving soon. Can’t afford to buy in Rutherford anymore and sure can’t with the looming property tax increase.

  • Mike S. says:

    I don’t know why this made the news with the TNJ. This is NOT an endorsement. No where does Ketron say he is supporting or endorsing Bill Lee. He just says that he is a good man and he expects him to win. This is a big nothing. Must be a slow day for the brain surgeons at the TNJ.

  • Donna Locke says:

    Speaking of prognostication, I went to the oracle laundromat in Columbia today. The denizens of this laundromat have accurately foretold a number of political outcomes. I poll these poor ripped-off customers when I’m in there washing something big, such as a bed comforter. In 2015, they told me Trump would be elected president. They’ve been right about local and state races, too.

    I was afraid to ask about the governor’s race, so I just listened to them talk about their lives. I met an underwater ironworker in there once. My dad was an ironworker but not underwater. I think possibly this is an omen. Of climate change.

    Anyway, today in there, I met a guy who lives off the grid. He borrowed my laundry detergent, which is named All; I guess this looked like an invitation. The guy went into detail about living off the grid, and I got to thinking: this being the prognosticator laundromat, this may be where we’re headed.

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  • Eddie White says:

    Hmm…not sure the point of this post….

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