Diane Black walks railroad track, talks God and family in latest TV ad

Press release from Diane Black campaign

Nashville, Tenn. – Today, Diane Black released her new TV ad, “Tracks,” which focuses on her parents, her upbringing and her faith in God.


Diane Black: “My high school classmates looked down their noses and told me I came from the other side of the tracks.”

Voiceover: “Diane Black”

Diane Black: “Mom and dad never told me how poor we really were. We started in public housing. But they gave me the one thing that really mattered – my faith in God. As a single mother working midnight shift, I needed my faith. I kept the bible my parents gave me and it still guides me every day. And God-willing, it always will.”


16 Responses to Diane Black walks railroad track, talks God and family in latest TV ad

  • cjmcd says:

    She has impressed me from “day – 1” because of her candor and work ethic.

  • Henry Walker says:

    I’m guessing that with the separation of children from parents on the border, her campaign decided it was time to stop airing those harsh, anti-immigrant ads and change the subject.

    • John Patterson says:

      Perhaps if those parents would come to the appropriate border entry points and make their claims for asylum, rather than sneak across the border, they wouldn’t face the prospect of separation. As is usually the case, there is a right way and a wrong way – – it’s a shame the criminal element types (who couldn’t pass the vetting process) find a way to enter our country illegally and game the system. It’s a shame, too, that Democrats are so hungry for voters that they refuse to address the issue of immigration reform. As Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer say, “If we can’t get Americans to vote for us, we’ll import those who will”. In many of these cases of child separation the illegals are crossing the border with children who are not theirs, and in some cases the children are abandoned by the illegals who run when they see the border patrol agents approaching.

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        Great response John. Thanks for taking the time to do so.

      • David Collins says:

        John, I challenge you to produce documentation that Shumer or Pelosi ever said what you attributed to them in your response.

      • Linda says:

        Thank you, John! I couldn’t have said it better–people who come with the intention of breaking our laws deserve a lot worse than anything they have gotten so far.

      • Bob Fischer says:

        They’ve closed all border entry points for those seeking asylum. The rest of your post is hogwash.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Henry, that’s good ole Diane! Be rough and tough when there is little opposition, but when you start receiving incoming head for the tall grass. Look, you can’t sit in congress for all those years and get a lifetime Heritage score of 78% without being. . .uh. . .”flexible.” It’s Diane and the other two members of the Trifecta of Mediocrity that allows me to be relatively indifferent as to who I ultimate vote for so long as it’s ANYBODY BUT BOYD.

  • benton temple says:

    Ah yes, and there goes Stuart Anderson again – pining for Diane Black, arguably the most liberal candidate running for Governor: Giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants and being the original Never Trumper. Diane Black called the POTUS “childish” and went to a secret island meeting of Never Trumpers in 2016 with the goal of stopping Trump from becoming the nominee. Actions speak louder than words.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      For me “pining” never sets in until a Heritage score of at least 85, probably more like 90. Diane has a 78. I’ve spent at least $5,000 trying to remove Diane from her House seat in previous elections. All and all I don’t think “pining” quite captures my feelings toward Diane.

      What I was attempting to get across is my adherence to the ANYBODY BUT BOYD strategy and my relative indifference as to who I ultimately have to vote for in order to carry out the strategy. I guess my communication skills were found wanting in that attempt.

      • benton temple says:

        It’s just laughable that you would support Liberal Diane Black. She is the most liberal person running for Governor in Tennessee, and has an abysmal record to back it up.

  • Donna Locke says:

    Let’s all join the lawless and entitled. It’s the egalitarian solution. Got a law or boundary you’re contemptuous of? Ignore that sucker. Drag your small children along. Nothing bad ever happens to the children of the lawless. Ask a foster kid.

    Seriously, the illegal immigration mess continues because our current laws are not enforced and because there are so many ways to game our system with catch-and-release policy, ridiculous asylum policies, the easy use of children as tickets into our system, and more.

    National mandatory E-Verify on ALL employers would greatly reduce the jobs magnet, but Republicans won’t pass it. It is of course illegal to knowingly hire an illegal alien. If employers can claim ignorance, they get a pass. Being required to use the federal E-Verify system would get rid of much of that convenient deniability. The business lobby doesn’t want that. Certainly not before the robots have taken over.

    We have other magnets besides jobs, most related to interpretations of our laws, interpretations that should be challenged, including automatic citizenship for children born here to foreign nationals, including tourists and illegal aliens; and our forced “free” education of other countries’ children.

    Someday, I guess, Americans will tire of being tied up by their own dress sash, but by then only the bones will be left of the magnificent feast we put on for the demanding world. The bones will be in a pile. The original structure will be gone.

    • Kay White says:

      I agree with Donna on the above remarks. We should have to use e-verify with all of the horrible crimes in our country. This is another way for us to keep our security under check. If I am elected, I want to put a strong Commissioner of Safety on board who will help our state rid itself of those who do not abide by our laws! Live in American under our Constitution or go back to where you came from!

  • Karen says:

    She’s “Johnny, come lately” to the “Me too, I’m a Christian” campaign bandwagon! Rings hollow to me. Anyone who is still reading their childhood Bible doesn’t read it much! 😀

  • Melinda says:

    Pandering to Christians by reading her bible on a railroad track? She must assume we’re pretty stupid! Bill Lee’s commercials come off as genuine while Diane Black’s seem contrived. Sickening!

  • Casey Jones says:

    Thank you, Diane Black, for the visual near the end of your clip. A member of Congress, sitting on train tracks, reading her Bible. I spit up my coffee, laughing at the delicious ironies. That one image perfectly summarizes what’s wrong with today’s GOP. Get ready, Diane, et al….there’s a train a-comin’.

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