Democratic group takes aim at Blackburn over opioids

A new ad being run by the Democratic-aligned group Majority Forward criticizes Republican Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn’s role in the opioid epidemic sweeping the country, The TennesseanJoel Ebert reports.

“Congresswoman Blackburn helped pass special legislation to restrict law enforcement’s ability to combat the opioid crisis and hold drug companies accountable,” the ad’s narrator says.

According to Ebert:

In 2016, Blackburn co-sponsored a bill that critics said limited the Drug Enforcement Administration’s ability to freeze suspicious shipments of drugs. The legislation was highlighted in a 2017 joint investigation by The Washington Post and “60 Minutes.”

After the joint investigation was published, Blackburn vowed to lead the effort to revise the law and fix any unintended consequences.

In August she said the DEA has yet to offer guidance to Congress on addressing the law, which has prevented her from taking action.

Blackburn’s campaign spokeswoman, Abbi Sigler, said the congressman has introduced bipartisan measure to increase civil and criminal penalties for bad actors and give law enforcement additional tools.

Democratic Senate candidate Phil Bredesen has said he would sign on to efforts to reverse the legislation if he is elected in November.

Majority Forward is the nonprofit wing of the Senate Majority PAC, which Republicans have said is run by close associates of Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of New York. The group has also run ads criticizing Blackburn for her congressional salary and trips she’s taken that were paid for by interest groups. It has also run ads supporting Bredesen.

8 Responses to Democratic group takes aim at Blackburn over opioids

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    An attack under Operation Distraction is underway! Fix bayonets!

  • James White says:

    It is true that Deep State Marsha get LOTS of $$$ from the Big-Pharm Lobby.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Why don’t we have an official wealth qualification to run for office? Why if all of our candidates had to be worth, let’s say over $100,000,000 then people like you wouldn’t fall for an attack under Operation Distraction about who is getting money from who? As a matter of fact, I dimly recall that there was a wealth qualification to even vote in certain places in early days of country. Right up your alley James.

      BTW, what’s Bredesen worth, about $300,000,000? No worry about taking money from somebody for him! He will just sit in the Senate a member of the liberal (and rapidly moving left) Democratic Party and vote liberal because, after all, he is a liberal.

      • James White says:

        Stuart, I know you don’t want people to even think about how money has nothing to do with the election. But we know it does. We know that the lobbyist are not going to give your campaign money if you don’t run their bills. Same with the Telecoms for Deep State Marsha. She is beholding to them and they own her. We know and you can holler ‘distraction’ till you turn blue, but facts are facts and fact is, you are wrong.

  • Michael Lottman says:

    Blackburn has claimed she didn’t intend to block opioid enforcement, but the bill she supported could not have been for any other purpose. She promised to lead efforts to revise the law if it did hamper enforcement, but has not so and continues to provide only feeble excuses for not doing so while proposing other, irrelevant measures instead. Either she just does not know what she is doing or she acting at the behest of the drug industry or some other interested party.

  • Susan E Gingrich says:

    Deceitful, untruthful ad like most of them. Republicans, including our president & his administration, are doing more concerning opioids and addiction than Obama or his feds ever did. The 60 Minutes segment was a hit piece involving a disgruntled employee and its content and conclusions were discredited by knowledgeable individuals. It was one small part of the FDA related legislation. Recent actions from the Trump administration are addressing addiction, mental health, opioids, excessive drug costs, patient safety and other health related issues. It’s easier to just take someone’s word about candidates and be critical, than do research to find out facts and think for yourself. Read the legislation and look for the names of the others in the House and Senate who introduced it, plus the names of every person who voted for it, republican and democrats alike. After all, it was under Obama administration when both parties worked together, unlike now. I also suspect that many of the same special interests are supporting Bredesen because special interest dollars and support are the American and Tennessee way to win and stay in office!

    • Bob Fischer says:

      You’re wrong, of course, but that’s certainly an interesting spin. It’s not backed up with fact, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

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