Dean launches first general election ad

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Karl Dean has launched his first television ad of the general election campaign. Dean in the ad discusses his idea of “limitless libraries,” where students can get any library book delivered to their school.

“But we can do more,” the former Nashville mayor says in the ad. “How about skills training for any student who wants it? Or broadband everywhere? Or online access to doctors in big cities.”

Here’s the release from the Dean campaign:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — This week, the Karl Dean for Governor campaign released its first television spot of the general election, which continues to build on the ads in the primary election that lay out Dean’s pragmatic style of leadership.  The ad will air in all media markets statewide. 

The latest ad titled “Ideas” focuses on Dean’s ability to think out of the box to provide creative solutions to issues that so many Tennessee communities face.  In the ad, Dean explains one of his favorite ideas during his time as mayor of Nashville, Limitless Libraries, where any student can get books delivered from the city’s public library system to their public school library. 

This idea turned into a reality for Nashville’s students under Dean’s time as mayor. The program gave students easy access to over 1.5 million items through the Public Library and its university partners, rather than being limited to the books and materials in their own school.  It is that leadership and creative-problem solving that Dean will also bring to the governor’s office to keep Tennessee moving forward on critical issues like improving public education, increasing access to healthcare, and creating more good-paying jobs.

The ad continues with Dean saying: “But that idea isn’t for everybody,. How about skills training for any student who wants it?  Broadband everywhere?  Online access to doctors in big cities?” 

Dean’s television ads continue to support his commitment to keeping his campaign focused on the issues that matter most to Tennesseans. Last week, Dean launched a Town Square campaign  where he is hosting gatherings across the state with voters to hear what they want their next governor to accomplish. 

“Karl Dean is the only candidate with a proven track record of creative problem solving with ideas that will keep Tennessee moving forward,” Dean’s campaign manager Courtney Wheeler said. “A hallmark of Dean’s mayoral administration was his ability to break down the silos of government and develop public-private partnerships to make our government more efficient and better at serving people’s needs. That’s what he’ll do as governor. With his leadership experience we can invest in a great state in the same way he built a great city in Nashville.” 

4 Responses to Dean launches first general election ad

  • James White says:

    How about making the government schools about education; reading, writing, arithmetic; and not make the training centers for businesses.
    And who is going to pay for Dean’s Pie in the Sky proposals?

  • Christina Norris says:

    Leadership and creative problem-solving don’t cost anything – they only require electing an experienced leader with a record of creative problem solving in government.

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  • Silence Dogood says:

    No, those ideas if implemented will cost real money. Like socialized medicine. Appears to be the only humane course of action in a modern world. Until the bills cannot be paid, the economy collapses, jobs disappear, and no one has healthcare anymore. Yep!

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