Current, former Chattanooga congressmen make competing U.S. Senate endorsements

A Chattanooga congressman and his predecessor are making competing endorsements in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate. Former Rep. Zach Wamp is giving the nod to Vanderbilt surgeon Manny Sethi, while current Rep. Chuck Fleischmann is getting behind Bill Hagerty.

Wamp joined fellow former Rep. Ed Bryant (R-Jackson) in endorsing Sethi:

Fleischmann won the 3rd Congressional District seat when Wamp gave it up to run for governor in 2010. Wamp had first been elected to the seat in 1994.

Wamp endorsed Bill Lee in the 2018 gubernatorial primary, giving a boost to the Franklin businessman’s campaing. There was a personal backstory to that endorsement, as political operative Chip Saltsman was advising rival Republican Randy Boyd’s campaign. Saltsman had also run Fleischmann’s successful campaigns against Weston Wamp, the congressman’s son, in 2012 and 2014.

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  • John says:

    You saw it here first, folks. Stuart Anderson is a RINO in the liberal Hagerty camp. Real conservatives support Wamp and Sethi.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Now John, isn’t that silly, why would any sentient conservative do a thing like that since neither has any record of being a stalwart conservative.

  • James White says:

    Yep and Hill No !

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    I will admit, to see that the second worst Tennessee Republican congressman who with the retirement of Phil Roe (Heritage-69%) and the election of Timothy Hill (ACU-88%) will soon be the very worst Tennessee Republican congressman Chuck Fleischmann (Heritage-71%) endorse the same person I intend to vote for in the upcoming U.S. Senate race is a bit disheartening but such is the nature of this disheartening U.S. Senate race. Let’s not forget that the record of Zach Wamp (Club For Growth-71%) was a profile in mediocrity as well . (Why do you Chattanoogans do this to yourself and the country election after election?)

    The strategy for conservatives in the August Republican Primary is remains clear. Show what happens to play-acting conservative candidates by decisively defeating Dr. “CONSERVATIVE-OUTSIDER” through our vote for Hagerty and send as much as you can afford to Timothy Hill (Box 3071, Blountville,37617), Gina Oster (9536 Briarwood Dr., Knoxville 37923), and Rusty Grills (Box 241, Newbern 38059).

    • Your inconsistency in supporting conservatives then moderates then conservatives then moderates has invalidated your articulate opinions. Just the truth. You’re probably a good guy to BBQ with, but a zero in dependability politically.

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        You really know how to hurt a guy Phil. I have so carefully explained/admitted over and over that I am not voting FOR Hagerty, I am voting AGAINST Chairman Manny and encourage other conservatives to do likewise in order to show plutocrats who think they can plunk down big bucks and buy themselves a high office by posing as a “conservative” having no record of being one at all that we conservatives simply won’t fall for their nonsense.

        I know, this is a little oblique compared to the “Support Timothy Hill” type of appeal that I usually make but this political game is sometime tortuous so I try to be the best guide possible through the thicket. As for being a “good guy,” as a single, childless, only child with somewhat reclusive tendencies I will be the first one to say that as my own closest companion I am a good guy at BBQ’s and at all other times as well, friendly demeanor, crack myself up quite frequently. Your speculation as to what I am really like is correct and politically, I am highly predictable and reliably conservative.

  • One has a record as a RHINO… while the other has no record as a CONSERVATIVE… and claims to be an OUTSIDER… yet hosts the Biggest INSIDER STATESMAN’S DINNER for the INSIDERS.
    Instead of treating the primary like a horse-race on who you think will win… maybe the primary is for voting for the only one with a conservative record… but then that wouldn’t continue the spirit of FAKE NEWS… would it…?

  • James White says:

    Manny got a better one now:

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      That Chuck Devaney is a master at the art of getting people elected. That’s the add that every Republican candidate will be running this fall against their DemocratIC opponent which is why Republicans are staying so quiet now in an attempt to get the timing just right.

      Just remember fellow conservatives, Devaney will be gone before the votes are counted in August. It is Chairman Manny who is running and it is Chairman Manny who should be decisively defeated for the good of the conservative movement in Tennessee. VOTE HAGERTY.

  • LeeAnn C. says:

    I absolutely fail to see why some ‘conservatives’ claim that Dr. M is their guy. He hasn’t proven to be a conservative – about anything! The last self-proclaimed conservative was our current governor and how disappointing has that been? Now, we’re supposed to believe that having Wamp’s support should convince us? Seems that Wamp is most famous for losing the governor’s race in 2010 and proposing secession as a response to Obamacare. And no one seems to notice that Dr. M, in 2012 made his only financial contribution to Corker – who didn’t really need money to win that year. Where was his financial support of any presidential nominee? Ever?

    Did he support a ‘conservative’ to oppose Lamar Alexander – ever? The answer is simple – he’s NOT a conservative by most people’s standard of the definition. If you vote for him, you’re taking a risk based on his word alone. Don’t fall for the masquerade.

  • Beatrice Shaw says:

    Democrats are about to take the Presidency and finally set the country on the right track again.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Come on Beatrice, we Republicans are trying to have a serious conversation about who is going to be our next U. S. Senator and you come along trolling with your left-wing nonsense. Why don’t you go back to imagining how you can steal some income from those who earned it in order to give it to some of the shade-tree people and illegals about whom you are so sympathetic if not down right enthusiastic..

  • Perry Aubric says:

    You outlying nut jobs who haunt this site night and day because apparently there is no other outlet for your bizarre theories and ridiculous positions amuse me to no end, debating which of these right-wing extremists, Sethi or Hagerty, is a “liberal.” Neither of them are liberals. Your concept of a liberal is ridiculous, and real liberals who read this stuff are just laughing at you.

    Both of these candidates are firmly in the reactionary right-wing category, pledging zombie-like fealty to Trump. Both have regressive views on race, taxation, women’s rights, health care policy, aid to the poor, immigration, foreign policy, gay rights, voting rights and every single other issue in the national conversation of the day. There isn’t a paper’s width worth of difference in the two of them philosophically. Your silly attempt to paint either of them as “liberal” is laughable when they are viewed on a realistic scale.

    I figured out what a RINO is years ago: Anyone who is not 100% batshit crazy on 100% of the issues, 100% of the time. In other words, anyone who doesn’t kow-tow to whatever bizarre conspiracy-theory driven nonsense that some blog commentator like Stuart or James or Leann or John might subscribe to at any given time.

    Let me tell you, and this is coming from a real liberal, both of these candidates are a disgrace to Tennessee, their right wing views are mean spirited, reactionary and generally un-American. Neither deserves to hold public office. They are on the wrong side of history and ultimately doomed to a career of pandering to talk radio pundits and licking the bootstraps of the likes of Donald Trump, a corrupt racist buffoon who can’t even read with comprehension. A year after whichever of them finally leaves office, he will be forgotten with no more than a paragraph long bio in Wikepedia for a legacy.

    I understand the realities of politics in this state; one of them will be our senator, God help us. But “liberal” they ain’t. Not by a long shot. They are mindless right-wing ideologues. Like the clowns that hog most of the commentary time on this site.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Whew, at first I thought you were writing about me. Thankfully, you obviously were not, but you are a liberal so it’s interesting to see your take on this race as well as on these two men, one of whom will almost certainly be your next U. S. Senator.

      I never called either Hagerty or The Chairman a liberal because there is no reason to believe either of them are by their background and that’s a terrible thing to call anyone without solid proof. There is, however, simply no proof that Hagerty or Dr. “CONSERVATIVE-OUTSIDER” are conservative either. Please never forget that mushy centrist/tepid conservative position that I’m afraid is the Establishment Republican default position occupied by most Republican officeholders.

      No one who regularly reads this blog and contributes to it’s “Response” like you do Perry should take what is said in campaigns seriously for anything but psephological purposes. To pay serious attention to campaign adds conjured up by well paid campaign media staffers on the basis of information by well paid pollsters is the thing we should leave to low-information voters who naturally take this stuff as coming straight from the candidate’s brain disseminated directly through the candidate’s mouth. Since the 1990’s Hagerty has shown himself to be from Republican Establishment Central Casting, no more, no less. Chairman Manny is the son of two physicians who went to the tony Webb School, received a B.A. in neurosciience from Brown University, became a Fulbright Scholar before attending Harvard Medical School and interned at the world famous Mass. General. Such a background makes one prone to walk out of an operating room, thinking he can fly a jet, and/or make multi-million dollar stock investments, and/or evaluate geological finds, and/or run for high political office, etc. etc. For you to paint either man as “. . .firmly in the right-wing reactionary category. . . .” makes you as divorced from reality as those who paint them as “liberals.”

      I NEVER have subscribed to unproven conspiracy theories of the type that your Democratic friends bored this country with over the last three years. I NEVER call anyone a “RINO,” it’s not up to any of us to choose who is a “Democrat” or who is a “Republican.”

      As a liberal you suffer from the Zero-Sum psychological disability. For years liberals were telling us that we better wean ourselves from fossil fuels because we are going to run out at the time they were telling us that we are going to freeze to death from global cooling before they conjured up our dying from global warming. Then there’s income that has to be redistributed as if there was a limit to the wealth in the world so we all have to fight with each other for piece. Now your disability causes you to engage in crazy talk about “. . .clowns that hog most of the commentary. . . .” as though there is a limited capacity for commentary on this blog. It must be sooooooo depressing to be a liberal.

      • Donna Locke says:

        You have to understand that no one but Perry and the rest of the left are supposed to talk.

        Zach Wamp was very strong for immigration enforcement/control, so no doubt this upset the Club for Growth, Stuart. I supported Wamp for governor. He has religious leanings that affect his political affiliations, and I don’t know what his views are today.

        • Stuart I. Anderson says:

          I supported Van Hilleary as I recall. I know the Club For Growth ratings aren’t as good as Heritage’s for just that reason, but I couldn’t locate Heritage scores that went back to 2010 which I believe was Zach’s last year in Congress. Notwithstanding, I’m still AGAINST The Chairman, so I am for Hagerty.

        • Donna Locke says:

          I should add that Wamp supported Rubio over Cruz and Trump, so Wamp would not be dependable on immigration issues now. That much can be said.

          We all have our ideas about what constitutes and serves the higher good. I have my convictions and push them. A lot of folks, of course, think the higher good is whatever serves themselves. They don’t think about the whole, the big picture, or any consequences for others now and in the future. Or they may take a rosy view and think things will just take care of themselves because some god is in charge. That is a good way to lose everything and get yourself and others killed.

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