Corlew ad picks up on opponent-as-child theme

Former Murfreesboro Judge Bob Corlew’s latest TV ad in the Republican primary for the 6th Congressional District portrays his opponent John Rose as a child.

It’s a theme we’ve seen before this election season in an ad run by House Speaker Beth Harwell against her Republican rivals in the governor’s race. Who did it better?


19 Responses to Corlew ad picks up on opponent-as-child theme

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    John Rose not only contributed to liberals but he has received thousands of dollars in contributions from liberal Democrats who were bundlers for Obama. This race is not complicated. John Rose is the most liberal candidate in this race. Just how liberal he will be once elected considering the conservative nature of his constituency I hope we don’t get the opportunity to discover.

    Judd Matheny is the proven conservative who is prepared to become a member of the House Freedom Caucus once elected as he has been endorsed and financially supported by the Caucus. Bob Corlew is a No Record Candidate, but at least he doesn’t have Rose’s background of being closely entwined with centrist Republicans and liberal Democrats. The danger of the conservative Republican majority dividing their vote between two candidates resulting in the election of what will be, at best, a centrist Republican is obvious. To Sixth District conservatives, Matheny would be wonderful, Corlew if you must, but please NOT ROSE!

    • James White says:

      Matheny voted FOR an Article V Constitutional Convention. NO to Judd.

    • JMoss says:

      Stuart Anderson, you love to pontificate on nearly every article I read and yet, do very little homework. Bob Corlew does have a record. He ran for public office 30 years. As a Democrat, he ran. As an Independent, he ran. Never has he run as a Republican until now when it’s the only path to office. He’s the least conservative candidate in the race. Wake up. Or did you fall for his tagline?

      You are deluded calling John Rose a centrist, moderate or liberal. Again, that’s laziness on your part. Anyone not content to settle for negative ads would find that John Rose has given to candidates from Mae Beavers to Ron Ramsey.

      While you’re doing your homework, maybe you can give us the report on Bob Corlew’s record of support for “fellow” Republicans. Hmmm… I have a feeling you will find he’s only out for himself and gives not the first care about building the GOP. Matter of fact, I know that’s true.

      So, some very small percentage of Rose’s total giving went to Democrats? Fine. But live in the real world or get steamrolled, Stuart. John’s a businessman who owns a business and a farm operation in DeKalb County. President Trump had to explain this issue during his campaign for those who don’t understand how the world spins. You better have a seat at the table or you’ll be on the menu!

      Lastly, if you want to draw a line in the sand and tell people with a Democrat record they can’t give to Republicans then you’ll end up where Judd Matheny is about to be: in a position to do nothing legislatively. Don’t we want Democrats to convert??? I’m glad Rose has siphoned away resources from the liberals. You and Judd can keep your boys club. The grown ups will be busy making a difference for the people in this district.

  • Arnold Tayes says:

    Judd and Corlew are the same, career politicians who have lived off of the taxpayers and their contributors.
    Neither have generated jobs or worked at anything but politics. Judd has lived at the trough for 16 years, and Bob Corker Corlew 30 years. I noticed where Judd bought a car and ammunition with his campaign funds. He should have been advertising and maybe he wouldn’t be third in the race. Bob Corker Corlew bought a condo in Mt Juliet last year so he could say he lived in the 6th District. I hear he still lives in his multi-million plantation in the 4th District in Rutherford County.
    Stuart your chute must not have opened and you landed on your head because you sure are mentally confused.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      I don’t live in the Sixth District so I wondered just how Rose was going handle being at best a centrist, beloved by liberals and centrists, running in a district that is overwhelmingly conservative. The way you handle it, I see, besides having the good fortune to have your two opponents dividing the conservative vote between them is Operation Distraction. Fill the air with this candidate engaged in that skullduggery and that candidate engaged in this skullduggery. Distract the electorate from the fact that Rose wants to go to Congress and given who has been enthusiastic about him and who has garnered his enthusiasm he will actually have a record considerably more liberal than Diane Black who he seeks to replace.

      Arnold, by all means you and your handful of liberal/centrist friends keep on looking through dumpsters for dirt on Matheny and Corlew and continue to try to distract conservatives from the fact that just when they want the Republican Party to be more conservative they have the danger of electing a congressman who is actually considerably more liberal than his predecessor. My fellow conservatives please don’t be blinded by Operation Distraction. The job of congressman is voting, and when it comes to voting “Matheny would be wonderful, Corlew if you must, but please NOT ROSE!”

  • Donna Locke says:

    Judd Matheny has been very reliable on immigration enforcement. He has stayed the course. Also, we’ve seen him be one of only two Republican votes for fiscal conservatism in the legislature. He is needed in Congress.

    • Jason Wallflower says:

      Matheny is probably one of the most corrupt individuals I have ever witnessed in government at any level. Just a completely unethical individual inside and out.

      • Stuart I. Anderson says:

        Good gosh Jason, call the cops!!! How about the Federal Election Commission. Just don’t make wild charges right before an election DO SOMETHING because your charges sound pretty serious to me. Otherwise, why don’t you simply say that you are a centrist Republican or a Sixth District Democrat who knows that the Democrats don’t have a chance in the Sixth District so you want the closest thing to a Democrat to be nominated by the Republicans and I agree, you can’t do any better than your boy John Rose.

        • Jason Wallflower says:

          Stuart- Judd literally JUST bought a toyota car with campaign cash using donor money. You can look at it right now on the FEC website. Look at his reports. It’s blatantly obvious that the man is using campaign cash just on living expenses. None of his expenses are doing anything to win a race.

          • Stuart I. Anderson says:

            Jason, I’m not an expert on campaign finance law, but I do believe that using campaign contributions for personal living expenses is illegal. If Judd has committed such a crime he deserves to be reported, prosecuted and punished. I’m an old fashioned guy, however, and until someone is convicted of a crime I operate under the assumption he is innocent. Judd has been in politics for a long time, I’m sorry, I can’t believe he has “. . .blatantly obvious[ly]. . .” committed a crime.

            The problem I have with all this is that tomorrow will mark one week before Election Day. While I am indifferent as to who you elect to county offices or school board assuming you don’t live in my county, I am a conservative and I am intensely interested in who you elect to the U. S. congress. It so happens Judd Matheny has a lifetime score of 88% from the American Conservative Union and he has been endorsed by the House Freedom Caucus. He is a conservative running in a conservative district against Corlew who has no political record and Rose who supports and is supported by centrists and liberals.

            The Republican House delegation is full of liberal and centrist members from the Northeast, Illinois, California, etc. To send another one like Rose from a conservative district in Tennessee moves politics in exactly the wrong direction. Send Judd, or at least Corlew, to occupy the Sixth District seat in the House. If there are any questions about Judd’s election finances it will be sorted out eventually. In the meantime I assure you, when Judd votes in the House, when the answer is Yea or Nay, that’s exactly how Judd will vote. As for Rose, don’t bet on it!

          • Josh Read says:

            Wallflower you are so full of sh$[ I looked on Matheny’s FEC. The only thing Matheny didnt do is form some shell company to hide his expenditures like everyone else so he could bait dumbasses like you into thinking that buying an old used truck for his campaign was some BFD.
            Who puts $2,000,000 of their own money up to get a job that pays $350k for two years?

  • TNOperative says:

    Little birds telling me that Rose is going to win this and it ain’t even close. Rose by 12% or more.

    • Stuart I. Anderson says:

      If so TNO, I’m sure you are enough of an Operative to be able to point to the conservative Sixth District sending a centrist like John Rose to congress as an example of why the Republican Party is as worthless as it is even when it controls all three branches of government in Washington.

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  • Phil Lassiter says:

    Amen Stuart If people can’t see who Rose is then Republicans are useless. He was the shortest serving Commissioner of Ag in state history and under an income tax Governor to boot!!

  • Phil Lassiter says:

    Also, Corlew and that red headed transgender sympathizer are Matheny spoilers

  • Pepe Silva says:

    Stuart, keep your crazy comments to the Tennessee Star comment section, dont bring them here! Rose is a great man and obviously the lease corrupt out of any candidate. Matheny is a wannabe politician who is merely in the race so he can get donations. Corlew isnt even a local who is trying to come in and take advantage of no incumbent in the race. Rose is the only one who cares about this district- HIS district.

    • Donna Locke says:

      These derogatory comments about Matheny are absurd. He is among the few running as Republicans who grasp what is happening to this country, the destructive path we’re on. He is trying to get to Congress where he can do something to change what is happening.

      All of us will have the country that most of us deserve.

  • Bob Fischer says:

    Issues anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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