Corker ‘really happy’ with Moore defeat in AL; Haslam sees a message

U.S. Sen. Bob Corker tells the Times Free Press that Alabama Republican Roy Moore’s Senate race loss is “good for America” as well as the Republican Party so “that people understand this kind of beyond-the-pale extremism just is not going to elect Republicans to office.”

“Look, the voters of Alabama have to be disappointed in what their primaries produced,” Corker said in a telephone interview. “Any normal person who could have just put one foot in front of the other during this campaign would have won, hands down.”

…Corker said he also thinks the message a Moore victory would have sent “would have been really harmful to Republicans seeking office in Tennessee and other states.” It would have made Moore a “standard bearer” of sorts for Republicans, he said, adding, “We already have issues with voters.”

…Earlier on Wednesday, Corker told reporters in Washington he was “really, really happy” with Moore’s loss, noting he had previously described Moore as a “bridge too far.”

…Speaking with reporters in Nashville, Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam, chairman of the Republican Governors Association, said “the message” from Alabama’s contest  is…  “Republicans need to elect people who can win two elections” (the GOP primary, then the general election)…  “And we obviously nominated somebody in Alabama who couldn’t do that.”

There “were some character concerns and questions, as well, and all of that adds up to the Republicans lost a seat we should never have lost,” the governor said.

Asked if there is a message in that for Tennessee Republicans, the term-limited Haslam said, “I think you’ve seen, just like the elections you’ve seen in Virginia and New Jersey, you’re seeing some changing voting patterns with folks. For people in my party, it’s a heads-up.

“We need to be thinking about why we’re losing some voters we’ve traditionally gotten,” the governor added.

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  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Republicans lose in New Jersey because. . .its New Jersey. Republicans increasingly lose in Virginia because the liberals have made Maryland less and less desirable so they are now moving to Virginia in increasing numbers taking their voting habits with them so they will soon have the same affect on Virginia. Finally, Republicans lost in Alabama because of the massive financial participation of centrist Mitch McConnell in the Alabama primary ultimately caused Judge Moore to be in the runoff instead of Mo Brooks. Liberals voting like liberals, conservatives splitting their vote or staying home, and centrist Republicans willing to suffer defeat rather than elect conservatives will do the Republicans in every time.

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