Corker gets critical calls after latest Trump commentary, hopes president will ‘grow in his office’

U.S. Sen. Bob Corker says he’s been inundated with critical phone calls since questioning President Trump’s competence in Chattanooga earlier this week, according to WPLN. In a Nashville appearance, the senator also elaborated a bit on his remarks, saying he isn’t sorry he supported Trump in the general election or for his past praise of the president — but he does want Trump to become a unifier, rather than a divisive figure.

“People expect a president to grow in his office and to step up, and I hope that’s going to be the case,” he said.

Corker appeared to break with Trump after the president insisted the so-called “alt-left” shares blame with white supremacists for the turmoil that shook Charlottesville. The remark has been widely condemned for lending legitimacy to marchers who carried torches through the University of Virginia campus and chanted anti-Semitic and racist messages. (Previous post HERE.)

But Corker’s criticism has also sparked a backlash. His cell phone number has been published online, he said, and critics have been calling. (Newt) Gingrich, a frequent ally of Trump, has also been trying to reach him.

Corker said he spoke up, though, on behalf of those in the Trump administration who agree change is needed.

“The things that I say, I say hopefully to influence him and to influence the people around him,” Corker told reporters. “I’m aware of many frustrations internally and, look, there’s such a great opportunity.”

Corker also had a speech in Columbia on Friday, where Tennessee Star reports he was asked about Democratic U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen’s call for impeachment of Trump. (Previous post HERE.)

Throwing up his hand, Corker said, “I don’t think it’s worthy of a response at this moment” and that it was “uninteresting to respond to.”

… Asked by The Tennessee Star after Friday’s luncheon what he thought Trump should have said instead, Corker said he didn’t want to get into analyzing it further.

“I’m trying to steer away from that,” Corker said. “What I said yesterday I think speaks for itself. Hopefully this, myself and maybe a few others speaking out, will have an effect. But I just want good things for our country. Republicans and Democrats alike need for our president to be successful.”

5 Responses to Corker gets critical calls after latest Trump commentary, hopes president will ‘grow in his office’

  • Jerry McDonough says:

    “corker” is so out of touch with Tennesseans that he believes the misinformation being spewed by the elites. The only way for the President to become a unifier is for the willingness of all sides to come together. Those of “corker’s” ilk wish for large gov’t, total control and more money stuffed in their pockets by elitists. I voted for “corker” because I had the misguided conception that were the republicrats in power things would get done for the people. This has turned out to be an untrue belief. I’ll not vote for “corker” again even if he runs for dog “catcher.” I should have trusted the voters of Chattanooga; those who knew him best, not those who have enriched themselves at taxpayer’s expense via “corker.”

  • Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Let’s pray that we have a great conservative candidate to oppose Corker next August and only one great conservative candidate at that. Then we have to support that great candidate so that all of those critical phone calls turn into critical votes.

  • Linda says:

    As a resident of Chattanooga, I have already informed Corker that I will not vote for him again because he promised to be no more than “a two-term senator”.

  • Michael Lottman says:

    Corker did and said the right thing about Trump’s performance re: the Charlottesville attacks and his disgraceful Tuesday press conference. Trump either supports the aims of the neo-Nazis and white nationalist thugs who overran a college campus and killed a young woman just for being there, or he is simply afraid to alienate the Nazis and racists who still support him. It might have been better if Corker had spoken up sooner–and there are other, unrelated things he needs to answer for–but one has to question the motives of those who castigate the senator for condemning Trump’s unacceptable behavior.

  • Rebecca Hafford says:

    I support your comments about the president and it does give me reason to consider you in the next election. What I would like to see now is some actions for changes in the White House. We need legislation that actually makes life better for our communities, jobs that pay a living wage, health insurance people can afford that covers what they need without deductibles that make it useless, good public schools. The president needs to stop flapping his lips with hateful rhetoric and decisive statements

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